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Tri-Clips: Improve Your Transition Speed

Specifically designed to meet the space constraints of a busy transition area. Not too wide, not too narrow – it’s just right. 3mm Neoprene construction, Machine washable. 33″ x 14″, folds up to lay flat in your transition bag. Bright colors make your space easily identifiable. Fully reversible. Orange on one side Hot Pink on the other.


Tri-Clips provide a fast, efficient and easy mechanism to hold your bike shoes in place while you mount the bike. Weighing only 1/2 oz each, Tri-Clips will save 1 – 2 minutes on your total T1 time. Tri-Clips are self cleaning; resistant to chlorine, salt water and sweat. With super high friction backing to ensure Tri-Clips stays in exact position on bike frame.   $23.99


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