When To Carry Fluids and When Not

'Water splash'

Getting carried away with being a pack mule seems to be all the rage. How much fluid do you need for an hour or two run? Well that depends on the person and the temperature. The real key though to just run where there is water then you don’t have to worry about it. There are two reasons or types (or places) of running that you could conceivably need to carry fluids.

1) trails – a run longer than an hour on a warm day might get to needing a bit of  hydration relief.  Finding clean drinking water on the trail may leave you out of luck. If your out longer than an hour you may want to pack a bottle.

2) urban areas – running in the city sometimes (down-town areas) it’s difficult to find drinking water. Almost all parks and playgrounds have drinking fountains. Churches and schools often times too either have a spigot or drinking fountain. If you’re in a strange city, it is possible you might need to tote you some whiskey , I mean water. 

What makes most sense is just to know where the drinking fountains are or take a 5 dollar bill , it weighs way less than 20 ounces of water, is much more comfortable and is accepted at most gas stations. If you still need bandoleros of bottles , please purchase several or try the one I rigged up here.


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