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One Athlete’s Inspiring Story
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Most of you have no doubt been following the results of this year’s competition pretty closely, and have been checking out the results for individual athletes. If so you’ve probably also been wondering about some of the incredible mileage recorded by some of these elite athletes, in particular by David Bowne of Jet City Tri.
David, winner of the Bike Session, has as of February 15th amassed over 8,000 miles on his bike. That’s impressive. How can anyone log so many miles so quickly, you might ask. David has kindly agreed to share his story with everyone else competing in the National Challenge Competition.
The NCC has filled a hole in David’s life. Seven years ago, David was diagnosed with an illness and had to have a spinal cord implant.  Doctors advised him not to compete in or train for marathons.
Last year, David’s 20 year old son was killed in a car accident.  After the tragedy, he went to a therapist and was encouraged to start working out.  David’s teammate on Jet City Tri, David Bianchi, encouraged him to use the bike trainer.  He started out slowly, riding only 5 miles at a time, but has increased his mileage to the point where he has now ridden 400 miles in one day.  
David wakes up at 4:00 a.m. and rides the trainer until 7:30 a.m.  He then puts in a full work day and comes home to train again.   Weekends are long as he has logged 100 miles on Saturday & Sunday, 200 miles on a Saturday and Sunday and 400 miles on a Saturday in one session.
This year, the NCC has deeper meaning to the Jet City Tri team. The team is putting together $50 donations into a ‘winner take all’ competition, with the money going to the charity of the winner’s choice. David is doing the competition in the name of his son, and if he wins (which seems likely!) his funds will go towards his son’s scholarship fund.  
David’s motivation comes from his son’s love for sport. He is aiming to reach 10,019 miles by the end of the competition. The final 19 miles has a significant meaning as it was his son’s favorite number.   In the future, David plans to compete in an Ironman race.
As athletes and friends, we should all be encouraging and supporting David in his final mileage in the competition.