New Skratch Recovery Elixir!

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“We made this recovery drink mix to help take care of our friends and family. It just so happens that many of them are athletes, who need a convenient and simple way to optimize their recovery after grueling workouts. So we set out to make a drink that is sound, that tastes delicious, and that gives them every advantage possible when it comes to their performance. These things matter to them, so it matters to us. We believe it matters to you.”

~ Skratch Labs founder Allen Lim

We here at Skratch Labs are excited to announce our new Endurance Recovery Mix! Starting now, bags of ERM will be available for purchase in Chocolate and Vanilla, with Coffee and singles of Chocolate coming later in the fall!With a design goal of minimizing stomach issues and maximizing deliciousness, we can’t wait to hear what you think! Each of the three flavors contains just 6 to 8 ingredients, is made with real milk protein (as opposed to the more common whey protein), and contain no added coloring agents, flavors or emulsifiers while still offering a balance of protein, fat, sugar and flavor. Scientifically, Endurance Recovery Mix is a balanced choice that will meet your post-activity caloric needs with a taste that will make you smile.

By utilizing protein from real milk powder, Endurance Recovery Mix has a thick creamy taste that can be enjoyed by just adding water. There’s no need to calculate new carbohydrate/protein ratios by adding milk for thickness and taste.