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Product Review: Reverb Wireless “Active” series bluetooth headset

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I first tried on the Active series bluetooth headset from Reverb Wireless at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in April. I’ve been checking headsets out for a bit attempting to find some bluetooth tech to avoid the earbuds coming out when the wire stuck to my back when I sweat. Every time I turned my head it would rip out, even with an over the ear secure mechanism. Summer was approaching, so this was becoming a bigger deal again. I managed to catch them on sale, so I broke down and spent the cash.

The Active series headset is available in 6 colors from the Reverb Wireless website. The website does lack a bit in information on the product and warranty. Setup directions are also a bit short. They promise there are video available on the website to demonstrate setup, but as of yet, these videos don’t exist, or at least, I couldn’t find them. Honestly, this is probably the space for the greatest improvement of the product. Their social media team, however, is very active and responsive.

SO .. I guess you want to know what I think about my purchase. Honestly, I’ve been very happy with them! I bought them almost solely for the purpose of music. I’ve know worn them for nearly 100 miles of running to really put them to the test. I’ve sweat in them; I’ve attempted to run the battery out; and I ran the entire Rock n’ Roll Seattle marathon with them. I figured I should test them under some real conditions before I decided what I thought.

The headset delivers a very high quality sound, especially for the size of the speakers. I was initially concerned that wearing them would end up blocking out the environmental sounds around me or prevent me from being able to hear others speaking when I was doing a non-solo run. I was surprised and delighted to find out that it was possible for me to hear my music AND what was going on around me. I do quite a bit of road and sidewalk running around traffic-heavy streets, so this was super important:  the Active headset delivered. It’s also possible to turn the volume up enough to blast out your eardrums if that’s what you prefer. I haven’t made much use of the phone capability of the headset, but what little I have, the headset was sufficient.

When it comes to battery life, I gave this a pretty good test.  I ran for the headset for a week and a half, about 65 miles and a total of ~6.5 hours. At this point the headset was still going strong and showing no sign of weakness. At this point, I gave up on attempting to kill the battery and charged them for race day.  I turned them on while in the corral and kept them on for a while after the race during my personal celebration with new friends from the pace group. I still haven’t managed to kill the battery, so their claim for 5-7 hours of continuous use is definitely holding up.

The headset is comfortable to wear. It did take a little getting accustom to the slight amount of tension from the headset, but it wasn’t painful and did not take long to adjust. Now if I’m feeling any discomfort, I know I need merely make a small adjustment on how they are sitting and it’s back to being forgotten about. I’ve had no issues with the headset falling off while wearing them in my ears, but I don’t suggest putting them on your neck for storage. I’ve nearly lost them multiple times already because they just slide off my neck.

I’ve also had no problems at this point with sweat. When I spoke with the rep at the Derby Festival expo, he assured me that the headset was sweatproof and covered under the lifetime warranty. To this point, I’ve had no indication that the earbuds or the battery has been affected by the massive amounts of sweat I produce. I know some people have bought similar products (albeit cheaper) and said the headset only lasted 6 months. I’ll definitely be following up later to report how the product is holding up.

The only real issue I’ve had with the headsets is compatibility with MapMyRun+. While music, phone sounds, etc. are audible, I cannot hear when the app is giving me feedback unless I’m in an extremely quiet area, which doesn’t happen much while I’m running. I can’t say it’s a problem with the headset or the app. It could be that the headset is Bluetooth 2.1 or it could be that MapMyRun plays it’s audio through a different channel that isn’t properly boosted. I’m not sure if there are issues with other fitness apps as I’m pretty stuck on what I’ve got right now :)

Let’s summarize:

Comfort: 4.5/5

Sound: 4.5/5

Battery: 5/5

Usability: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

I’d love to see more on the website to give consumers that haven’t seen the product at an expo a chance to better know the product. Reverb also offers their REV series which is a bluetooth earbuds. (For me, these seem similar in style to the JayBird BlueBuds X earbuds.) I didn’t have the best experience with the BlueBuds, so I’m not likely to be investing in more expensive earbuds that fall out on the street while I run. Reverb also recently increased the pricing on their products (possibly due to a strong showing at X-Games Austin), so I’m hoping they can up the game to compete with similar products at a lower price point.

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