Couch-to-5K Running for Beginners

couch-to-5k-runningBeginners: Achieve your running and fitness goals with expert coaching from Ken Combs Running Store.

This six-week training program — held at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Health and Recreation Center (HRC) — provides a great social network in an atmosphere that supports your running and fitness goals as a beginner.

  • Get Started
  • Get Faster
  • Get Fit
  • Have Fun

Sign up today and learn more about activities such as beginning running programs, regular group or training runs, distance training programs, organized racing teams, local events calendar, and much more to get your personal fitness goals up and running!

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One thought on “Couch-to-5K Running for Beginners

  1. playfulpups

    I’m not in KY, but just wanted to comment~ what a great class offering! I am doing C25K with my daughter because I knew It would help keep me motivated to do it with someone! And, it’s a great program for beginners!

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