Benefits of Barefoot Running

Training partners running barefoot in sand. (Photo/Flickr)

Running Economy Inside the Body

There’s more benefit to minimal running than meets the feet.

Runners have embraced the concept of a “closer to barefoot” experience, with running shoes that provide the foot with minimal support – to encourage landing with a forefoot strike, thus avoiding the large impact transients that occur with your typical heel strike.

Now results of a new study show that minimal running also leads to higher running economy, according to the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Oxygen Cost of Running Barefoot

Ten recreational runners each ran under four experimental conditions: (1) barefoot on treadmill, (2) with shoes on treadmill, (3) barefoot on ground, and (4) with shoes on ground. Scientists found that at sub maximal oxygen consumption (70% VO2 max), running barefoot showed the following benefits:

  • Lower heart rate (HR)
  • Lower recorded VO2 values
  • Lower rating of perceived exertion (RPE)

It was concluded that at 70% VO2 max pace, running economy is significantly higher in barefoot runners.

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