High Performance in Easy-to-Use Timex Global Trainer™

Timex Global Trainer™ Bodylink® System

It’s easy to use — thanks to a thoughtful and intuitive interface. And it’s a fully customizable, for multisport athletes who require a high-performance training tool. But best of all — it’s the only GPS-enabled watch worthy of being a Timex.

GPS Training Comes Down to Earth

Global Trainer™ gives you pace, speed, distance and more—all on your wrist. Keep track of multiple variables during your workout, including speed, distance, elapsed time, pace, and calories burned. You can also incorporate several activities and transition periods into a single workout, and track all of them together.

A few of the many features you get with Timex Global Trainer:

  • Five customizable displays – each with up to four data windows
  • 20-workout memory – up to 1000 laps
  • Performance Pacer to meet time goals
  • Multisport mode shows performance metrics automatically in your chosen sequence
  • Workout data can be downloaded to Training Peaks for storage and analysis
  • Heart rate monitoring

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