Want into Kentucky's Premier Relay event that's been sold out for months?

Hi Larry –

My name is Steve Roelle and I am runner/triathlete from the Evansville, IN area.

You guys are probably familiar with the Bourbon Chase. I have a running dilemma, did a quick google search, found you guys and thought Ken Combs might be a savior for me.

I have a team in the upcoming long sold out, Bourbon Chase, Oct 7th and 8th – an overnight 200 mile, 12 person relay race on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. We are coming from Evansville Indiana and we have our local Half Marathon on that weekend so it is a conflict with a lot of our local running friends.

Long story short (as you probably know), the 12 person team is split into two 6 person groups, each in their own van. I am the captain of one van, and we just our 2nd van of 6 people (back out/cancel/illness combined). I now have 6 ex-friends (just kidding).

So I have to find a six pack of runners for Van #2 (would like for everyone in the six to know and hopefully like each other rather than piece mail it together).

Fun, not speed is the plan as this group(at least van #1) will have people doing 7 min miles and some doing 10+ min miles, we are in our 30’s, including two married couples. Runners at any pace, age and gender are welcome, I just wanted to be clear that we will not be coming in first place, but are laid back and will have a lot of fun.

It is hard not to get in the spirit by watching the video at the bottom right of their home page. www.BourbonChase.com

Each team member runs 3 times and averages about 5 miles a legs for 14-16 miles overall. Entry is $100 per person.

The MAIN issue is that I need the team locked in (everyone has to list a est. pace they can run) by Aug 15th, so I am in a little bit of a bind (and panicked) with our last minute drop outs.

Any interest let me know or any thoughts on people who could get a six pack of runners for Van 2 together would be very welcome news. Maybe their are some runners who were bummed that this year was sold out? This could be a way back in.

Thanks again for your time.

– Steve
The only pressing issue is the Aug 15th date to set a finish time and needing to know the approx pace of the team.

My cell phone is (812) 598-9490 if anyone has any questions and I can always be reached by this email.