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Improving Memory With Exercise Training

Your Brain on Exercise

Healthy adults may be at risk of suffering from a natural process of memory loss. A higher risk of loss is associated with age-related shrinking of the hippocampus, an area of our brains responsible for memory. Medical studies show that in older adults without dementia, the hippocampus shrinks 1 to 2 percent a year, thus increasing the risk of developing memory loss.

But a growing body of research is revealing that better memory function in late adulthood is associated with a lifestyle that includes exercise training.

Memory Loss Not Inevitable

In a recent paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers showed that exercise training leads to better memory in older adults, due to an increase in hippocampus size.

The study randomly assigned 120 older adults to either an aerobic exercise or a stretching control group for three days a week during the course of a year. Measurements revealed that hippocampus size decreased in the control group, whereas the exercise-training group not only averaged a 2-percent increase in hippocampus size: they also scored better than the control group in memory-performance tests.

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