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NB: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Running

“Light + Right”

“Closer to Barefoot” Experience

If you’re one of the growing numbers of runners catching the buzz about the concept of a “closer to barefoot” experience, you may want to check out the all-new NB Minimus collection from New Balance.

NB Minimus is specifically-engineered to enhance your running experience. Four of the more noticeable ways New Balance helps you benefit from a “closer to barefoot” experience in NB Minimus:

  1. Weight: Because NB Minimus contains only what’s necessary, it’s almost 50% lighter than traditional lightweight shoes. Wearing next to nothing in weight, you’ll definitely feel a “closer to barefoot” experience.
  2. Drop: The difference between heel height and toe height. All NB Minimus shoes have a 4mm drop which provides a more neutral foot position than traditional shoes (which average a 12mm drop).
  3. Last: The wider forefoot in NB Minimus allows your foot to expand naturally on impact.
  4. Height: Scientific research has shown that barefoot runners are less prone to injury from heel strike related to large impact. To minimize distance from foot to ground, NB Minimus has no insert, minimal midsoles & outsoles, and is engineered to encourage a midfoot strike.

Feel for yourself what all the buzz is about running with a “closer to barefoot” experience. Try on a pair of NB Minimus running shoes at Ken Combs Running Store today!

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