U.S. Military Standards in Running Shoes


(Photo/U.S. Army Physical Readiness Division)

Less Pain, More Gain

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world today. But each year, approximately half of all runners experience running-related injuries, with more than half of all injuries due to overtraining.

Although much is known about how runners may prevent overtraining injuries through proper recovery in training, fewer details have been available about overuse injuries due to noncompliance with recommended standards for selecting the right running shoes for you.

Fit to Fight

The U.S. military studied running-shoe selection guidelines, with the Army finding that more than half of its trainees were wearing running shoes that didn’t correspond to the recommended guidelines. The results were similar to those observed by Marines, which taught its recruits about selecting running shoes to help reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

One physical therapist at Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point described recommended standards:

If they have high arches, their feet are really rigid, so they need a shoe that’s more cushioned and more moveable. If they have normal arches, they just need a normal stability shoe, nothing really fancy about them. If they have low arches, they will be looking for something that supports an arch and gives them an arch when they land, that’s a motion control shoe. The biggest thing is to know your foot type and then learning what shoe would best correspond.

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