How NB 890 Can Make Everybody Light, Fast


Technology: New Application of Knowledge to Purposeful Design

It began with a simple question for running shoes: How do you make a lightweight, neutral trainer for everybody that doesn’t sacrifice cushioning?

Working to firm up that initial question, the Design and Innovation Studio at New Balance pointed research and development to shave a full 2 ounces off their neutral cushioning shoes, but still deliver a great ride.

Not only could purposeful design give everybody the potential to move with a lightness you’ve never experienced before. It also means way more fast. And way more excellent.

From Purposeful Design to New Balance 890

They discovered their answer in the New Balance 890 with REVlite – a new technology to deliver the lightest everyday trainer without sacrificing durability or cushioning.

REVlite is durable and responsive — strong enough not to break down as part of an everyday training shoe for everyone. And unlike other running shoes that deliver a lightweight and well-cushioned ride at eleven ounces, the innovative REVlite technology helps shave nearly 2 ounces off that same weight when added to the 890’s purposeful design. Over a run, that adds up.

It’s all for the enjoyment of new kinds of runners, who have taken up the sport and changed the way we think about lightweight footwear for everyone.

New Balance at Best of Kentuckiana Sporting Goods

If you’re one of the new kinds (and shapes) of runners interested in lightweight trainers with neutral cushioning – an everyday running shoe that’s not scary to run in, is safe to run in, and is substantially cushioned – come by Ken Combs Running Store today and see how much lighter but cushioned you can feel wearing the all-new New Balance 890 with REVlite.

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