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How Important is Fitness if You're Not Around to Enjoy It?

Be seen

Choose from a variety of NITE BEAMS™

It’s not only courteous to do what you can to be seen while running but also wise. Because few running injuries are worse than getting hit by a car.

NITE BEAMS are the one product I’ve seen in my 35 years of running that are most capable of saving a life. They’re so easy to see.

Unlike typical reflective products, NITE BEAMS are safety lights that provide up to 1/4-mile visibility from the front, side, or back, which makes them perfect on the run or bike. Battery life is also impressive: you can easily get one season of daily use out of it.

Don’t become one of the many accident victims who think they can be seen “enough.” Because enough could also turn out to be injury or death.

Get NITE BEAMS today for someone you love, and love yourself while you’re at it.

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