Working Your Feet Efficiently


Foot’s Basic Structure

Just because we put our entire body weight on them and take thousands of steps per day, we don’t need to assume our feet should hurt.

Keep your feet working efficiently and painlessly with Powerstep orthotics, available at Ken Combs Running Store.

Powerstep works to modify imbalances in the foot’s basic structure so it can become a smoother working machine.

Prescription for Pain Relief

Working between your shoe and foot, Powerstep supplies balance, control, spring, and comfort to relieve pain.

Powerstep also has a polypropylene shell – scientifically designed to be flexible enough for comfort and spring, yet supportive enough to help eliminate imbalances.

Powerstep Available at WHAS11 Best of Kentuckiana Sporting Goods

Work your feet efficiently and painlessly with Powerstep, available at Ken Combs Running Store.

Powerstep will help make pain-free feet a reality.

In fact, more people ask for Powerstep in the Kentuckiana region alone and get it at Ken Combs Running Store!

It’s just one of the many reasons they also say for the Best of Kentuckiana sporting goods, you’ll find it at Ken Combs Running Store, where you can get Powerstep orthotics and all the gear you need to achieve fitness.

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3 thoughts on “Working Your Feet Efficiently

  1. John

    I’ve used Powerstep insoles in all my running shoes for a little over two years now. I was beginning to have symptoms of plantar fasciitis while increasing my mileage for the Triple Crown races, and I haven’t had any problems since getting the insoles. However, seeing the current trend towards minimal and barefoot-style running shoes makes me wonder whether I should work to strengthen my feet and to transition away from using insoles. What are your thoughts?

    1. lh021362

      get rid of the pf first with the insoles…then work on the minimal approach to strengthen.

  2. kencombsrunningstore Post author

    Thank you for your comment!
    I think it would be smart to occasionally work out of the insoles. Probably never to leave them totally but to start on short runs, say once a week in a more minimal shoe….to leave the the PowerStep out.
    It would be too early to tell if you could go totally without them, but smart to strengthen the feet and lower legs by going without inserts.

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