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Staff Summer Faves: Part 1

For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting an entry about a staff member’s summer must-haves for working out. Hopefully what works for us will give you ideas of what might make your summer exercising a little easier!

Tracy's GearEntry 1: Tracy

Summers are typically when I start building mileage back up for a fall marathon. With the Air Force Marathon on my calendar for this year (Sept. 17), more of my marathon training will be during the hotter months. Keeping cool and hydrated are the most important things for me, since I’ll be outside running for at least an hour most days. Here’s what I’m relying on to get me through!

  • New Balance IceFil Short Sleeve top: with IceFil skin-cooling technology helps lower your body temperature — I was surprised how well it works!
  • New Balance NP Shorts: a lightweight short with an outside pocket for iPod, gels, etc. Comes in lots of colors!
  • Tifosi sunglasses: can’t leave the house without ’em. My go-to sunglasses for everything from running to biking to driving my car.
  • Endurolytes: an electrolyte supplement from Hammer — helps replenish electrolyte stores. I’ll take them before and during longer runs in the heat.
  • Sweaty Bands: new to Ken Combs, these great headbands hold your hair back and keep the sweat out of your eyes. Tons of great styles to choose from.
  • Body Glide: sweaty clothes equal more friction … Keep chafing and blistering at bay. Good for legs, arms and feet.
  • Kinesys Sunscreen: the official sunscreen of Ironman — sprays on and stays on. Has kept me from many of a sunburn during long runs during the summer. Comes in unscented and mango scents.

With these goodies, I feel like I’m ready to hit the road this summer!


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