Working for Your Benefit with Superfeet



Affordable Orthotics for the General Public.

Having your running shoes fit well is essential to stability and comfort when you run. But where can you find the key to the right fit? The answer: in the proven biomechanical principles of podiatric medicine.

Superfeet are premium insoles with a shape and design that give you superior stability and comfort at an affordable price.

Unlike other insoles, which may not support your feet properly, Superfeet are designed to be firm and supportive – which means you can expect to feel a positive difference with the tendons and muscles of your feet adjusting to their properly supported position.

Premium Insoles at Best of Kentuckiana

You can also expect an unparalleled level of customer care with Superfeet. One example of a way the people who bring you Superfeet work for your benefit is in their partnership with Ken Combs Running Store, where they conduct continuing education sessions with the store’s team (see above).

Not only is it our way at Ken Combs Running Store of investing in professional service and education to further benefit you. It’s another reason more people say we’re the Best of Kentuckianacome by or call us today!

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