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How to Run Happy in Layers from Brooks


REI: Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to maximize your comfort.

Each layer has a function. The base layer (inner) manages moisture; the insulating layer (middle) protects you from the cold; the protective layer (outer) shields you from wind and rain. Simply add or subtract layers as needed … [Read more]


Equilibrium Base LS

LAYER 1 (Base): Equilibrium Base LS – Like a second, smarter skin, this amazing base layer helps maintain optimal conditions in both heat and cold.

  • Fit: Fitted
  • Polypropylene fabric repels moisture
  • Warp knit seamless construction with “run happy” knit
  • Universal baselayer for heat and cold

SAVE $20
Reg. 74.99
Sale 54.99


Heater Hog LS

LAYER 2 (Insulating): Heater Hog LS – This seemingly mild-mannered top holds a superpower within.

  • Fit: Fitted
  • Moisture-wicking, heat-generating fabric
  • Great baselayer for extremely cold days
  • Thumbholes for extra warmth
  • Front/back retroreflectivity

SAVE $15
Reg. 64.99
Sale 49.99


Nightlife Essential Run

LAYER 3 (Protective): Nightlife Essential Run – This lightweight, water-resistant jacket features a nice punch of contrast color on each sleeve to make you more visible on your runs after dark.

  • Fit: Semi-fitted
  • Windproof and water resistant with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating
  • Front/back 3M™ Scotchlite™ retroreflectivity

SAVE $25
Reg. 84.99
Sale 59.99

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