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3 Questions to Make Your Run Safe

Your chance for an unforgettable adventure is here – the Bourbon Chase. It’s a chance to experience two unforgettable days beginning October 7, when you can share your love of running as part of a team along 200 scenic miles of Kentucky byways in an overnight relay.

But the overnight run is more than a chance for you to experience unforgettable adventure, because it also gives all of us a chance to help change popular opinion about running safety.

Preventing Danger through Safety

Your overnight adventure in bourbon country is just one of at least 535 reasons to help change popular opinion about safety in Kentucky – because that’s how many pedestrians were killed in the Bluegrass State alone between 2000 and 2009.

Pedestrians account for nearly 12 percent of all traffic deaths nationwide, and stands at a whopping 18.4 percent in Jefferson County, with Louisville ranking among the top-20 metropolitan areas nationwide for pedestrian deaths, according to Transportation for America.

But the bright side to these dark statistics is that you can help raise awareness and thus increase the level of safety when walking, running, or cycling by taking a few simple precautions.

Run Safe Initiative

“Now is the time to lead by example,” says Nathan Performance Gear, explaining how the company aims to redefine humanly possible by improving safety. Because many athletes still believe that simple yet effective precautions for safety are uncool or unnecessary, the company says, “Nathan is hoping to change popular opinion.”

The company’s Run Safe Initiative consists of three simple questions to ask before running:

    • Carrying a phone with you? Calling your local emergency number for help is the single-most important thing you can do when responding to an emergency.
    • Have identification with you? Carrying I.D. on you can help quickly direct emergency personnel to important contact information should you need assistance.
    • Stocked up on the latest reflective items? Reflective gear comes in all shapes and sizes, from bands to vests to stickers. Some conditions – inclement weather, limited daylight, or higher speed limits on the road – may require more illumination to be recognized.

Nathan’s Photon L.E.D. Vest – an essential element to Run Safe – sets the standard for the type of reflective gear people sharing the road are looking for.

It provides up to 1200 feet of visibility, so drivers sharing the road can detect, react, and maneuver in time to avoid potential disaster. It also has a replaceable battery for illumination that can last 150 hours with 500-candlepower visibility all around you. And its lightweight, breathable mesh truly makes it one size fits all for walking, running, or cycling.

Best of Kentuckiana to Run Safe

Not only is Ken Combs Running Store among the exclusive list of retailers nationwide supporting Nathan’s Run Safe Initiative, it’s also where you’ll find the best deal on your purchase of an L.E.D. Runner’s Vest from Nathan.

Simply come by today and tell us you need the Photon L.E.D. Vest for safety before the Bourbon Chase and get it for a limited-time special savings of more than 15% off the regular price!

See for yourself why more people say for sporting goods, Ken Combs Running Store is the Best of Kentuckiana. Come by or call us today!

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2 thoughts on “3 Questions to Make Your Run Safe

  1. i enjoy a red light special!

    Posted by johnking82 | September 9, 2011, 3:18 pm
    • Dear johnking82,

      That’s the spirit! You’re right to make safety special in the Bluegrass.

      Happy to be your fellow runner,
      Ronald Grey

      Posted by Ronald Grey | October 20, 2011, 10:30 am
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