Inov-8: Natural First-Choice Running Shoes

Athletic Footwear Has Two Basic Functions

Like a ballerina’s slipper or a ski boot – each designed to make the most effective use of the foot’s natural biomechanics – you need a running shoe that protects your foot while acting as a natural interface between the ground and your foot for optimal performance.

For better performance with fewer injuries, many runners are making the transition to a natural running style, with minimalist shoes that provide a closer to barefoot experience – a more natural gait.

But a rapid change to minimalist footwear can cause injury. That’s why inov-8™ have launched a unique range of shoes that can help you make the transition to natural running.

Natural Racing/Training Shoe

The Road-X 255 is a great first-choice shoe for natural running. Exclusive 3 Arrow Shoc-Zone trademark technology guarantees underfoot protection. Its inbuilt lightness also gives you superb comfort with a natural running sensation. And like all inov-8 products, the Road-X 255 was developed under extensive testing by elite international athletes to guarantee optimizing your performance.

Inov-8 at Best of Kentuckiana Sporting Goods

Try on the Road-X 255 from inov-8 today at Ken Combs Running Store, and feel for yourself why they should be your first-choice shoe for a more natural running style.

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9 thoughts on “Inov-8: Natural First-Choice Running Shoes

  1. John

    How are these shoes for over pronators? Like most people I’m swayed by good marketing, so I’m interested in the minimal running shoes that are now trendy. However, I’m concerned the lack of arch support and pronation control would lead to foot and knee injuries.

    1. kencombsrunningstore Post author

      The notion of minimal shoes will strength (if done slowly) so that you will have less and less of a need for so much support. The idea is if you support it , it will weaken. I like the inov8 , and want to try it myself. There is less and less of a dynamic difference between minimal shoes. Less there so less to be different from another type. The big difference will be in fit and shoes already have that “not in common”.

  2. John

    So does strengthening your feet and legs by using less supportive, more flexible shoes result in a more neutral pronation over time? Or does the increased strength reduce your risk for injuries from overuse and biomechanical inefficiencies? I want to try something like Inov-8 Road-X or NB Minimus shoes (after the mini-marathon) to see what the hype is all about, and I want to have a better knowledge of what I’m getting myself into first.

    1. kencombsrunningstore Post author

      More the second outcome. The strengthening wont likely change the over pronation but will work to minimize the negative results. Over pronation then would be no morr harmful than being left or right handed.

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