Tuesday Track Night


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get r done

get r done

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Weekly Workouts: 6:30 Tuesday Nights @ Waggener. (no charge) by Rich McCurdy

Rich will start collecting $25 checks or cash with your name on a piece of paper. Thank you.(TOM C, Mariam T, Carolina K, Sarah S. , Joe F. Steven G, Huixang Y, )  One time payment for the light season $25.

1/27/15 Let’s get off a slick track and hit those repeat hills again at  Tyler Park.  @6:30 be warmed up and meet Rich @ Tyler Park Tennis Courts. Wear reflectivity please and or blinky. Plan for about 45 minutes to an hour. Warm up well and stretch , 5/10 minute cool down. Remember on the hills to start the hill slow and increase effort OVER the top. Gradually let it out.

1/20/15 Awesome January day for a track workout. Get some jogging in before 6:30 at least 10 min and stretch.

warm up set (5k pace)4 x200 (200 jog/walk),  main set 10 x400 (400 recovery) 5x pace , 4 x200 (5k pace , cool down set) ….jog 5 min cool down.

1/13/15 Tonight we’ll knock out some hill repeats. @6:30 be warmed up and meet Rich @ Tyler Park Tennis Courts. Wear reflectivity please and or blinky. Plan for about 45 minutes to an hour.

01/06/15 We are starting our build up to 10 x 800 – ten min jog and stretch warm up (important important important)  Slow build 5 x 300 Recovery 100 walk/jog. Main set  6 x 800 at 5 mile race pace / cool down set of 4 x 200 (same pace or a tad quicker). 5 min jog cool down.

 80012/23/14 Holiday break until January 6th . Don’t forget the HANGOVER CLASSIC on the first. Fast 10 miler

12/16/14 Keep the momentum up with a winter (nearly) track workout before the bad weather sets in. Start with at least a mile or ten min. jog warm up. Then at 5k race pace

3x 200 with 200 recovery walk / jog

3 x 300 with 100 recovery

3 x 400 with 400 recovery

3 x 500 with 300 recovery

3 x 600 with 200 recovery

1 X 800 with 400 recovery

Cool down ten minute jog. Stretch

12/9/14 Perfect track workout weather. Get a good warm up in 10-15 minutes and stretching. 4 x 300(100 recovery) 8 x 400 (5 k pace set 400 recovery) 4 x 300 (100 recovery) Jog cool down 10 minutes

12/2/14 Workout :  w/up 10 min

2/200- 10 k pace 200 recovery

10/600m 10 k pace 200 recovery jog or walk/jog

2/200- 10k pace 200 recovery

5/100m strides

Cool down / 1-2 miles

Santa Sprint 5k Barrett Middle School this Saturday

11/25/14 Good luck to those racing a Turkey Day race. We have three good ones here in town for many years. So we’ll do a tune up tonight. 15- min jog warm-up. 15 x 250 (on 5 mile race pace) jog 150 recovery , 5 x 100 stride outs /build ups and a 10 jog cool down. GOBBLE GOBBLE

11/18/14 In the interest of safety and health we will not be having track tonight. If you can get out and do some 2 min , 2 min off x 10 that should maintain until better weather. Thanks Tom for the lights check

11/11/14 Happy Veterans Day – thank you for your service. NOW…get running. 10 min jog/stretch warm up , easy.  Ladder, efforts done at or a little under 5k race pace.

200 /200 recovery, 400/400 recovery (or 2 min walk) 500/300 jog recovery , 600/400 recovery (or 2 min )  back down the ladder 500 (300 rec) ,400 (400 recovery) ,200 (200 recovery)  / 5 x 100 stride outs 5 min jog cool down.

advanced are adding

400/400 rec, 500/300 recovery, 600/200 recovery, 800 /400 recovery

5 min cool down.

 11/4/14  Great night for some real PACE work. Calculate your 5 mile race pace for this one (use pace calculator above) and hit these on pace. (remember lots of 5 mile races coming up) 10 min jog and stretch -> 10 x 600 (one and half lap) and 200 slow jog recovery. Keep that recovery peppy because the efforts are a SLOW 5 mile race pace. :D End up with 5 X 200 stride outs and 5 min cool down jog.

10/28/14 get a relaxed 10 min warmup stretch and be ready to punch the lights out of 15×300 tonight. 300 recovery jog or u can back walk a 100. Lots of recovery so if you didn’t race last weekend or this coming you should be able to get theses under 5k race pace. Followed up with 10 x100 stride outs. Cool down 5 min jog.

good luck to those headed to Indy. Hopefully we will get track lights by tonight or next week. Rich will start collecting $25 checks or cash with your name on a piece of paper. Thank you. One time payment for the light season $25.

10/21/14 Yay we have the track back. A longer workout tonight so slow it down to 10k race pace. If your racing the Urban Bourbon then slow to just a little quicker than race pace. Warm up 10 min jog and stretch. Then we’ll knock out 6 X 500 (300 recovery full) Run these like extended 400’s. Your just taking the effort on around the turn. If your new to intervals stop it there. Otherwise , followed by 6 x 200 (strides like) and 200 recovery. Cool Down 5 min jog.

10/14/14 at least one more night of an occupied soccer field. Which is quite alright. Many of you haven’t done the NORBOURNE 800’s so tonight’s the night (as Rod Stewart said). 5 for entry level newbies and up to 8 for the bold ones. Remember the start is up at the apex of the circle at the Breckinridge Lane end. Your going to want to run these at about 5-mile to 10k race pace. The recovery is 400. Meet and park at Waggener , then jog over to the Start. Below is a diagram of the start and finish . There will be orange pylons.  ENJOY! The track is coming back soon.


10/7/14 A lot of things working against us tonight. Rob and Rich are out for tonight. Happy Birthday Rich. It’s supposed to be raining at track time and Waggener has a soccer, I’m sorry FOOTBALL match as well. Let’s regroup next week and be ready to roll.

9/30/14 Sorry gang the track is in use tonight by the school soccer. Not to worry , you have some options. We recommend the INDIAN RUN by Rich McCurdy. He’ll separate you in groups of speed and explain the Effort and Recovery way to do the Indian Run. If that doesn’t suit ya, there are the 400’s like we did last week. Soon to come are the lovely 800’s on Norbourne , so stay tuned.  Get a good ten min jog in before the run tonight.

9/23/14  10 min warm up by jogging over to Churchway. (park at school and jog over @ 6:30 ) Nice smooth but limited recovery workout tonight. (track is being used by Soccer) Orange S…start..(by the drain) smooth 400 at 10 k race pace to the orange F. (sidewalk in front of house). The recovery is just short of a 100 so walk / slow jog that to finish up the loop. Do 2 sets of 6 x 400 (4 X400 new to intervals) in between the two sets take a full 500 lap recovery and regroup. Regroup as often as you can to help everyone out. Front end slow down during recovery and back end keep it moving during recovery. Warm down by jogging back to school. It’s fun to get off the track occasionally looking at other things. Rob Wiley will be leading the workout and get you started. Thanks Rob.

Churchway 440_400

9/16/14 Cooler weather mean’s even more warm up….get in at least 10 jog then stretch 5 minutes. 5 x 800 with full recovery or easy jog 400 followed by 6 x 200 with two hundred recovery. Knock the 800’s out at 5k race pace…then the 200’s just a click or two faster pace. 10 min JOG…cool down. HIT THOSE NUMBERS (projected pace and time) . Use the PACE CALCULATOR if you need it!

9/9/14 Great night for an INDIAN RUN….4  miles of it (16 laps). Lengthen out your efforts not rapid passing but long sustained efforts tonight. Hydrate well!

9/2/14 10 min warm up jog easy and stretch. This is good leg turn over workout. Efforts are short and fast….Faster than 5 k race pace….200 effort/100 recovery….100 effort/100 recovery  x 10 then 5 min jog.  Followed by the same thing again. 5 min jog walk cool down. Newbies will do 5 and 5 ….

8/26/14 10 minute warm up jog , stretch. Soccer is away so we have the track tonight. 5 x 300 at 4 mile race pace , recovery is only 100 jog…Keep moving , then the main set is 10 x 500 with a 300 recovery @ 10 k race pace…..or walking /   jogging recovery… back to start. back to the 5 x 300 (100 recovery) ….New people will just do 4 of the MAIN set. Cool down jog 10 min.

8/19/14 Warmup 10 min jog and stretch 5 minutes …..then Lasso’s 800’s (4 x 800) at goal 5k race pace. 4oo recovery followed by 8 x 200 at 10 k pace (sort of strides but at a decent even pace). Cool down 5 min jog.  We will start a build up for fall marathoners with 800’s. Don’t worry if your not doing a fall marathon we will modify it for you. (less and faster than if your marathoning.  REMEMBER WATER AND WATCH

8/12/14 Great night for an Native American Run….4  miles of it (16 laps). Lengthen out your efforts not rapid passing but long sustained efforts tonight. Hydrate well!

8/5/14  Warm up  10 min jog. Some real leg turnover tonight with some 300’s. 16 of them to be exact….with an itsy bitsy 100 recovery…Don’t go too fast…a tick or two faster than 5k race pace…i.e. race pace is 2 min per 400 (8 min mile) then 300’s would be 1:30 , so do these in 1:27 ….followed by 5 x 100 stride outs and 5 min jog cool down.

7/29/14 Ten min warm up jog, stretch. 2(5 x400) (400 jog recovery for advanced, walk jog for newbies out a 100 and back to start) 5 k race pace  6x 200 a little quicker and 200 recoveries. Cool down 10 min jog. Keep recoveries moving.

7/22/14 Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean warm up isn’t necessary. 10 min jog, stretch then

2 x  ( 4 x 500) at 5k race pace take a walk recovery or back 100 to same start or jog 300 recovery to start (suggested if experienced) 10 x 100 meter stride outs (starting slow finishing at faster than 5k race pace , build)

remember water and watch…timed efforts let you get a handle on pace.

7/15/14 I’m sure the tour has you worked up but tonight work on form and acceleration.  Keep your arms on plane front to back…knees high and good push off. Use a stripe on the track to keep your movements straight and forward. INDIANA RUN tonight 4 miles. Warm up ten minutes and stretch.

7/8/14 Great night for a track workout then some of the Tour!…

Get your warm up in (ten min jog , then 5 min stretching) 400/600/800/600/400 x 2   CHOICE on recovery. ….if your looking for some distance/mileage then take a 400 jog recovery after each. If your goal is real turn over (sub 5k race pace then walk out 50 yards and jog back to where you finished.. The second choice focuses more on speed/form/  and both should be consistent…The first recovery is more like 5 mile race pace. Newbies doing one set.

Cool down 1-2 miles easy jog.

7/1/14  Burn off a little World Cup tension after the game with a track workout. Keep wet in this heat. We’ll try and bring some extra water in case your bottle runs low. Ten minute jog

- Stretch …. Then 400 @ 10k race pace followed by 200 recovery – then 200 @ 5k  race pace followed by 200 recovery   <-===== times 10 , cool down 5 min jog. Don’t forget your watch so you can really work on that pace….for 10 k and 5 k . Pace Chart above will help you dial in that correct pace.  GO USA!

6/24/14  simple little 4 mile Indian Run tonight. Broken into groups of similar speed.

6/17/14 nice night for some controlled pain. Bring water and a watch please. Warmup 10 min jog then stretch.

15 x 300 a couple seconds faster than 5k race pace. 200 recovery. Cool down 10 min jog. Those new to track will do 10 , regroup on recovery 200. Free Saucony socks tonight

6/10/14 up and down the ladder tonight. Get a good 10 min jog warm up and then

2 x 200, 200 recovery/2×300 , 300 recovery/2 x 400 , 400 recovery / 2 x 600 , 600 recovery / 1 x 800 , 800 recovery then back down….same thing…  efforts done at 5k race pace with 200 and 300’s slightly faster.

Newbies will do 1 of the 2 x’s and back down too. Cool down 5 min jog.

6/3/14 10 min jog warm up then easy peasy week…with a 4 mile INDIAN RUN….of course you can make it as INTENSE as you like….concentrate on form during your efforts…front to back movement…Head up….arm carriage, …foot strike, knee lift…cool down 5 min jog.

5/27/14 Track night and a perfect one it is. Don’t forget water and watch. Get started with 10 min jog warm  then we’ll do 2 x  (5×600)  with a 400 recovery jog (or two minutes active) Efforts should be 10 k race pace  —–end up with 5 x 100 strideouts and a 5 min jog cool down.

05/20/14 Start with 10-15 min  w/up

1000- 10k pace followed with 400 recovery 800-  10k pace followed with 400 recovery 4x 400  10K pace followed by 400 recovery 5x 200   5K pace followed by 200 recovery 5x 100 stride out to work on form

10-15 min cool down on track or through neighborhood 

05/13/14 KINVARA5_WEB_BANNER_1004x500The Kinvara will be here tonight (samples to run in) FUN NIGHT TONIGHT!!!!!! get a good 10 min jog in and stretch afterward. Followed by a four mile INDIAN run. I hope we can still say that. Rich will tell you about that but it comes under the category of FARTLEK. Cool down an 800 (2 laps) and give the Saucony a try on these .

05/06/14 Ten minute warm up tonight the 10 x 500 (run and time it like a 400 but take it on around the turn) 300 (balance of 400) easy jog recovery. 10 k race pace afterward followed by 5 x 100m stride outs and 10 min jog cool down. STRETCH…..FOAM ROLLER …..THE STICK…..

04/29/14 Ten minute warm up-  LADDER – 2 x 200 , 200 recovery/2×300 , 300 recovery / 2 x 400, 400 recovery / 2 x 600, 600 recovery  /1 x 800, 400 recovery /2x 600, 600 recovery /2 x 400 , 400 recovery/2x 300, 300 recovery /2 x 200 , 200 recovery….ten minute cool down. Stretch.

04/22/14 No more 5:30 , we’ll go only at 6:30 (unless your on your own). Rich will be taking over 6:30 our only supervised session. Get a 10 minute jog warm up in.  Most raced and you did , these are just strides , 20 laps of them and two per lap…on the straightaways. Jog the turns for recovery. Your maximum speed is 10k race pace. This is just to loosen up the muscles and joints and get you back to race ready. If you didn’t race and don’t have a race this coming weekend , I suggest you just take it on out and do 20 x 220 , half lap at 5k race pace and half lap easy jog. Good efforts on Saturday and in Boston. Keep the moment going. STRETCH and GO HOME.

04/15/14 Tonight is Dave’s last and we are very appreciative for his hard work and lending a hand to so many in their training. After tonight the only supervised session will by Rich McCurdy at 6:30.  Thank you David Hsu we wish you and your family well in Washington. Long warmup tonight….15 minutes , Warm up set then is  4×200 (200 recovery) at 10 mile race pace (NO FASTER) 4 x 400 (400 recovery) at half marathon race pace (no faster than 10 mile race pace) back to 4 x 200 (200 recovery) ten mile race pace. 800 cool down. Stretch

Have a good weekend race and be controlled and smart. You have to let the work you’ve done blossom. Don’t get in the way of yourself.

We are having a going away picnic at Veterans Park on Saturday 2:30 pm and if you would like to come out it’s a pot luck thing with sandwiches provided. If you don’t have a little something to bring (I like cookies btw) come anyway.

04/08/14 Last hard workout before Mini / Marathon weekend. 10 min jog/stretch

easy to remember on this one – 400 @ 10k race pace, 200 recovery / 200 @ 5k race pace  / 200 recovery    x 8

These will be starting your 400’s and 200’s on opposite sides of the track. We’ll have 3 lanes set up identical on each side. The first cone closest to the finish line is 200 start and the second is the 400 start. Lane one isn’t staggered so just start and finish at the finish cones on either side.

04/01/14  5:30 and 6:30 One or two nights of SPEEDWORK before the dance. Two choices…for tonight. If you didn’t do 9 x 800 last week then you get to this week. Recovery is 200 slow jog. Pace is 10k race pace. If your up to it go ahead and go for 10. This will be the last of the MINI/Mara  prep but next week will be fairly tough as well. Break these into two sets 5 and 4, the last four if you can get a second or two faster than first set average…then go for it. Great weather , take advantage. If you are done with your 800  builds (already done 10) then sharpen tonight with  3 x (4×400) set one is @ 10 k race pace, set 2 and 3 is at 5 k race pace.

DO NOT FORGET A GOOD WARM UP AND COOL DOWN…with Stretching. Now is not a time to get injured.

03/25/14 10 min warm up / jog stretch ,  If you raced ten miles on Saturday…workout is HALF of the below.

800 at 10 k race pace for 2 min, then balance of 800 recovery  x 10 (5 for racers)

for beginners   800 at 10 k race pace for 1 min , 1 min recovery jog, 1 min x 10k race pace , balance of 800 recovery jog   x  5

cool down 800

03/18/14 We will have to modify the 800’s build up and just go with 6 tonight  but let’s keep the rest at 200. Too many are racing Saturday for us to get 8 or 9  in. If you aren’t racing…Go for the 8 at least. Same recovery. Shoot for that 10k race pace on these and get your warm up stretch and cool down in as well. All levels should be able to do these. Remember the recovery is limited so start slowly.

6 x 800 with 200 recovery , efforts at 10k race pace and recovery is a slow jog..

03/11/14 Yay, no more broken record…(we hope). Awesome times for most of you last week in the city run or at Land Between the Lakes. If you raced we have a modified version. Since we only have two weeks until PAPA JOHNS, we just want to maintain and not get hurt. So , if you did race

warm up – 15 minutes job 5 minutes stretching (static stretches) all of this is at 10k race pace…NO FASTER…by the last effort it will be taxing enough. 2 x 400 , 400 recovery / 1 x 800 , 400 recovery/ 1 x 1 mile – remember 10k race pace. (keep form at the forefront of your mind)

if you didn’t race same warm up 4 x 400, 2 x 800, 1 x 1 mile – still all at 10k race pace all with 400 recovery

ALL COOL DOWN 800 jog. See you tonight , Larry

03/04/14 Sorry folks yep again (snow ice track)  but here are some options. If your racing Saturday … Warm up 20 minutes and then hit 1 min 80% x 4 , jog 5 min , then do again x 4….recovery is 1 min as well,easy jog, cool down 5- 10 minutes. If you aren’t racing…same workout but it’s 2 min hard , 1 min easy x 5 , two sets….80% effort on first set and 90% on second set. ( 3 minute jog between sets). RICH is going to take a group to do TEMPO or hills or both from the Gazebo at Willow Park @ 6:30 02/25/14  CHOICE – HILLS or HALF MILES Tonight will be a nice steady state tempo run at 5 mile race pace. We’ll keep the recoveries short so as not to take all night but keep anaerobic (ZONE 4) . Dave is out tonight so I (LARRY)  will lead the 5:30 group with 6 x 800 and a 200 recovery. (after one set of three we’ll extend with water and a little walk but still keep it at 200). Wear a watch so you hit these within a 3 or 4 seconds of each other. (faster toward the end). It’s important to have a good 15 min or more warm up in then stretch before the efforts. Rich will be taking a group from Willow Park (CHEROKEE) for some hill repeats at 6:30 ….Always popular…are the HILL REPEATS. 02/18/2014 YAY…no more broken record. Here’s the workout. Remember David will start a group at 5:30 , Rich at 6:30 . The drum roll please Good 15 min warm up followed by 4 X 1200 at 10k race pace (400 recovery easy jog)  Set 1, then 5 x 200 , 200 recovery ….5k race pace. So we have HOT and HOTTER. For the second set really concentrate on form on the efforts….run the line to keep straight on a few.  Cool down 10 min. The first set is very controlled , no all out stuff. (that’s when you get hurt this time of year). EVEN PACING. 02/11/2014 Sorry for the broken record again but the track is about 90% covered with Ice and Snow. If you can get outside on the road and get in some 2 min drills that will keep you primed until next week’s 800’s x 6 ….warm up 15 min then two sets of 2 min on and 2 min off…/ alternate would be a hill repeat session with Rich from the gazebo at Willow Park / Cherokee @ 6:30 ….6-8 x hill repeats.  Keep the faith! COOL DOWN 10 min 02/4/14 We have several things working against us tonight . David is a bit under the weather and the weather doomsday people are calling for freezing rain. Which btw is THE worse conditions run in. Wet and cold is no fun. Existing ice also won’t help the matters. So if you want to stay healthy take it inside and this week let’s mix up a long effort (10k race pace) with short efforts (5k race pace) . After a good 15 minute jog and then 5 min of stretching …..6 x 15 second  pick up’s , just to get heart rate up and loosen muscles  take at least 15-30 seconds between the pick ups. Then the main set is X 3 3 min (holding 10k race pace) 1 min recovery , 1 min hard (5k race pace) 1 min easy. 1 min hard, 1 min easy , 1 min hard , 1 min easy , THATS 3 ,1 ,1,1   minutes   all that times 3 / cool down 5 min jog. Recovery after each effort is 1 min, after the set it’s 2 min  /  total workout including warm up and cool down and stretching should hit around 50 min to an hour. Haven’t heard from Rich but with icy roads I assume a speed work out is not likely. I’ll post here if he’s a go though in a bit. Ok, I heard back and Rich is a go with the 6:30 group doing 1k x 5 with a 400 recovery….at Waggener High School Track. 01/28/14 Do to the icy and FREEEEZING conditions and Dave being out of town. The track session is cancelled but your welcome to try it. Maybe it’ll melt today!  Rich will lead hill repeats from the Gazebo at Willow Park in the Cherokee Triangle area. If you can make it to a track or would like to do something on the treadmill go ahead with the 800 build up start so we aren’t starting from scratch. 15 min jog warm up and the first 800 only about 70%. Take a 400 recovery then hit 4 more on your 10k race pace (a little quicker on the last one, more like 5k race pace) . Remember 400 recovery on these. …and a good 10 cool down. So a total of 5 x 800 . Next week we should be back on track (pun intended) 01/21/14  Well well, don’t get too happy. You still have a workout to do that’s quasi anaerobic. Even though we can’t get on the track (school cancelled) we can do a workout. Make sure it’s safe road and plop on the trail shoes or YAK trax if you have them. This is simple 20 min jog easy then (shed a layer if you like) 5 x 1 min hard/ then recover 1 min easy.  Take a 3 min jog then hit that again. All in all it’s 10 x 1 min hard/ 1 min easy. Cool down 5-10 min. If you want to be creative 20 pushups after the first set and second set. Hopefully it’ll all melt off by next TUES….Adverse weather creates adverse runners who succeed. You have my permission to use that in a face book post. 01/14/14 Two sessions tonight. A track session  (Waggener High) with David @ 5:30 pm and a hill session with Rich @6:30.  (Willow Park Gazebo, Cherokee Triangle) Get a good 15 minutes of jogging in  before either track or hill session as a warmup then a good 5 minutes of stretching . On the track we’ll knock out some straight away strides x 8 or 4 laps…jogging the turns and picking up the cadence and stridelength to 5k race pace by the end of the straightaway. A lap jog THEN->>>>> 2 x 400 , @ 5k race pace (400 recoveries) , 2 x 1 mile at 10k race pace with a 800 , jog between efforts as recovery. Hit these two x a mile right on your 10k race pace. These miles are real important that you do them as calculated and consistant …Both the same or second one up to 10 seconds faster than first. Cool down 10 min jog. Hill Session is with Rich @ 6:30 from the Gazebo @ Willow Park in the Cherokee Triangle area / plan on 45 min to an hour. 01/07/2014  Dave @ 5:30 leads….Rich at 6:30  Try and start with group please. Tonight we’ll just a little maintainance workout. Keeping what we have but not tempting injury. We’ll hit our 5k race pace for a quarter mile, then recover…(fast recovery) for a quarter mile. Everyone try and get in 10 of these. I think we can all use the inside lane in both sessions. Watch for some hill repeats coming up in the next few weeks for the 6:30 group. Tonight 10 x 400 (5k race pace) and recovery is a 400. Stay warm and don’t forget to hydrate! 12/17/2013  Dave @ 5:30 leads….Rich at 6:30  Try and start with group please. It’s about helping others too. Big break after tonight. The next two weeks are holiday eve’s. This will be your last track/speed workout this year!  Don’t miss. Tonight is maintenance workout. You’ll keep your current level and might even stay un injured. The real focus are on the 400’s. The 200’s are for form. Really really concentrate on your form on the 200’s. We’ll do three sets of 4 x 200 with a 200 recovery. After each set you have 400’s today with only a 200 after the 400. C O N C E N T R A T E on the form for the 200’s. Look at others and see what looks “right” and don’t do what looks wrong. 200 x 4 – 5k race pace…400 recovery then a 400 at same 5k race pace, 200 recovery then start second set…then third set.  So remember …after for group of 200’s , 400 recovery then a 400.  Make it count. Work hard on last set of 200’s and 400. Merry Christmas… 3 X (4X200) THEN 400 same pace…200 recovery/ 400 recovery / 200 recovery then start again 12/10/13 Don’t forget the BROOKS night tonight. Usually some freebies…if not I’ll bring , some free gu and Jelly Belly Recovery Crisps.  I’ll (Larry) be at the 5:30 with Dave …..at 6:30 we have Rich with this workout. (2x 1200-200 recovery) 400 after set-5 x 100 finish….100 recovery 5:30 – 1200 x 4 (2-3 seconds slower than 5k race pace) or about 10 x race pace….400 recovery. option is to BUILD on these….Start slower , like 10k race pace and build…2 slower, 1, at 5k race pace…and one faster than….This will be fun….drop 5-8 seconds per 1200… example 8 min pace is 6 min for 1200 – Start at 6:10 for two , then 6 min for 1 x 1200 then 1 x1200 @ 5:53 . So your getting faster and faster up to last one. Take a 400 recovery after each of the 4 1200’s.  Warm up well in this cool weather…. 12/3/13 Yea , perfect track weather (if it’s not raining). Not too many more days left this winter like this! I know it’s not officially winter but might as well be. During this low light , cool weather, non racing time of year. Try and work in a little more of a warm up and cool down. If you can get in 2-3 miles before and a mile after your body will thank you. The extra slow miles won’t hurt you either.  Remember if you can’t make 5:30 , Rich has the 6:30 version ready to go as well. Tonight Dave is out of town so I (Larry) will get you going and will take a switch to you if you get out of line. (jk). We’ll get a warm up set of some non timed 200’s. Do a build on these , not like we usually do when timing and running them for pace. These are a build , starting slow and getting faster and faster up to 5k race pace. Let’s get in 6 x 200, build, then get on your 5k race pace for the entire distance of 6 x 400 5k race pace , 200 recovery / 40o recovery after set/ 2 x 600 , smack dab on 5k race pace with 200 recovery. Summary

  • 6 x 200 build , 200 recovery
  • 400 recovery
  • 6 x 400 , 5k race pace 200 recovery
  • 400 recovery
  • 2 x 600, 200 recovery
  • 1mile cool down / stretch , go home.

11/26/13 Some real good temperatures tonight for some 300’s (a little quicker than 5k pace or about 85% effort). We have two sessions so if you can’t make the first. David Hsu (most know of this super human and his knowledge). David leads the first session @ 5:30. Also at 6:30 we have Rich McCurdy.Here’s a little bit on Rich underneath the workout. Easy to remember  we’ve done this before. If your coming off a race or have one on Thursday …back these down to 3 sets of 3, and try and hit race pace or a little slower than the workout pace (5k race pace) So tonight…… after good 10 min warm up… and stretch either after warmup or after workout. 3 sets of 5 x 300 , recovery is walk jog the 100 after the three hundred to the start again. After a set take an entire 400 jog (no walk) then hit it again. Remember if your racing…this is a tune up. Slowly get into pace (use a watch or perceived effort) on your three hundred. Back off and then get into it again. That’s how you do a tune up workout. Build into the effort so that your going the race pace the final 50 meters. This should not leave you highly exhausted. That’s for race day. If your not racing then hit all 15 of these at 5k race pace 90% effort…you should be exhausted when done. Happy Turkey Day. Richard McCurdy Jr. I was raised in Lyndon Station, Wisconsin and Participated in High school wrestling, Cross country, and Track. Joined US ArmyRan- 3 Seasons on Army Track team 1500/5000 Ran -2 seasons U of L (Gene Weis coach) Coaching history

  • Coached 3 US Army Post running teams to compete in track, road races, and the Army Ten miler

  • Coached Cross country at New Albany H.S in Indiana from 1998-2008 (1st time Boys state team)

  • Coached at the Roy Benson Cross country Camp in Ashville, NC (3 summers)

  • Coached a Adult various running groups in Southern Indiana and Kentucky

  •  Coached the Mini-marathon training Group for the Downtown YMCA for 3 consecutive years

  • Personal bests  5K- 14:45 10K – 29:45 15K – 48:48 10 Miles – 50:49 1/2 marathon – 1:07 Marathon -2:29

My Ultimate Goal is to help people establish their personal best 

11/19/13 Really get into the clock tonight. 15 min jog warm up. Then will get in a warm up set of 400’s with a 400 recovery. This should be pretty easy with that much recovery. We will do 4 of these and then head right into the main set of 8 x 500. Again at this same pace or ever better a second or two faster / 400. You will start on the yellow stagger (400 stagger) but at the finish of the 400 check your watch and take it on around to the end of the turn. Don’t worry about your 500 interval time , just the 400.  The recovery is the balance of the 400 (a 300) cool down and stretch.

  • 4×400(400 rec)
  • 8×500 (timed 400 5k race pace) recovery 300.

If your coming at 6:30 Rich McCurdy will be doing 300, 600,800 ,600,300 11/12/13 We turn over to Waggener High School money for the lights for the season. If you can in the next 3 or so weeks….give $20 (check is preferred) to David or Rich but preferably so they don’t have to worry about it. ….Drop it by the store and buy ten pairs of shoes. (or just drop it by the store. $20 is for the season…(til next spring) One time only. We definitely have a 5:30 (David Hsu) and most likely a 6:30 (Rich McCurdy) tonight. It’s chilly so be sure and get in a good 15 min warm up and cool down. Stretch after the warm up. Warm up set will include 6 x 200…..jog recovery slow and do a build on the efforts. Start slow and finish at 5k race pace. Suggestion some high knee lifts on some of the recoveries. Main set will just be 4 x 800 at 5k race pace with a 400 recovery. If you raced…last weekend or up coming (more than a 5k) then only 2 of the 800’s. COOL DOWN and hit your numbers on the 800. 2 second window.

  • 6 x 200 build 200 recovery
  • 4 x 800 consistent pace, 400 recovery…(2 x ‘s for recovering and tapering runners)

11/05/13 Get a good warm up in. Good temperatures. If you raced last weekend or up coming we’ll modify this a little.  After stretching we’ll get a warm up set of 200’s everyone 6 x 200 (200 recovery)  5k race pace should be easy. then at the same pace 6 x 400’s (400 recovery) This should be a little harder but ample recovery. SAME PACE. Then …2 x 600, 200 recovery again at that same pace. This will be the main set that knocks the tar out of you. Short recovery and fast. COOL DOWN. 10 min jog.

  • 6 x 200 (200 recovery)
  • 6 x 400 (400 recovery)
  • 2 x 600 (200 recovery)
  • if your on a recovery or taper week , 2 x 200 , 4 x 400 , 1x 600
  • Have Fun

Rich’s 6:30 workout will be 12 x 400 with straightaway’s hard and turn’s easy recovery. This doesn’t include warm up and warm down. 10/29/13 5:30 tonight only . David Hsu will head this up. An on / slightly off workout. That means, we’ll hit that 5k race pace( start a little slower if you like) then after 200 you back off just a little.(10 – 25 seconds slower on the “back off” recovery. You will do 12 on the outside lane to 16 for the first lane. It’s a consistent straight through workout. (allowed one water break after half is done). Try and see your time for the entire workout. We should need only a couple or three lanes. If you stay out in lane three your entire run time should about a half lap shorter because of the outside lane. I’ll do my best to be there at 5:30 but Dave will talk you through it before the workout. Remember 200’s start on the north end turn. 16 x 200 , not a real fast effor 85 % but a fast recovery. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Paw Paw has grown tired. 23 years ago I took over Tuesday night track from my stepfather (KEN COMBS). We , you and I have done it year in , year out, nice weather, not so nice. We only miss for Christmas , Thanksgiving and anytime Easter falls on a Tuesday. :D For 10 years before I took it , Ken did it and a little differently but in his own style. So for 33 years we’ve had a good run (pun intended) . David has been a great help over the past year but he probably is here only through early next year. So….unless someone else wants to step up and take over, I shall be retiring from Tuesday night track. I can still easily post workouts but can’t continue to keep running and attending Tuesday night. I believe Dave will keep going for a little longer at 5:30 but after tonight I will be in runner retirement.  Thank you all very much Larry Holt Not saying that there won’t be some Farewell Tours but we’ll wait and see if there is a need. 10/22/2013 If you raced last weekend or are going to race this weekend, I’d like you only to do half the workout. We’re doing three one mile repeats at race pace (5k) The half workout people will do a mile and then a half. Recovery for these is a 800 slow jog. Take your time on recovery and get heart rate down by the start of the next effort. It’s very very important to get a good warm up (with some accelerations in) before starting these. (and stretch) The key here is be consistent. If the first one is up to 5 seconds slower okay but definitely shouldn’t be your fastest. A good example here would be 7:30 7:25 7:20 . This will leave you positive for races. Running the other way is out of control. You control the race not the other way around. Dave Hsu will be on hand at 5:30. We will set up two lanes (one and two lanes will be one and 3-out will be the other) Faster running inside. 10/15/2013 Fingers crossed the rain holds off for a good TUNE UP for upcoming races. Get a good 15 min jog in then stretch. We’ll start with 2 laps of “pick ups” on the straight away. That’s 4 total. Then we’ll keep our 5k race pace for 6 x 200, 200 recovery. Main set :  Then keeping that same pace we’ll knock out 8 x 400(holding pace past the finish until the end of the turn. (check your pace at the usual finish) Recovery is the balance of the 400. Cool down and get out of the rain. Dave HSU will kick off the same workout at 5:30 with a rerun at 6:30. 10/8/13 Last off site (track) night. This will be a good prep for a half if your doing any racing this fall from a 10k to a half marathon. At your 5 mile race pace we’ll knock out some 800’s (5 and 6) over at Norbourne. The routine is jog over and we’ll start in the middle of the common area of the Eastern most turn. The half ends just past the speed bump on opposite (western turn) We’ll have a cone at start , 400 and end. Jog the balance of the loop for recovery , about 380 meters. Thanks Dave for doing this with 5:30 choosers , I’ll be there for 6:30. If you drive over park at the church on Browns Lane warm up and cool down properly if you drive over. 10/1/13 Another gorgeous night for anaerobic love. Remember we have two sessions , 5:30 and 6:30. Inside lanes are fastest. Easy to understand straight forward sets of 3 x 5 x 300 with 100 recoveries between efforts. and a 500 between sets. Let’s do these like last week with a slower than and then at 5k race pace then faster than. About a 2 second speed up each time. First set is a warm up , then a fatiguing set then a hard set. Work hard on that last set of 5 x 300. Remember your warm up and stretching and cool down. Looks like we have the track one more night then away, then back. 9/24/13 WOW WEE on this weather. Hey we get the track back tonight or so we think. Let’s do a basic three set work up of 400’s. Recoveries are all 200 , with a 400 between sets. The three sets go like this. First Set (warm up set) 10k race pace x 4 Second Set – not too bad cause still only 5k race pace. (check pace chart above) So if you race at 8 min per mile in a 5k . Your 400’s here are in 2 min. x 4 Final Set – Sub 5k race pace about 3-4 seconds faster seconds 400 faster than the previous set. Don’t forget at least 10 min jog and then stretch….before . Cool down 10 min as well. Easy jog. David Hsu will lead the 5:30 and I will be watching you on the 6:30 . (Larry) Hope to see you in a few! 9/17/13 It should be a nice night for some pace work (5k/5mile) pace work. We’ll jog over to Norbourne for some 800s and 1200’s . 3 x 800 (5k pace) and 2 x1200 (5 mile pace) I will have cones at start , 400 , 800, 1200) recovery on 800 is 400, and recovery on 1200 is 400. The 1200 is one complete lap then turn down the middle and about 50 yards. Continue recovery down to middle of block and back the other side to the start. Cool down , jog back. Stretch. David Hsu will kick off the 5:30 group and I will start the 6:30 group. 09/10/13 Warm up as usual. Try and get at least 15 minutes easy jog with some pick ups of about 50 meters as your warm up. We’ll do a classic build workout here . Keeping the pace at 5k race pace but extending the efforts. Starting with 6 x 200, 200 recovery (100 recovery after the set)/ 6 x 300 , 100 recovery/ 6 x 400 / 200 recovery….(starting on alternate sides of the track) Summary is 6 200’s, 6 300’s, and 6 400’s Enjoy and David Hsu will head up the 5:30 session. Don’t forget at least a 2 lap cool down 9/3/13 Churchill apartments tonight for a good bit of quarter miles …so pace work….10k race pace. These are slower and less recovery. 90 yards on the recovery. Let’s knock out 16 of these in two sets of 8. A full lap plus recovery jogged in between sets. (drink) Even the least fast should get in at least 12 of these. Keep the pace even. We’ll park and jog over from the school. If your running late I believe you can park at the apartments but not all of us. Leave some spaces for residents. I will put a cone at the Start, 220 mark (half) and the finish. Check those splits people. A watch and water is important. Warm up and cool down is jogging over and back. David Hsu will lead the 5:30 session. I will be at the 6:30 session. 08/20/13 Nice night for some mile repeats. Let’s try and get them a little quicker than you 10k race pace. Most of the time we do these CONSISTANT…. but tonight let’s descend. Make the first one at 10k race pace , the second at 5 mile race pace and the last one in 5k race pace. We’ll take a half mile recovery between each. I will set up three lanes for this. Inside will be fastest , medium , and least fast. All three lanes should be able to get through this. David Hsu is back in town!!! yay…and doing this workout at 5:30. I will be there at 6:30. REMEBER A WATCH and WATER! and to enjoy! 08/13/13 Nice cool evening for some more pace work. Get in your usual warm up and stretch. First set is a warm up of 4 x 300 , at 5k race pace. 100 recovery. Followed by 4 x 800 at 10k race pace …400 recovery. Lane 5 and 6 will do 3 of the 800’s. Cool down appropriately.(suggestion…easy grass jog 4 laps barefoot) Don’t forget , question answer with Wesley Korir this Sat 10-11 at the store. 08/06/13 Can’t beat the weather for TRACK WORK. Pace pace pace thus WATCH WATCH WATCH…tonight. A good straight forward workout tonight. Two Sets….First set after your obligatory 15 min warm up is a handful of 200’s 5k pace to get your legs going. Going means only 5k race pace and 6 of them. A 400 jog then the main set of 10 x 400…with yes an entire 400 recovery and these 10 are at 5k race pace too! You get an entire 400 recovery so don’t dilly dally on the recovery. Use tonight to really concentrate on form on every other effort. Running on the line will help to keep your movement efficient. Thanks Paul Owen for getting us started tonight and keeping the little monsters at bay. 6 x 200 , 200 recovery…starting on the number line in the north end turn of the track. Finish same as usual. 10 x 400 startingon the yellow line just past the finish line. We probably only need 4 lanes but take what you need. Outside lane doing 6 x 400. 07/30/13 Sweet, a nice cool evening for a little anaerobic activity. Learning to appreciate oxygen night. Get your usual 15 minutes of jogging in , stretch then We’ll have a set of 200’s on and off…keep the recovery lively. 15 seconds slower than your effort. x 8.( a little quicker than your 5k race pace) recovery is 200 . After that we’ll hit 400’s slowing down to 5k race pace. x 8…take a good slow 400 between these two sets. (drink). 8x 200 . 8x 400 10 min cool down. 07/23/13 Some real good racing is going on. We hope these pace and anaerobic workouts are pushing you toward your goals. I’ll likely only make the 6:30 edition tonight but your welcome to do it anytime. We’ll be on that pace effort (5k race pace) with some long 400’s tonight. This means we’ll hit the 400 on pace and take it on around the corner doing two sets of these 5 x 500. (ten total) . The recovery is the balance of the 400 (300) . Just time the 400 portion. Get your warm up and cool down in and MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH after your warm up and warm down. Lane 6 will do two sets of 4. See you tonight. REMEMBER YOUR WATCH…can’t do pace work without a consistent time keeper. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. 07/16/13 Hot night so remember your water. A little bit of an easier workout with some on offs for 3 miles. We’ll do these in 4 sets of 4 x 200. with a 600 in between sets. Don’t work the effort so hard (5k race pace) but on the recovery ‘bust a move’. Regroup after each set. Try and get a handle on the over all mile (four laps) and maintain for all for sets. Remember a little ten min warm up and cool down…don’t forget some stretching too. TIME YOUR RECOVERIES…keep them 13-20 seconds slower than your effort. This is important so you don’t go too fast on the efforts. If your getting longer and longer on the recovery your going too fast. Lane 6 will do 3 sets. 07/09/13 Get a decent warm up in. We’ll start off with a slow pace (10k race pace) for a mile. then get a little quicker for 2 x 800 at 5k race pace (400 recovery) then finish off with 4x 400 a little quicker than 5k race pace (2 secs per 400 faster than your 800 pace) . On these 400’s though…only a 200 recovery. Be gentle to start off. Cool down , stretch and call it a night. Two sessions tonight , 5:30 and 6 :30 1 mile , 400 recovery, 2 x 800 , 400 recoveries , 4 x 400 , 200 recoveries. see pace above. Water and watch important. 07/2/13 Yay….nice night for some footfalls. 5:30 and 6:30 session tonight. Don’t forget a good 15 min warmup before the session. We try and get rolling right on time. Tonight we’ll keep with the PACE so it’s a good idear and almost imparitive for it to work , to have and use a watch. Let’s do a little warmup set of 200’s on and off. Meaning we’ll keep the pace up on the recovery and hit the 200 in or at 5k race pace. This shouldn’t be too hard on the efforts but the recoveries at a peppy pace. Take a 400 after than and then let’s keep the same pace for 8 x 400’s. (200 recovery) This will be the main set and the “business end” of the workout. Be consistant on these. You will only get 200 recovery so don’t get over your head to start with. Keep these even. Cool down (ten minutes , stretch) and enjoy the country’s birthday on Thursday. If anyone is racing Thursday , back this off by HALF. Lane 5 will do two less on the 200’s and lane 6 will do 4 less. This will be Dave Hsu’s last 5:30 session for a while. We’ll miss him. We will probably continue it, not sure if I will make both sessions every week though. 8 x 200 (200 recovery) then a 400 8 x 400 (200 recovery) then cool down and kick back. 06/25/13 It’s going to be a little warm tonight. I’ll bring water …bring yours and a bottle to top it off. A little pace work so a watch would be essential unless your really really good at it. Get in a 10 min jog for a warm up and some stretching before the session. First a mile at 5k race pace. recovery a slow 400, then we’ll hit 8 X 400’s faster (5 seconds per 400) than your one mile pace per quarter. i.e. you did your mile in 8 minutes =2 min per 400….so your 400’s are in 1:53- 1:55, be consistent and if you feel like faster than that on the last one, only then. Recoveries are 400 on the 400’s too. This workout is only slightly anaerobic. Meaning you should be at or about 75-80 % . Use this workout to “muscle memory” pace. It’s more of an “effort memory” so brain function is important. I’ll be at both sessions so take your pick. Do both! (kidding). Don’t forget a little cool down of at least two laps ….barefoot infield is a good idea to build foot strength. Lane 5 will do 5 of the 400’s and lane 6 if we have a lane six will do 4. SUMMER IS HERE YAY! Don’t forget your watch. 06/18/13 Perfect anaerobic weather tonight. This should make you appreciate oxygen. After a good 15 min jog warm up and a little (5 min) stretching we’ll revisit those fabulous 800’s. 2 x 400 , 400 recovery. Then we have 4 x 800 (a hair faster than you 5k race pace) with 400 recovery. <– main set. Your not done yet…followed up with a little slower (5k race pace) 2 x 400 like you did to open up. <=sort of a cool down but not that easy. The 400’s are at about 75% effort while the main set of 800’s is at 90% Lane five will leave off the last 400’s. Lane 6 leave off the last 2 of the 400’s and one of the 800’s. Cones will be set up for the start of the efforts (inside left leg) and the finish is at the usual spot. Dave will head up the 530 group and I will head up the 6:30 Don’t forget your 10 min cool down /stretch 06/11/13 Tonight after ample 15 min jog warm up we’ll dig three sets of 5 x 300’s. Try and hit the 200 mark about 2 seconds slower than last weeks efforts. This workout is similar as we are taking small wee bits of rest. Between the sets grab some water and jog a 500. I’ll (Larry) be doing these with David at 5:30 and then be on deck to make sure no one gets out of line. I’ll have the “coach’s eye” app with me so if you want some opinion on form or any other questions answered we’ll try. Lane 5 will do 3 sets of 4 and lane six will do 2 sets of 5 . When done get in at least another ten min jog and stretch. 6/04/13 We’ll take another perfect day for a little anaerobic running yes indeed. We’ll have the 2xu rep here too tonight to let you try some compression out if you want for your session. Warm up 15 min jog and stretch. We’ll do our “on / off” workout tonight. That means the “on” is at a good clip of about 5k race pace but the “off” is just “dim” and not really off. Slowing down 10-13 seconds in lane one, and out in lane five you can slow down 20-22 seconds slower than the EFFORT. The idea here is to go just fast enough not to have to really slow down alot on the recovery. Example Lane 1 runs 40 second 200 and recovers a 200 in 50 seconds. Lane 3 would be slowing down about 15-18 seconds. If you can’t recover, slow the effort down but not the recovery. This simulates racing and emphasizes the need to PACE when you race. Lane 1-4 = 16 x 200 Lane 5,6 12 x 200 (if you need a break for water , take a lap after half recover and hydrate. I suggest doing this if it’s hot. 10 min jog cool down. (stretch) David Hsu will do the 5:30 session. I (Larry) will be there for the 6:30 05/28/13 Wow on the weather , it’s about time. Not that long ago we were on the track and it raining and 38 degrees. YAY for summer. (late spring). NOTE the move up in time 6:30 Good warm up and we’ll hit some longer efforts tonight . 2 sets of 4 x 600. Lanes 5 and 6 will do 2 sets of 3. The pace is as you know your 5k race pace …recovery is 200 (600 between sets). David Hsu will head up the 5:30 and Larry the 6:30. Try and get in at least a 10 min cool down and warm up. Stretch after the cool down and be serious about it. (barefoot grass cool down?) Strengthen those feet. 05/21/13 Hopefully the rain won’t hit us. We’ll be there anyway. After your jog warm up , and stretch let’s do a build up. 4 x 200, 200 recovery, 4 x 300 , 100 recovery 4 x 400 , 400 recovery. Then go back down 4 x 300, 4 x 200, same recoveries. COOL DOWN…. Pace on these should get just a little slower with the 400’s at 5k race pace and the 200’s 300’s a click or two faster…especially the 200’s. David Hsu back from Ironman Tx will be doing the 5:30 session. If there aren’t any big objections, we’ll bump the workout to 6:30 next week. Thanks for attending. Hopefully your getting faster. 05/14/13 Perfect weather , let’s take advantage. We have do the bread and butter workout for 5k in some time. 12 x 400, 200 recovery…done at 5k race pace. Lane 4 should be able to get 9 in. Do these in two sets and take a 400 recovery between sets. Wear a watch and hit your pace. Warm up by 7 . Think about if you would like to move this workout to 6 pm. We won’t do it next week but pretty soon if the consensus prefers. Get at least half mile cool down. David will do the 5:30 group as well if you just can’t wait until 7. 05/07/13 We are still a little on the recovery track so tonight workout is still a bit less than 100% effort. We’ll start the first mile at mini marathon race pace…picking it up a little and hitting 2 x 800 (400 recovery) more like 10k race pace. We’ll follow that up with 4 x 400 (400 recovery) a second or two faster than those 800’s per 400. Remember a good warm up and cool down and some stretching is even more important when a little sore from racing. Please don’t skip it. David will take on the 5:30 group tonight as well. 1 x mile, (400 recovery) 2 x800 same recovery , 4 x 400 , same recovery. 04/30/13 Great job out there gang on Saturday. We’ll back off on the intensity for a couple of weeks then get back at it. WARM UP 15 MIN Tonight we’ll spit out 6 x 400 at that same race pace…10-to mini race pace with a 400 recovery after each “semi” effort. Keeping that same pace or just a tick faster we will do 2 x (4 x 300) Lane 5-6 will do one of those sets of 300. 100 recovery between efforts and a 500 recovery between sets. DON’T DO THESE TOO HARD. They are easy and are just to work the range of motion and muscle groups you tore up on Saturday. COOL DOWN IMPORTANT…10 – 15 min plus 5 min stretching David will be on board for the 5:30 edition. 04/23/13 We’re there…reached one of our destinations. Just a little tidy up and then we blow out the candles. First David Hsu will do this workout at the same location for early folk at 5:30. Two workout choices…for those racing this weekend and not. after a good warm up of a 15 min easy jog we’ll get just a little taste of the weekend. All lanes do same workout. 8 x 400 , 400 recovery…Pace is real important tonight so I hope you remember a watch or run with someone your speed who has one. This should be a hair quicker than your MINI pace (even if your doing the marathon). So it’s about your ten mile race pace. Stretch then cool down one mile. This is an easy workout, don’t feel it’s too hard or close to your race day. Then smile cause the money is in the bank…ready for withdrawal. if your not racing and want a good similar workout…you will do 12 of these same recovery and the pace is 5k race pace. 04/16/13 Tonight we finally get to knock out that last 800 build up. This is an excellent half and full marathon workout. The pace should be about your race 10k pace. It’s even okay to start out at more of your ten mile race pace and pick up the last several to the 10k race pace. The best way is to run them all consistently. The recovery is just half a lap. If you get over your head then back off early and re establish your pace. Lanes 1-4 will do 10 x 800 , lane 5 will get in 8 and lane 6 will do 6. Enjoy and if you can’t make the 7 pm workout we have David and others doing this workout at 5:30. Our thoughts and prayers are out for not only our group that went to Boston but also any of those affected by the tragedy there. We hope you all make it home safely. 04/09/13 and yes we have a 5:30 edition too tonight if you can’t make the 7 pm one. Thanks David ….they will be running the show Finally have some warm weather. There were some great performances last weekend. Let’s keep it moving forward. Again tonight will be a little bit lighter for those who raced. If you didn’t race on the weekend or this coming we have something for you too. After a good warm up we’ll do a build starting with Lanes 1-4 —-> 4 x 200 (200 recovery) 4 x 400 (400 recovery) and 1 x 500 (300 recovery) if you raced or are racing. 4 x 500 if you didn’t . The starting set and the 400’s should be easy at 5 k pace. These are more of a warmup. the last set is still at that 5k pace but should tax you a bit more with less recovery and longer efforts. These can really be PACE oriented ….knowing and running your 5k race pace is important. If that’s too easy on the last set pick up the recovery and run it a bit faster. Lane 5 will do the same with 2 x 500’s and lane 6 will just do one. 04/02/13 We are rounding the corner. Tonight is a bit abbreviated for those racing this weekend. For those not racing you’ll do a bit more. Tonight we’ll get into that 10k race pace again for some 400’s and 200’s. Lanes 1-4 will start with 2 x 400 with a 400 recovery. After that we’ll get into a set of 200’s. If you aren’t racing then you have 10 of these 200’s , if you are you have 6….Lane 6 should get in 6 as well. Lane 5 can do 6 too. So it’s (after a good 15 min warm up) 2 x 400 (10k race pace) then your 6-10 200’s with a 200 recovery at 5k race pace. Be sure and get at least 2 laps cool down. YAY SPRING IS HERE David Hsu will be conducting this workout at 5:30 as well if you can’t make the 7 edition. 03/26/13 Well we’re up to 7 , 8 , and 9 x 800’s tonight. The pace should be about 10k race pace…or even a couple of clicks slower …Keep in mind the recovery is only a 200…Let’s go ahead and do them all in one set. The last 800’s well do in two sets. Lane 1-4 should get 9 done…lane 5 do 8 , lane 6 should get 7 done. Enjoy the spring weather!….Not heard yet about the 530 group but I assume it’ll go as usual. I’ll not, I’ll note here. We should have the Saucony peeps tonight so that should be fun. David can’t make the 5:30 time but the track should be open so you can get going if you can’t wait until 7. It’s still chilly so try and get in 15 min warm up first with some pick ups.(4 x 50 m) 03/19/13 Yes David will do the 5:30 early version tonight. The rest of us are getting ready to race if your not increase these by about a third. (quantity) So let’s tune up the leg turn over with our 200 on off workout. First we’ll start with 2 x 400 with 400 recovery then we’ll knock out 8 x 200 with a faster than usual recovery 200. (do 12 x 200 if not racing or didn’t race last weekend). Keep the 200’s at 5k race pace but keep a good move on for the recovery slowing down about 12 seconds on the recovery 200. Get a good warm up while the temps are still low like this. A minimum 800 cool down. Next week we will have the samples to run in too! Try before you buy. 03/12/13 We have 8 x 800’s to do tonight. And the recovery go’s to 200. Don’t get over whelmed it’s just slowing the suckers down a couple or three seconds and you’ll be fine. Lanes 1-4 have 8 to do. Lane 5 has 6 and lane 5 has 5. These are nice and slow 10k pace , even a bit slower if you like at the beginning. Finish strong and keep in mind each effort. Keep the pace and don’t get carried away because it’s slow (in the beginning). In two weeks too we have Saucony coming with some sample shoes to run in. That will be effort 800 #9. ….Get a good warm up in of at least a mile and a half mile cool down. We’ll start on time so you should be home by 8-815 tonight. Think about your form and look at others. Pick out good form and bad. Emulate the GOOD. I’ll post here if Dave is going to head up the 5:30 group. Dave is going to be there 5:30 is a go 03/05/13 Hopefully we can get a little pain in (just a little) before the snow. We’ll be out there none the less. Also Dave will head up the 5:30 edition as well. Slowing things a little for these three little mile repeats tonight. About 10k pace (many are racing Saturday so keep it slower than normal). We’ll take a 600 recovery , so we’ll be starting and finishing on alternate sides of the track. We’ll have two lanes (1-2, and 3-4) So if you’ve been in 1,2,3 you’ll be in the inside lane. The rest in the second. the finish will be two cones on either side of the track. I’ll have a cone for the second lane to start. All finish the same place. You should be slightly into your Anaerobic Threshold or high zone 4. Again these are more like 10k pace. Enjoy these as the new weather is about to break. Clocks change on Saturday so next week we’ll be in the light! Thanks Mary Anne for last week. 02/26/13 It’s time to get another set of 800’s out of the way. Remember we’re building to ten. Tonight is the last night with a 400 recovery too. Don’t get too used to it. Lanes 1-4 can get their 7 done. That’s two laps at 10 k race pace. Pick it up on the last one if you want. (maybe last two). The recovery is one lap and try to regroup on that recovery. Slow down up front and pick it up in the back. The start is the yellow line at the end of the homestretch (maybe cones) The finish is the usual (two cones). Lane 5 do six of these. Lane 6 will do five. Okay David Hsu can’t make it tonight @ 5:30 but the track will be open if you want to knock these out early. Be consistant on pace…Start slow at least on the first 5. You can pick it up a second or two on the last four. 7 x 800 w/ a 400 rec. (pace start at 10k race pace and build to 5k race pace by last two.) Mary Anne will conduct the 7 pm efforts and David will carry on with the early group at 5:30 I(Larry) will be back next week. 02/19/13 Ok , I have the 800’s set up until the MINI and they are on these dates https://www.google.com/calendar/render (26th next week for 7 , then 12th March and then 26th, and ten on April 16th) OH AND NO 5:30 run workout tonight. No one available. Hopefully next week. SORRY But tonight we have some good ole fashion 400’s , psych…actually 500’s but the 400’s are timed. 2 sets of 5 on these for lanes 1-4. Lane 5 will do a set of 5 and a set of 4. Lane six will do 2 sets of 4. Again these are just like when we do 400’s but you can’t stop the effort until your around the turn. The recovery is 300 and time only the 400 and hit it starting at 5 k pace. The last two can dip under. Take a 700 jog between sets. The last 100 should not be slowing down but maintaining. Think and run these like 400’s. That will keep you honest and limit the sand bagging. 2 x (5×500) . 02/12/13 2X(4X4) • Two sets of four 400s followed by four 200s. As in, run four 400s then four 200s. Two Lap Jog easy and regroup • Recovery is a 400 on the 400’s and 200 on the 200’s 400 (400 recovery) 400 (400 recovery)400 (400 recovery) 400 (600 recovery) 200 (200 recovery) 200 (200 recovery)200 (200 recovery) 200 (400 recovery) rinse and repeat Lane 6 will do the same as above but two sets of 3 David Hsu et al will be doing the 5:30 version of the same thing @ Waggener. • Pace: Run these at VO2max pace (faster than 10K pace and closer to what you can do for 5K). This will feel slow early in the workout but will catch up with you. • Purpose: This workout is ideal for high-end aerobic training and lactate tolerance. It pushes the envelope of the maximum pace you can hold for a 10K. This is a great workout to do with friends. Just be sure you keep focused on hitting the pace that is appropriate for you. That said, don’t be afraid to push each other. You have to challenge yourself to find out what you are capable of, so don’t let the pace drop throughout this workout. Consistency is the key. 02/05/13 A nice night for a workout of 4 ‘s. Lanes 1-5 after a good warm up / down. 4 x 600 with a 200 recovery (check your 400 spot for pace) ….5 k race pace…after the last one , take a 400…recovery then 4 x 400 , 400 recovery…(a little quicker pace) recover a 400 then 4 x 200 , still a little quicker with a 200 recovery. Lane 6 same as above with just 1 x 200. (4 x 600,200 recovery)400 rec (4 x 400, 400 rec). and (4 x 200 , 200 rec) STRETCH AND COOL DOWN…2 laps minimum ALSO if you like to start eary David Hsu will be heading up a 5:30 version of the same thing at the same place. 4 weeks until Anthem 5k!!! 01/29/13 Let’s take advantage of the warm temps to knock out another pace oriented 800 (half mile) workout. Lanes 1-4 can get in 6 with a 400 recovery. Just a shade slower than 5 k race pace. Keep them consistant. Lane 5 doing 5 and 4 doing 4. Move well on the recovery. If the pace is too slow on the effort then pick up the recovery. Use each other as much as you can…double back to regroup if need be. Don’t forget your cool down , warm up and stretching. David Hsu will be doing the matinee version of this at 5:30 . Thanks David. (this is for those that can’t make the 7:30 edition) 01/22/2013 Please please try and get in a good 20 minutes of jogging before tonight. We don’t need any injuries but it’s important to not skip when we’re trying to get momentum in our training. After a good warm up we’ll hit 2 sets of 300’s and a set of 400…so three sets total Lane 1-4 = 2 x 5×300 (100 recovery) and a 500 between the two sets (400 recovery after the last one) – 3 x 400 with a 400 recovery after each…maintaining the same pace as in the 300’s which was 5k race pace. Lane 5 same as above but 2 x 400 and Lane 6 =1 X 400 on third set. Cool down and eat some chili Bob M. will be leading the 5:30 group if our normal time of 7 doesn’t suit you. 01/15/13 Wow it’s that time of year again, your favorite. 800 build through the mini. Not every week but about every other we’ll add one 800 and eventually half the recovery. Lanes 1-5 tonight can gulp down 5 x 800 @ 5k race pace with a 400 recovery (two laps effort one lap easy). Lane six should easily get in 4 x 800. Don’t forget the warm up as the temperatures make it easy to grab something. ONE mile to three quarters of a mile cool down. ENJOY ALSO PEEPS….Dr Bob will be doing the same workout at 5:30 and instructing pace/recovery etc….if you can’t make the 7 pm episode. Either workout all are welcome. 1/08/13 I hope your glad to be back on the track. Be cautious tonight and check the ego at the door. It’s easy to tweak something after a layoff. Just some easy 5k race pace 400’s tonight. I’ll set these up so we can do three sets of 4. We’ll take a 200 recovery (so go 5k pace or slower) after each set we’ll take a 400 recovery. Keep it real and within yourselves. We have plenty more Tuesdays to hammer it hard. Also our own Dr. Bob (Metz) will be doing the same workout out at 5:30 tonight taking over for Dave. So if you can’t make the 7:00 version then hit it at 5:30. More than ever ….warm up and warm down. Stretch after the warm up or after the workout at least 10 min. Very important. I wonder if it will be warm enough to cool down in the grass barefoot? 12/18/12 Last chance this year (for Tuesday Night Track) to tune some anaerobic running as well as use and fire those fast twitch muscle fibers. Remember Hangover Classic is only two weeks away!. In honor of the season we can hammer on some short stuff with limited recovery. Don’t get these 200’s too fast because we want the recovery to be lively. I’ll set it up so that we have several lanes but in a nutshell it’s a 4 mile on and off workout (lanes 1-4) all will get lanes one so you aren’t going over 4miles (16×200, with a 200 recovery) . Lanes 5-6 will start in lane 4. Everyone time your 200 effort and your 200 plus recovery. Lanes 5-6 (going in lane 4 will actually do a little more than the 12 laps or three miles because your recovery is a shade longer. The Recoveries tonight are as follows – lanes 1-4 , running in lane one will slow down 10-15 seconds per 200 from the effort. Lane 5-6 running in lane 4 can slow down no more than 20 seconds on the recovery. The idea is to keep it moving on the recovery and check that you are. You could call these 200 meter surges. Warm up and down , don’t forget and get the stretch out. Hope your Christmas is all that and see you next year if you miss tonight. Also David Hsu is definitly out until further notice. Medical and school will keep him away for awhile and we’ll miss him. HURRY BACK IRONMAN. 12/11/12 correction, David Hsu will be on hand at 530 tonight if you want to do this workout with COACH supervision. Thanks and sorry for the confusion . A little longer workout tonight. We only have one more track night before next year! We have to get a couple in to hold us over. Christmas and New Year is on Tues. Drats! Tonight @ 7 ready to roll (get a good 15 min warmup in) Stretch when done. Lanes 1-4 are doing same as last week but with 2 x mile at 10 k race pace with a 400 recovery (slowly) . We’ll use two lanes tonight on the miles then break into 4 lanes. If you normally been in lane 1-4 you will come back with 6 x 400 at 5 k pace. We’ll take a full 400 recovery tonight on these. If you normally been in 5 and 6 move over into lane 4 and knock out 3 of these 400’s. (again at 5 k race pace) Remember on the miles run as far to the inside as you can. There’s not really a problem with everyone in lane one. Faster runners can pass you on the outside. 12/04/12 Hey gang let’s really take advantage of the warm temps and get a good anaerobic workout in tonight. Get in a good 15-20 min jog then some stretching and we’ll start out with a “set up” mile @ 5 mile to 10 k race pace. (30secs to 45 secs per mile slower than your 5k race pace) Then the main set will be 400’s with only a 200 recovery. They will be at 5 k race pace. Remember you will be alternating sides of the track you start and finsh from. Lane 1- 4 can get 8 of these, straight through. Lane 5 will do 7 and lane 6 will do 6 (break after 4 but then resume). Besure to cool down , a good last night for barefoot too! .Give it a try. If you need to get this done early than 7, Coach David Hsu will be conducting the same workout at 5:30 . Also the 7 pm group if you plan on sticking it out for the winter, the light fee is a one time $20. Thanks 11/27/2012 First, welcome back from your bike crash David Hsu and thanks for running the pre-workout tonight at 5:30. If you can’t make the 7 pm sessions, try Dave’s session earlier. A couple more workouts on the track and the new season starts. A maintenance workout tonight similar to the batch of cookies you ate. A batch of 400’s. Lanes 1-4 after a decent 15 min warmup can kick out 12 straight through 400’s a couple to 3 seconds faster than 5k race pace. Recovery is a WHOLE 400. Regroup during the recovery but keep a jog going. Lane 5 get in 10 x 400, lane 6 does 8. Cool down and go home. Thanks Mary Anne for handling the “whip cracking.” 11/20/12 Thanks for your patience on the WORKOUT. It’s been busy getting the “outlet store” (next to Ken Combs Running Store) inventoried and merchandised. It looks like we should be ready on Friday. But for tonight after your warm up everyone will do two laps of strides. (that’s four total on straightaways). After that easy peasy 5 x half mile if your not racing. If you are racing on Thursday then just two with at least 15 min jog after that. If your racing make these two 800’s at race pace. If your not racing go ahead and knock out 5 of these. Cool down and barefoot is what the dr ordered too…STRENGTHEN THE TOOTSIES. if your normally in lane 5 or six, and not racing then just 4 x 800 . Happy Turkey, A Turkey for you and a Turkey for me. 11/13/12 Warm up well tonight (at least 15 minutes of jog or jog/walk) Stretch after we’re done. Then we’ll do a set of more warm up 200’s. Lanes 1-5 should be able to knock out 6 x 200. These are starting slow building to a 5 k race pace (final 25 meters) . Lane six can do 4 X200 Then we’ll entree with two sets of 4 x 400 with a 200 recovery…(600 between sets). These are all done at 5k race pace. The recovery is short. Lane 5 do 4 and 3 of the 400’s and lane 6 will do 3 and 3x 400. 6 X 200 / 2 x (4 x 400) Lane 1-4 6 x 200/4 x 400 then 3 x 400/ Lane 5 4 x 200 / 2 x (3 X400) / Lane 6 COOL Down , barefoot jog if not too cold and stretch. Good tune up here for your Thanksgiving race. NO 5:30 session tonight. Coach Dave has a boo boo. (and for next week too) A bad boo boo , from bike crash at Cyclo Cross. GET BETTER DAVE 11/06/12 Much better weather (I think) this week than Last. Let’s build upon that two different paces. First 2 X 1200 (3 laps) at 5k race pace followed by 6 x 400 quicker than 5k pace (3 seconds per 400) The recovery will be 2 laps after that first 1200 , then a 400 after the second. The rest of the 400’s will be a 400 recovery. The 400’s are considerably faster so don’t get hurt and warm and down well. David Hsu will be there (at the track) if you want to get this workout done early. Lane 5 will do 5 of the 400’s and lane 4 will do 4. Enjoy! 10/30/12 We look good for getting on the track the rest of the year. No 5:30 preamble tonight. As the temps drip that warm up is ever so important. Don’t skimp on it. Let’s start off with all of us knocking out two 800’s with a 400 recovery after each. Those two done at 5k pace. Then followed by 8×400 at faster than 5k pace .(a couple if seconds) Lane 5 will do 6 and lane 6 should hr in 4 of the 400’s. Warm down before you get cold. Stretch. image 10/23/12 No games listed for Waggener tonight so we should be good for a nice little “leg turnover” (not to be confused with an apple turnover) night. After your 15 min (or more) jog warm up ..we’ll start off with a tempo mile. This should be about a 10k race pace mile. If your a 8 min per mile 5k runner this would be about 8:20 pace. After the mile it’s time for turnovers. I am told the lights will be on. Lane 1-4 should be able to knock out 2 sets of 6 x 200/ 200 recovery. (recovery is slow jog and regroup) pace is a couple of ticks faster than 5k race pace. Between sets take a 600 recovery. Lane 5 – 2 sets of 5 x 200 as above Lane 6 – 2 sets of 4 x 200 Dave Hsu won’t be at the track at 5:30 this week or next. The weather is OPTIMAL. Make these workouts even if you don’t feel like. They don’t have to be your best workouts but come this January , you’ll be glad you did them. 10/16/2012 A perfect day for track. When is there not? Let’s get back to some leg turn over. We tend to lose some of that fast twitch activity with longer slower runs this time of year. Be careful though and warm up well. Stretch too please when done. (warm up at least 15 minutes of jogging) Lanes 1-4 = 3 sets of 5 x 300 (just a hair faster than 5k pace , 2-3 seconds) recovery is only 100. Take a 500 between sets. Easiest way to figure (for me) for 300’s is to get the 400 pace – half that and half that , added together. You goal race pace in a 5k is 8 min mile. That’s a 2 minute quarter mile- half plus half is 1:30 , a couple of seconds faster would be 1:28 efforts. Once you’ve done a set you will know what feels comfortable. Be cautious early on as the recovery is but a wee bit. Lane 5 = 3 sets of 4 , Lane 6 = 2 sets of 5 / Suggestion is to cool down barefoot around the football field in grass. Please stay off the Football Field Proper. Fingers crossed for the lights tonight. They are supposed to be on. David Hsu will be on deck at 5:30 to handle the early crowd if you want to knock these out early. 10/09/2012 It looks like another good night and we get the track. Some slow and steady pace work tonight. A watch is really important. We won’t have to count far because we’re just doing 4 and 3 x 1200. (three laps) Check your pace at half mile and try to hit it right on. (5k race pace) I will set up the mile mark for lanes 2-6 as well as the start mark (orange cones). Lane 5-6 are doing 3 x 1200. The recovery is a slow 400 so becareful. It’s not much. Don’t forget there’s still space in the Louisville Marathon this Sunday. See you tonight.

OH and David Hsu will be goint the above workout out…(conducting and running) at 5:30 if you would like to get an early start.

10/02/12 Every now and again we do our little Hot/Cold. On/Off…Sweet/Spicey. workout. Basically it’s just a faster than normal recovery. Normally we jog as slow as you like but tonight we’ll keep the recovery peppy. Slow down about 10-20 seconds. (20 for lanes 5 and 6) from the effort. So if your 200 effort is 45 seconds…the recovery should be about 50-60 seconds..Let’s do two sets and get a good 600 recovery between sets. Lanes 1-4 can get in 16 total…lane 5 can do 14 and lane 6 12. As it starts to get cooler remember the warm uip and cool down are even MORE important. See you tonight. It looks like no school functions are going on. I have requested lights and as soon as we get the go ahead we’ll start collecting $20 for the season. THANKS

Also David Hsu will do the session at 5:30 tonight if you want to go early

09/25/12 As far as I can tell the track is open tonight. If it’s not, we’ll go to Norbourne Loop. If it is….Lanes 1-4 will chew on some turn over efforts….3 sets of 5 x 300 , 100 recovery and 500 recovery. Lanes 5 can do 3 sets of 4 x 300 , same recovery and lane 6 do two sets of 5 x 300 . These are done faster than 5k race pace. Please try and regroup after each set. Congrats to our own Joe Furdeck for his 2nd place grand slam half marathon. Any others want to share their results? POST IT…and be proud.

09/18/12 Well it’s finally cooled off well. Let’s do those lovely long 400’s..(500’s but only the 400 is timed.) 2 sets of 6 are called for since you get a 300 rest (too much for this gang). Lanes 6 will do two sets of 5. Wear a watch so you can hit that 5k race pace. Mr and Mrs Hsu will be there at 5:30 if you want a head start. Be sure and get your warm up and warm down in. I haven’t checked Waggener’s schedule

09/11/12 WOW, what a difference a week makes (in temperature) Tonight let’s do an oldie but one the slow fit folk love. On and off for 4 miles…200 on (4 mile race pace) 200 off..(10 – 20 seconds slower than the fast one) Lane 6 will do 3 miles (12 laps) , lane 5 will do 3.5 miles (14 laps) .

It’s essential in this workout to time the recovery . Lane one can slow down about 10-12 seconds out to lane 6 which can slow down about 20 seconds slower than their “EFFORT” pace. Keep it consistant. If you start to need longer to recover then slow the effort down. Your going too fast. We’re looking to re create race situation when you don’t get a complete recovery. I don’t think David Hsu is in town so if you go early your on your own.

Some of the group are collection who want to rehash and have one last talk about Ironman 2012 at F.A.B.D. at 8. If you did it , come on, if you have aspirations , come on. If you want to sit apart and mock them…come on.

09/04/2012 It’s cooling off so (it appears) so some of our splits should be droping by a second or so. After a good warm up these will be 5k race pace 600’s, with a 200 recovery….6 of them , after a 400 recovery we’ll pick up the pace by 1-2 seconds and knock out 4 x 400 for lanes 1-4, lane 5 will do 2 x 400 and lane 6 just one. COOL DOWN….good idea is to jog four laps on the grass in the football field. There is a soccer game at 5:30 according to the school web site. We can’t run on the track during games. If it’s not over by 7 , we’ll go over to CHURCHWAY…and do some 400’s over there…(2 sets of 6) I’ll set up a start and finish cone for those that want to go early ….David Hsu will be there for the 400’s (at Churchway) . SEE YOU TONIGHT

08/28/12 The last few weeks of fun hot running. Don’t ask me about hot running. Let’s hit 2 x 1200 (3 laps) tonight at your 5k race pace. We’ll take a 400 after each of them , then drop it down a couple of seconds (or 3) per 400 and kick in 6 x 400 , with a 400 recovery. I’ll have extra water but remember the WATCH…we can’t do pace work without it. Lot’s of fall races coming up and still a bit away so don’t get carried away too much now…still about 4 more weeks to do that. Lane 5 can get in 4 x 400 and lane 6 do 2 x 400. Remember the recovery on everything is 400. I’ll have cones out for the 1200 start. Fall is around the corner.

08/21/12 Similar to last week , only a second or two faster than last week…This would be a couple of seconds per 400 faster than your 5k pace…..drum roll please….2 sets of 6 x 400 , 200 recovery. Don’t forget your warm up (15 min minimum, and likewise on the cool down) Lane 5 can do two sets of 5 and lane 6,2 sets of four. Use a watch , the pace is important to stay consistant. No 5:30 for tonight or next week. Dave is preparing and recovering…..remember IRONMAN is this weekend. Sunday…GOOD LUCK those doing and working it.

08/14/12 woo woo cool groovy night for 500’s (just long 400’s) We’ll just time the 400 and do a 400 stagger on these…just carry the same pace on around the turn. Recovery is a 300…lets get in two sets of 5 for Lanes 1-4… Lane 4, 2 sets of 4 and lane 6, 2 sets of 3. Check your 400 split, it should be at 5k race pace. Lake a good 700 between the two sets. David Hsu will take a few earlier at 5:30 if you need to get the workout done sooner. Don’t skip out on the warm down…barefoot grass jog is a great idea.

08/07/12 Get a good warm up and get ready for a workout and more Olympic Track and Field on t.v.

Lanes 1-4 start off with 2 x 1 mile at 5k pace to 4 mile race pace. After the miles, 2 lap slow jog recovery.

Let’s do a little mix up tonight like last week. 2 X 1 mile and then 4 x 400 about 5 seconds per quarter faster than the previous mile pace. So if you mile was in 8 minutes (2 min per 400) , hit these 4 quarters in 1:53-1:55 – The recovery is only a 200 on these 400’s. Lane 5 does 2 of the 400’s and lane 6 does 1. Cool down…easy grass jog. GO USA!

Don’t forget if you want a preview or earlier start, show up at 530 and run with David Hsu.

07/31/12 We’re in the middle of the best season ever! Get a good warm up tonight and be ready for a mixture ….2 x 800, 4×400, 4 x 300, 4 x200 = 4600 total recovery is 400 on the 800’s / 400 on the 400’s / 200 on the 200’s.

Now don’t get too anaerobic on the 800’s. This is long and lean and slightly slower than 5 k race pace. It’s part of the workout and not a warm up but will set you up for a little discomfort on the 400’s and 200’s. Lane 6 will do all but the 200’s . As we progress down in distance we’ll move up to 5k race pace and even a little quicker on the 200’s. I’ll be on deck to help with questions. Try and get at least a 800 – 1200 cool down in the grass easy , barefoot if you can. David Hsu will be at the track at 5:30 if you need to get this done a little earlier. USE LOTS OF COLD WATER ….drink some too!

07/24/12 Get in a good warm up of at least 15 minutes. Then we’ll hit our 4 mile (to 5k) race pace for a half mile…take a lap recovery and do it again. Drink as often as you need two , at least after 3.

Lanes 1-4 will do six sets of 800’s. Lane 5 can knock out 5 and lane six (least fast) will do 4 x 800. Concentrate on a good smooth form tonight. 800’s aren’t as violent and anaerobic so you should look and feel like race day. These longer intervals are good for everything from 5k to marathon work. Take advantage of them. See you tonight.

07/17/12 We were going to go up to 800’s tonight but with the heat let’s be safe and not sorry. Pop it down to 200’s tonight. We’ll do two sets of 8 for the first 5 lanes, 200 recovery and 600 between sets. A second to two faster than 5k race pace. (ex. 8 min per mile 5k race pace is 2:00 per 400, so these two hundreds should be one in 56 to 58 seconds) Lane 6 can do a set of 7 and a set of 6. I’ll bring water if you forget yours or run out. Keep the form good tonight. Lot’s of recovery but don’t get too carried away with speed. Think of tonight as maintainance speed work. Not too “all out”. Cool down one mile. Also again David will be at the track for an early presentation of the same workout. SIZZLIN’

07/10/12 Straight up 2 sets of 400’s….Lanes 1-4 , two sets of 6 x 400. Lane 5 can do two sets of 5 and lane 6 do two sets of 4. Do these at 5k race pace. Considering the heat lets change that two three sets of 4 for lanes 1-5 , recovery 200 and 400 between sets. Lane 5 , keep with the two sets , 400 recovery. Lane 6 two sets of 4 x 400 , with 400 recovery. David will have a 5:30 group too. Cool down…easy.


Lane 1-4 – 3 sets of 4 x 400 , 200 recovery and 400 recovery Lane 5 – 2 sets of 5, 400 recovery, Lane 6 , 2 sets of 4 x 400 , 400 recovery

07/03/12 Two water breaks tonight or more if you need it. Dave will to a preview session at 5:30. The rest start at 7 with three sets of 5 x 300 with a 100 recovery , 500 recovery between sets. Keep the pace at 5k pace or a second/two faster than last weeks 600. Becareful with the heat. Cool down…grass barefoot run. One Mile.

06/26/2012 Don’t forget some water for tonight. Let’s get into some real pace work with some 600’s tonight. After a good warmup we’ll get into our 5k race pace mode for two sets of 4 x 600 with a 200 recovery between efforts and a 600 recovery between sets(drink). If you have trouble with figuring your 600 pace for these , just go by the 400 and hit the 400 in your 5k race pace. (one lap) Cool down a mile and enjoy a summer night. OH YEA!!!! for the early version , see David Hsu at 5:30 . Thanks

Lanes 1-4, 2 x (4×600) 200 and 600 recovery

Lane 5 do 4 and 3 x 600 for a total of 7

Lane 6 do two sets of 3 x 600.

06/19/12 We’ve done a continuous 4 mile (16 laps) run in the past…it’s 200 on 200 off….the off is just slightly slower 12-15 seconds for first three lanes 15-20 seconds slower for outside three. Remember the key to this is to not run the efforts so hard you can’t keep that recovery moving along. The effort should be about 5k race pace. Lane 5 and 6 can do 3 miles (12 laps) of these ON/OFF efforts. Keep that recovery moving! Please do some warm up and cool down. If you need ideas of stretching let me know. Start with static stretches and afterward you can do some ballistic stretches. Dave will be heading up the 5:30 session too if you can’t make the 7 pm one. See you tonight!

06/12/12 Another fine night for some longer pace work. Good mile or so warm up then all lanes will do 2 x 1 mile. Take a 800 easy jog recovery and hit the mile in your 5k race pace. Lanes 1-4 will then pick up the pace and do 4 x 400 (3 seconds faster per 400) and take a 400 recovery on these too. Lane 5 do 2 X 400 and lane 6 do 1 x 400 at the pace above.All try and regroup during recoveries. I believe David will be at the track at 5:30 if you want to start early. Get a 800 minimum warm down….

6/05/2012 Can’t beat this weather for a good track workout. David Hsu will do an early group at 5:30. The rest at 7 warmed up and ready to go. Let’s Start with a mile 10k race pace (see pace calculater above) , take an 800 recovery , then 2 800s at 5k race pace , 400 recovery , then 4 x 400 just a hair (2-3 seconds) faster than the 5k race pace. 400 recovery here too. Lane 5 only do 2 of the 400’s. Lane 6 , one 400.

mile, 2x 800 , 4×400 , jog cool down …half mile to mile. Suggestion – grass and barefoot.

05/29/12 Straight forward anaerobic at 5k race pace 300’s tonight. 100 recovery. 3 sets of 5 with a 500 recovery between sets. Lane 5 do 3 sets of 4 and lane 6 get in two sets of 5. Keep in mind your form tonight, especially on that second set keep good form. That recovery is short and it’s easy to get sloppy. Slow down the effort if your not recovering. David Hsu with be early (5:30) if you can’t make the usual time. Please stretch and warm down after workout.

05/22/12 Another good night it seems. We’ll get varied a bit in pace. Never good to get stuck in a rut. Start out at 5k race pace or a hair slower. 2 X800 (400 recovery) then 4x 400 .(200 recovery) 8 x 200 (200 recovery). Remember to warm up well 15 min jog and 10 min cool down. (suggestion :cool down barefoot in grass) The 400’s and 200’s will be a bit fast than the previous effort. Lane 6 will just do two of the 200’s. There will be two different cones on the far backstretch. The furtherest will be the 400 start , the nearest is the 200 start.

2 x 800, 4 x 400 8 x 200, getting faster , recovery is 400, 200, 200.

* Also if you prefer to get the workout done early, David Hsu will be heading up a 5:30 matinee version. Pick your poison.

05/15/12 Perfect weather and time to get back at it. Tonight after you 15- 20 min jog warm up….Lanes 1-4 will get in these long 400’s (500) 2 sets of 5 . We’ll mark and time 400 of the 500. You just keep going another hundred. recovery is 300 so be hitting these 400 splits at your race 5k pace. Lane 5 willl two sets of 4 and lane 6 will do two sets of 3. Every one take a lap and 3/4’s between sets.

2 x 5×500 , 300 recovery between efforts at 5k race pace , 700 between the two sets. I reccomend the barefoot grass cool down of at least a mile. or ten minutes.

05/08/12 Be sure to get your warm up in and we’ll get back to usual distance. Lanes 1-4 will get in 6 X 600 (think of them as long 400’s at 5k race pace) , 200 recovery. Also lanes 1-4 will do, 3 x 400 (400 recovery) at the same pace or a second or two faster. Than the 600 pace above.. Lanes 5-6 will do the the first part of the above workout sans the 400’s. Tonight would be a good night to revist that form link below. Remember the 3 points of good running form – Posture, Arm Carriage and Foot Strike. Next week we’ll be back to shorter recoveries and a little peppier efforts.

05/01/12 Excellent times out there last Saturday. Tonight we just maintain and will be off a little than what we normally do both in quantity and quality. So back off about 10 % – 15 % and we’ll do just 8 X 400 with a 400 recovery. Warm up and cool down more important than ever now.

04/24/12 Beautiful night for some peppy, light stepping, good form running. Let’s really concentrate too on that GOOD FORM…Arm carriage, posture, footstrike….What we’ll do is get into race pace (mini or marathon) building up to it …So start out on a 600 , the first 200 is slow and building, the 400 remaining is on pace for your race. All of us will do 6 of these and call it a night. Warm up and warm down…20 min , warmup and 10 min warm down is still important. Then kill it on Saturday….

04/17/12 See below…same thing plus one.

04/10/12 Mary Anne will be leading this and it’s a stomach turner. (the good with the bad) Get in a good 20 min jog and fixate on that pace (what you’ve been doing your 800’s in) You have permission to slow down about 2-3 seconds because we’re adding another, making it 9. Pace should be about 10k race pace. Lane 5 will do 8 and lane 6 will do 7. Also your recovery now is less than before…by half. So the recovery is just a 200 or half a lap. Remember what you do cause next wee (04/17) you have the honor of adding one to it and then your ready for the best race of your life.

04/03/12 Saw some awesome performances on Saturday. It makes your training partners and ME proud of the hard and sensible work. Feel free to brag. Tonight is just a little maintaining momentum with some 300’s. If you didn’t race on Saturday you’ll do 3 sets of 5 , taking a 500 between sets and a 100 between efforts. 5k race pace. If you did race, two sets are fine and take a 1100 between the two sets. (2laps and 3/4ths of another) This workout shouldn’t be hard until the last 3 of the last set….the short rest is cumulative and it’s not a night to overindulge in anaerobic behavior.

03/27/12 Perfect night for a little sharpener. This is geared for racers this Saturday. If your not racing , we’ll add another third more. Lanes 1-5 will get into and only as fast as your race pace (10k race pace) please please please no faster. We know you can go faster but this workout should only be 75% of what your would normally do (5k race pace) nice even 10k race pace 400’s , with a 400 recovery. 10 of them —– Lane 6 will do 8 of them. So if you normally do your 12 x 400, with a 200 recovery in 90 seconds, tonight you would do 95-97 seconds. If you feel that’s not enough then get over it. It is….run your recoveries a little peppy if you like. If your not racing Saturday- go ahead and make it 12 x 400 ,and really work hard on the recovery. NO 5:30 PRE WORKOUT TONIGHT. Dave is out of town. We can get a Child Care watcher too , tonight. It would help if we can get a “heads up” if you plan to use her. Thanks , see you tonight. (TXT or CALL ME if you would like your child watched 5024170386)

03/20/2012 Happy first day of Spring! Let’s get our normal 20 min warm up in (easy jog) Then we’ll start off a little quicker than 5k pace for 4 X 400.(400 recovery), Slow it down to 5k pace and now lets hit 2 x 800 with a 400 recovery, then we’ll all move inside to do 1 X 1 mile at 5k pace to 5 mile race pace. If you didn’t race on Saturday try and hit that 5k race pace. If you did race on Saturday then get closer to 10k race pace on 800’s and 1 mile. All recoveries tonight are 400.

David Hsu will be at the track to do an earlier workout @ 5:30 if that suits you better. Waiting to hear back about baby sitting.(We can have someone to watch kids but I’ll need to know ahead of time if anyone is coming. $5 per ch. txt or email me please larryh@kencombsrunningstore.com 5024170386 ) Good races out there last Saturday. Let’s keep our forward momentum.

4 X 400,(400 recoveries) 2 X 800 (400 recovery) 1 X mile (one week recovery)

03/13/2012 – Nice night for a wee bit (notice the Irish pun) of pain. Most are racing this Saturday so tonights workout is about 75% of what we would normally do. Good warm up (2 miles or 20 minutes) a nice long at race pace for your 10 k , 1200 (3 laps) , one lap recovery. Then again but a little faster (5k pace) 6 x 400 . A 400 between each of the 400’s . Don’t kill these 400’s but keep them smooth and even. Get in a mile warm down and race well on Saturday. If your not racing Saturday, I suggest running the 400’s at close to max, two or three seconds faster than 5k pace or…..do 9 x 400 instead of 6. Lane 5 can do 5 x 400 and lane 6 can do 4. Keep it real.

1 x 1200 (400 recovery) 10k pace

6 x 400 (400 recovery) 5k pace…..

03/06/2012 First off , Dave won’t be doing 5:30 tonight. An injury has him resting. Get better soon David. Next, we won’t have anyone to watch kiddo’s tonight. We can pad lock em in the infield? Hopefully the weather will be good, it looks okay. On our way to 10 X 800 , we’re up to 8 x 800 with only a 200 recovery. Slow your efforts down by about 3-5 seconds per 800 and hold these until we get the 10 done. Remember the recovery is limited. Warm up at least 2 miles and a mile warm down if you can. It’s important…stretch after the warmup. Also next week will be the Moving Comfort 35th birthday celebration. Women will get a gift and other goodies too. If you a man dressed as a women , your included too! Actually this will be at the store (Ken Combs Running Store) from 5-6:30 next Tues March 13. Please try and swing by and try on a bra. Chris will wear one too!http://kencombsrunningstore.com/2012/03/06/stop-by-for-a-bra-fitting-and-goodies-from-moving-comfort-on-their-35th-birthday-march-13th/

/ /28/12 Hey gang , looks like if the rain holds off we’ll have another good night .David Hsu will be doing the same workout if you need an earlier start at 5:30. Next no child care unless I get a notice by 3pm. And we need to have more than one child. Next let’s do a little sharper stuff than the 800’s. That means quicker but more rest. These are about 3 – 5 seconds faster than 400 , 5k pace. We’ll take an entire 400 recovery. The last bit is just a nice tired mile at 5k race pace.

8 X 400 , 400 recovery Lastly – one mile at 5k pace

Lanes 5 is 7 X 400 and one mile

Lane 6 is 4 x 400 with a one mile at 5k pace.

Remember the 400’s are 3-4 seconds faster than 5k race pace. i.e. race pace is 7 min miles , that’s 1:45 per 400 , so for these you would run 1:40 1:43

See you tonight.

02/21/12 Okay now we’re starting to get some good cookin’ going. Another set of 800’s tonight. YEP, seven of those bad boys for lanes 1-4. Lane 5 will do 6 and lane 6 will do 5. Remember these are at 5k race pace or 4 mile race pace….just a little quicker than you GOAL 10k race pace. Check the pace chart above to find out what that half mile effort should be. The recovery is a 400. Please try and regroup during the recovery lap. Don’t push that recovery too hard. It should take you about 2/3 rds as long as your effort. (or longer, just try and jog it). No 5:30 show tonight, just the 7 pm one. I’m waiting to hear back about the child care but I think it will happen.

02/14/12 Happy Valentimes day runners. Your sweetie will be glad your at the track tonight getting a little anaerobic. David Hsu will be doing the same workout at 5:30 if you have to rush off for a sweetheart dinner.

4 X 200 , warmup type pace NOT ALL OUT….5k pace or slower

4 X 400 , just a little quicker than 5k race pace (recovery 400)

4 x 600 , 5k to 4 mile race pace (recovery 200 recovery)

Lanes 5 and 6 just do 2 X 200 on that first set. Not sure about the baby sitting tonight but we’ve been lucky about having someone to watch kids. text or call me if you need this. 5024170386 thanks.

02/07/12 Another good chance for track and pace work. Work out your 5k race pace per 400/divide that by two and add that to the 400 for your 600 pace. Recovery is only a 200, so be careful. Lane 1-4 can get 8 of these in. Lanes 5 and 6 will do 6 repeats. Hit that PACE! David Hsu will start a group at 5:30 if you can’t wait until 7. We might have some sitter help at 7. Start thinking about water too. (hydrate)


1/31/12 What a great night for a track workout. 800 ‘s woo woo, add one to what you did last time we did 800’s. Lane 1-4 can get 6 done. Lane 5 and 6 can do one less. Remember your 800 times and keep them consistant. (5k race pace). The recovery is 400. Please regroup during the recovery. This is not a blast it recovery session but regroup but keep jogging. Remember to get in a couple of miles warm up and a mile warm down.

To recap 6 X 800 (400 recovery) . 5k race pace. …Check the pace calculator above to find your 5k race pace. It will give you a mile pace and just take half of that. See you tonight.

01/24/12 What a great January day. Not so good for selling cold weather running apparel but what the hey. How about a mile then some 300’s. We’ll knock that mile out of the way. 10k race pace or about 80% perceived effort. (15 seconds per mile slower than 5k pace) after that we’ll jump down to 300’s (3/4 lap) and hit them at 5k race pace , taking a 100 recovery. Lane 6 will do 9 of the 300’s and lanes 1-5 will get in 12 x 300, no sets, straight through. If you don’t know your pace for the 300 , then figure it out before tonight. TIP…400 (quarter mile) pace for 5k? half that and half that , added together. See you tonight and also there we be a representative from GIRLS ON THE RUN (Leslie) getting some exposure for that good cause. Thanks

01/17/12 We’ll take the temperature. Hopeful the rain stops but we’ll be there with the first of a series of 800 build ups. Eventually we’ll get to TEN. But tonight we’ll start with 4 and 5. Lanes 1-5 will get five in , and lane 6 will do 4. These are 800’s done at 5k race pace. As we increase the numbers we’ll slow a bit to 10k race pace. The recovery is a 400. See you tonight.

5 X 800 2 laps (400 recovery, 1 lap) 01/10/12 Wow on this weather. It doesn’t get much better. Next week we start the 800 build. Tonight lets rip some hot in cold, on and off, sweet n spicy 200’s. Lanes 1-4 should get in 2 sets of 8, 600 betwsen sets, regroup. Lanes 5-6 , 2 sets of six. On the off (slow recovery) keep it brisk…12-15 seconds slower than the effort. Outside lanes 20 seconds slower. Enjoy a rare great January track session. 01/03/12 Actually it’s not a bad night for a track workout. A little cool, but with a good 2 mile warm up or so you can rip off some easy 400’s tonight. How about we get in a dozen or ten….Lanes 1-4 get their twelve in and the outside two lanes get in ten. We won’t break these into sets for the recovery is a 400 as well. Let’s get these done at five k pace which shouldn’t stress things too much. 12 x 400 , 400 recovery , warm up 2 miles (mile at least) and warm down a mile. Stretch stretch after the workout. No child care tonight. If you would like it next week, email me @ LarryH@kencombsrunningstore.com 12/27/11 What a nice night. At least it’s not cold. Another couple of weeks and the TRAINING WILL BEGIN…in the mean time keep what we got. Tonight all are doing a mile about 10 seconds slower than 5k race pace (roughly 10k or 5 mile race pace). After a lap recovery we’ll knock out two sets of 4 x 400, all with a 400 recovery. Lanes 5 and 6 will get in one set of those 400’s. The 400’s are in 5k race pace, so a little faster movement than in the mile. (logically) . Thank you for your light money contribution. We have it covered now. If your racing on Sunday this is a good tune up and plenty of time to recovery before race day. See you next year if you can’t make it tonight. 12/20/11 Hopefully the rain will hold off tonight so we can get a little anaerobic running in. Simple little workout…. No 5:30 session tonight. Lanes 1-4 will knock out 4 x 1200 . Same pace as the mile efforts last week. Recovery is one lap. Lanes 5-6 will get in 3 X 1200 . Please time these efforts. I’ll set up a 800 and 400 cone so you can check your splits and be on target for that 1200 time (5k race pace). Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Any interest in taking off next week? coming back on the 3rd and begin the focus on SPRING? I’ll post a poll. If you would like a Track Session on Tuesday , Dec. 27th (Waggener High School) (polls) 12/13/11 Just a few more weeks of maintaining and down phase but we still need to keep what we have or not fall back too much. We have a person to watch any kids too $5 . No 5:30 session I don’t think but I’ll post it if someone is going at 5:30. BTW David Hsu will be there @ 530 , so if you want to hit it early ….get up there with Dave. Lanes 1-4 , 3 times a mile with a 400 recovery. All at 5 k pace. Lanes 5-6 , 2 x mile then 2 x 400 , all at 5k race pace. I’ll place cones for start of mile and show you the half marker. (for pace) Rember a watch is important to do these correctly. Merry Christmas and happy holiday. 12/06/11 Nice night for an on / off set. Lanes 1-4 can do 4 miles of these….Two hundred on (far north eastern stagger lines) on and two hundred off. That’s 16 laps of these. Lane 5-6 will do 3 miles or 12 laps of the same. First mile of these 70 percent , second mile 75 percent , third = 80 percent , and last mile 90% . Descend in time ….example 8 min first mile , 745 second mile, 730 third and 720 (or best you can do ) last mile. Keep in mind if your in the outter lanes your mile time will reflect a longer distance run. So in Lane six check you mile about at the Two Hundred Start. Lane 3 would check mile split at the start of the home stretch. I believe David Hsu will be starting these at 5:30 if someone prefers and earlier time . Also we have a baby siter ($5) at 7:00 but need a heads up if you would like her (them) to come. Please text me or call 502 -417 -0386 if you would like her to come. Keep maintaining what you have until the first of the year when we get a little more focused and start to key on Spring races. 11/29/11 UGHHH at this weather. Let’s just keep the wheels rollin’ and motivation inline. Tonight we’ll do 3 and 4 miles of straight aways. I’ll have two alley’s ( combined lanes to make a big lane) So we’ll do a 4 mile and a 3 mile run on the track. I’ll set it up so you in the outside lane can check your mile and two mile split. Lane 1 will do 4 mile run and pick up on the straights.Btw , if you want to start early. David Hsu maybe doing these at 5:30 as well. I’ll be on deck and can watch a youngin or two or maybe Brittney and Jessica may. I’ll be there 6:45 So lanes 1,2, and 3 will do a four mile run , picking it up on the straights , recover on the turns. Lanes 4,5, and 6 will do a 3 mile run doing the same. The efforts on the straights should be about 5 k pace effort or 80% effort. Thanks for the light money. I’ll run over a check today. 11/22/11 Option Night. With most of you racing in two days you have a couple of options for tonight. Also consider the weather. 1) David Hsu will be leading a 5:30 session doing the same thing. If your racing on Thursday then cut it in half. One lane should be enough but feel free to spread out if you like. 5 x 800 in 5 k pace with a 400 recovery. If your racing , go for your 5 mile race pace and do 3 or 4 (depending on where you at now…) 2) 7:00 We’ll do the same as above. If your racing Thurs , then 3 – 4 x 800 in your Thursday Race pace NO FASTER. It’s just a momentum day. Keep the ball rolling. If you gave me cash and I haven’t posted your name a the top then please remind me. E MAIL larryh@kencombsrunningstore.com NO BABY SITTING TONIGHT….They are on vacation. ;) 11/15/11Fingers crossed that it will dry up by tonight. At least it’s warm. Lanes 1-4 keep with the same pace as last week only this week well do these in two sets of 5 x500-lanes 5 and 6 are doing two sets of 4. Do these and time them just like your 400’s, just extend the effort on around the turn. Recover jogging the rest of the lap.Time only the 400. Brittney and Jessica will be watching kiddos for $5 ea. If you want some help on that front as well. 400’s are on 5k pace. 11/08/11 Wow at this weather. A dead person could run tonight. Afterwards you might wish you were. :D Let’s get a workout that’s tried and true. New lane lines should help on these…..Lanes 1-2 – 12 x 400 , 400 recovery (jog jog jog that recovery) pace is 5 k race pace. Lanes 3-4 should get in 10 x 400 , 400 recovery and keep moving on the recovery. JOG it….please but as slow as you like. Lanes 5-6 9 x 400 , 400 recovery. Get a good warm up and cool down of at least a mile warm up and a half mile cool down (a mile if you can ) think about the drills too….add some butt kicks afterwards, or some skips or high skips…..Great races you guys / gals are doing this fall. If you up for this Saturday you should get plenty recovery with today being your last hard day. I Will be cheering you on. 11/01/11 Some great performances out there this fall. I hope the track work is one of the tools that is making it happen for you. We’ll keep the pace and anaerobic work going on as long as weather holds out. Tonight is definitely a combination workout. The longer intervals are ON pace while the shorter ones are under or just a hair under pace. So …that said 1 mile, 5 k race pace for everyone / 2 x 1200 2 seconds per quarter faster than 5k race pace/2 x 400 3-4 seconds faster than 5k race pace <;;;—- Lanes 1-8 1 mile , 5 k race pace / 1 x 1200 , 2-3 seconds faster than 5k race pace/1 x400 4-5 seconds faster than race pace. <;;;— Lanes 5-6 RECOVERY IS 400 all around the above. Enjoy the November! 10/25/11 Well last weeks weather didn’t turn out but tonights looks G R E A T. We’ll expand those 600’s we did last week to 800’s this week. We’ll do two distances. Lanes 4,5,6- will get in 4 or 5 x 800. Lanes 1-3 should be able to do 6 x 800, a couple or three seconds per 400 slower than last weeks 600 pace. A good steady effort tonight…recovery is a fair amount , 400. Enjoy. 10/18/11 Wow on the weather. Not many more of these PERFECT evenings for running. We’re going to expand the 300’s we did last week to 600’s. So we’ll get a 200 recovery and do 7 x 600 for lanes 1-4 and 5 x 600 for lanes 6 and 7. ALSO..the cavieat…..is continuing that same pace for 800 at the end. So 7 (5) x 600 , 200 recovery….(400 recovery on the last on 600 ) then 1 X 800 (same pace) Know your 5k race pace for this workout. . our track is now back 10/04/11 Another fine night for some leg turnover. We’re back too on the track at Waggener Tonight. Special Guest the New Balance Tech Gal…I’ll also make sure and have some giveaway items along with drinks! 890 (New Balance Shoe) New Balance presents our lightest trainer yet! Engineered from the ground up, the neutral 890 is a new kind of lightweight shoe, each part designed with purpose. The New Balance 890 is getting recognition all over the fitness community: it was named Best Neutral Shoe by Womens Running magazine in May 2011. 09/27/11 Rejoice , rejoice to all this great weather for running. Last night for the road til next fall. We’ll wrap it up with 800’s again at Norbourne. Lets also do something a little different by having half n half. So we’ll attempt to get the first 400 a little quicker than the second 400. This is just the opposite of how you want to race. (or should race) . I’d like to see you hit at least 3 seconds faster on the first 400. (it’s slightly down hill too). The plan here is to work on NOT falling apart if you’re a little quick or withdrew a bit too much from the bank. So if your 800 is 3:30 normally when doing 800 repeats (7 min mile) , equally run splits would be 1:45 1:45 but…..tonight try for 1:42 and 1:48. Again this is not optimal for race strategy but occasionally it happens and we need to be prepared. Prepare for adversity then it won’t be adverse. 5,6,7 x 800’s. The 7 is for those marathon training or those trying to stay away from home a little longer. The bulk of us will be doing 5 or 6 x 800. Cheers. 09/20/2011 Not alot of these great summer Tuesday Night Track Sessions left. Let’s get this last one of 2011 in and enjoy it. Fast fall running is right around the corner. Probably just two more NON TRACK nights so we’ll head to CHURCHWAY tonight for some simple with short rest 400’s. I’ll try and mark the 200 for you too so you know your half split. 3 groups tonight. Alpha company – 2 sets of 6 x 400’s. Remember the recovery between efforts is only 88 yards. Take a lap and 88 between sets. Stay smooth and consistant. Bravo company – 2 sets of 5 x 400’s . Same as above. Charlie company – 2 sets of 4 x 400’s . Ditto We’ll meet at the school and jog over to Churchway . Sharper running tonight, a good 2-3 seconds faster per 400 than your 800’s. Stay good and anaerobic until the big recovery. 09/13/11 Hopefully we can get on the track but last I checked there was a soccer game. If we don’t get the track we’ll jog over to Norbourne. These 800’s we’ll do will be a little different. I’ll set up some hot and cool zones in the 800 where we will alter pace either by increase or decreasing pace. There will just be two per 800. Total 800’s will be 4, 5 , and 6 (for our long course peeps). Don’t forget a water bottle tonight and a watch! We’ll see if we can hit same 800 pace but more likely we’ll be a couple to 3 seconds slowe due to the pace change. Pace C O N F U S I O N. 09/06/11 Thanks gang for hanging in there with us during the month of Soccer at Waggener. Tonight we’ll go ahead and park at Waggener but run over to Churchway again for some 300’s. Two groups tonight a distance group and mid distance one. The distance group will slow down a bit running more like 5 mile race pace. The effort is a 300 meter (330 yard) effort. The recovery is almost a 200 so a bit more than we’ve been getting when we do 300’s on the track. I’ll “CONE” it so you know where to start (usual spot) and stop. We’ll do these in two sets and take a lap jog in between sets. Remind yourself to look at your form. I’ll try and help you too…Lean , but from ankles…forward…short stride (90 rpm) . Distance side – 2 x (10 x 300) 5 mile race pace and a lap recovery between sets. 5k – 10k racing 2 x ( 7 x 300) 5k race pace. ( normally the outside 2 lanes) 08/30/11 Good news. We got Waggener back. When? not today but starting next Tuesday. I was told this Tues is a soccer game so we’ll meet at the school and jog over to Norbourne. See below link if you don’t know where it is. We’ll do another set of 1200’s over there. I’ll show you where this ends. We’ll just do 4 of them but that will be a plateful. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Thanks to many of you for volunteering at Ironman Louisville too. It soooooo helps to see a familiar kind face out there. Oh and your face too! :0. And props out there to some of our IM finishers as well. Ones just getting started will do 3 of these 1200’s. (3/4 miles). 08/23/11 Can’t get much better weather for some threshold running. Or should I say SUB threshold because tonight recovery is limited. We’ll jog from store at 7 pm to Churchway. Here we’ll go in two groups. A group will do 2 x (6 x 400)Take an entire loop jog between the two sets. The recovery between the efforts is just 88 meters so be careful. Definitely no faster than race pace. More like 4 or 5 mile race pace. The lack of recovery will get you if you start too fast. B group will do 2 x(5 x 400) Same recovery as above. This is a good workout for prepping for a fall 5k or 10k. Think of form on the second set when you start to get tired. I’ll remind you. Also , it looks like Waldon may be a possibility but I’ll need some input. Since there are no lights over there we can get a little longer running in daylight by moving the fall and spring hour to 6. This maybe too early for most. I’ll like to know what the majority think. Also I am thinking of breaking for 8 weeks Dec, Jan. I’ll see if I can find a poll to put up here so we can get a vote.

08/16/11 We’ll get off the track and do some 800’s over at Norbourne tonight. 5 x 800 for group A and 4 X800 for group B. It’s nice to get off the track occasionally and get a new sense of speed on the road. On that note….JCPS has a new directive. It was passed on to me by the athletic director at Waggener. After 29 years (Ken Combs, my step father did it for 7 years and I put it on for 22 years) we no longer can use the track. As I understand it, adults aren’t allowed on school property. I assume this means non parents of school students. And as I understand, this is all JCPS schools. So until we can come up with another non JCPS school we can bounce back and forth between Churchill Apartments and Norbourne. Anyone with connections to Sacred Heart or Waldon? Neither of these schools have lights but we could either take a break from Nov – March or move the time up to nearly daylight hours. Sorry , it was a nice dance while it lasted. larryh@KENCOMBSRUNNINGSTORE.COM Oh , yes and I would imagine we can’t park at the school either so you can park elsewhere , or with me at the Store (4137 Shelbyville Road) and jog over to Norbourne tonight. Please be ready to jog over @ 7 pm. Excuse me while I cry a bit. 08/09/11 ON OFF NIGHT A nice little break in the weather will make this whole workout seem like it’s down hill ;) . Lanes 1-4 will get in either 4 or 5 (distance workout) miles of these on/off for two hundred. I’d like you too , to check you mile splits as well as your 2oo on and off. The off for lanes one and two should be no slower than 18 seconds slower than your effort. Lane one no more than 15 if you can. Lane 5 and 6 will do 3 miles (12 laps) of the same. You get up to 20 seconds slower on your recovery (your running longer recovery than effort) So if you please , all of you, time some if not all of these recoveries. Let’s keep em moving. If your taking too long to run your recovery then slow down the effort. Summary : Lanes 1-4 16 X 200 , 200 recovery. (20 x 200 for long course training) Break after half way for water and re group. Lanes 5-6 same as above but 12 X 200 , 2oo recovery. Try and keep with people about your spead. Doing this alone is 8/02/11 Maintain form and start easy, it’s hot. I’ll have water but try and bring one bottle as well. We’ll expand last weeks 800’s to 1200’s this week. If your 5k training and in lane 1-4 you’ll do 4 of these. If your training for a longer event (more than 10k) then add one more and also a final 400 (same pace though). Recovery is a 400. Take a break after every two and regroup , get water , maybe a swandwich or two ;) . Lane 1-4 will do 4 or 5 x 1200 (those doing 5 will add a 400 too at the same pace , yellow line start). Just to keep form while tired. Lane 5 will do 3 x 1200 and add on a 400 (yellow line start) , drink and regroup after 2. Lane 6 will do 3 x 1200, again a 400 recovery, drink and regroup after two. Try and get a 800 cool down everyone. Stretch…some too.

7/26/11 Tonight we’ll reminisce with some 800’s (half mile) borrowed from the spring. In case your A race this summer is a “longer” event I’ll put out two options. First is as usual , 5k 10k workout the “add ons” are for those needing a little longer slower effort. Lanes 1-4 6 x 800, 400 recovery. Get water half way through or sooner if need be. Lane 5 = 5 x 800 , Lane 6 = 4 x 800. Remember these are in the 5k race pace range.

Now for those long course folk , just add 2 more 800’s. I would break them down into 2 sets with your break half way through. Or you can break after three with the rest of the peeps then another after three more. These should be a little slower than when you do 6, more like 10k to 8 mile (who races 8 miles?) race pace. consistent pace is key and a good moving (jogging) recovery (400) important.

6 x 800 (add two for long course) / 5 x 800/ 4 x800

7/19/11 Good ole summer track workouts. A classic summer day gets a classic track workout. YIPPY 400’s. The “lovedaa by one and all” 400 repeats. These are a little quicker than your current 5k race pace. They are done this way in order to get you comfortable with a “race pace.” Lanes 1-4 all have the honor of 3 sets of 4 x 400. Remember fluids afteris each set. The recovery is 2o0 between efforts and a 600 between sets. Lane 5 will do 3 sets too but only 3 on the last set. Lane 6 will do 3 threes sets of three. WATER WATER WATCH…..in that order.

3 (4×400) 200 recovery / 600 recovery. es tan bueno

7/12/11 It may feel more like SWIM practice tonight. Fluids are very important in this heat. It’s very easy to do too much so monitor yourself. I will bring back up water but have more if you need it. Tonight we’ll start slow with a mile a little slower than 5k race pace. So about 4 or 5 mile race pace. You should be good and anaerobic but not be all out by any means. Take a 2 lap recovery (800) then we have 2 x 800 a shade quicker, and on that 5k race pace effort. 400 recovery after each of those 800’s. Then we’ll finish up with even quicker 4 x 400 (lanes 1,2,3)

3 x 400 (lane 4), 2 x 400 (lane 5), 1 x 400 (lane 6)

Drink after each of the three segments

summary 1 mile , 2 x 800 , 4 (3,2,1) x 400 – recoveries are 800, 400, and 400

07/05/11 Another beautiful night to reach deep down and get comfy with some “lack of oxygen.” One of our favorite workouts is the limited recovery or faster recovery workout. What we mean here is to just slowdown no more than 15 -18 seconds slower on the recovery 200 than on the effort. Lanes 1-3 would slow even less with less distance to cover on the recovery. So lanes 1, slow down 10-14 seconds , 2 – slow down 11-15 seconds. Lane 3 should slow down 12-16 seconds. And so forth.

Lane 1-4 should do 4 sets of 4 x 200, 200 fast recovery (600 jog , drink and regroup between sets).

Lane 5-6 will do 3 sets of 4 (same as above on recovery) .

I think we might have a desperate (to watch youngin’s) 14 year old too , if you want to bring a child or three for the football field or playground. Fingers crossed.

06/28/06 It’s a perfect night for track training. Embrace some anaerobic air and use it to your advantage. Get a good warm up and then stretch in. Don’t forget your water and watch. We’ll get some pace work (slower track speed at 5k pace) but we’ll keep the recovery limited. We’ve done these 300’s before. We’ll do sets of them where we can get that heart rate back down between sets but not between the efforts. Lanes 1-4 can do 4 sets of 4 of these. Lane 5 can do 3 sets of 5. Lane 6 will do 3 sets of 4. Remember your numbers here. The recovery is 100 and 500 between sets. COOL DOWN

06/21/11 Let’s stretch this out a bit. We’ll rely a bit more on conditioning than leg speed. All but lane 6 will do four of these 1200 (3 laps) or 3/4 of a mile at 5k date (now) pace. Lane six rips up 3 x 1200. Recovery is a 800. The recovery is ample so if you want to jack it a bit and get under your date 5 k pace then do so on the last couple. Check your splits at the half mile mark. ( yellow line )

Water/ watch / warm up stretch / warm down/ have fun…LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR….

06/14/11 We’ll son of preacher man, I thought I had this up earlier but so did Anothony Weiner. Okay stay with me now. Three parts to this. The first are 3 x 600 , 200 recovery. Do this a couple of seconds slower than 5k pace. After that set , take a 400 recover then hit 4 x 500 on 5k pace, recover is 300. After the final 300 you get a 400 recover then your hitting 3 x 400 a second or two faster than 5k pace. Cool down , stretching and plyometrics ( drills ).

To sum it up it’s 3×600 , 4×500, 3×400 lanes 5 will do one fewer 500, lane 6 will do one fewer 600. I’ll explain better tonight. Will stagger as though we’re doing 400’s so you can check accurate 400 splits. Thanks for understanding.

06/07/11 It’s get yer ya’ ya’s out with our 200 on/off drill . We’ll break half way through for water. Tip of the day . Run all the way through the finish into the turn if you can. It will catch you up and train you to not slow down before the finish. Inside 4 lanes get to do 8 and 8 or 2 x (8 x 200) Take a 600 jog and water between sets. Lane 5 will do 2 x ( 7 x 200) same recovery as above and lane 6 will do 2 x (6 x 200). These are on/off and that doesn’t mean on and walk , off is just a little (12-18 secs) slower than the fast. If you can’t do that , then slow down the effort. Time both effort and recovery. ALSO Bailey Holt will be watching kids in the football field or at the play ground if okay with parents.

05/31/11 Easy pace work tonight. Use a watch and bring some water. I’ll have back up water too. 2 x (3 x 800) 400 recovery and drink after first set. Check pace at 400 and when finished. 5k race pace (last two a couple of seconds faster than race pace)


05/24/11 Nice night for some un-recovered 5k pace work. Usual warm up 2 miles (if you have time) and then we’ll get into 600s with 200 recovery. We’ll do two sets of 4 with 600 between the two sets. Lane 6 will do two sets of 3.

Don’t forget some stretching and drills afterward to keep the parts working correctly

2 x (4x 600) and use a watch to check you 400 split.

05/17/11 We should be back to our regular feeling selves by now or darn close to it. How unforntunate ;) Get in your usual good mile or two warm up and some stretching , plyometrics after that. Then we’ll proceed to a little but not too much pain. A nice 5k race pace mile (two lanes ) then we’ll recover 2 laps and break down then into 6 lanes for 2 x 800 a little faster pace (2 seconds per lap), take a 400 recovery then another 4 x 400 and another 2 seconds faster per lap. Keep the 400 recovery too . Don’t forget your warm down. Get in at least 800 on that warm down. Lanes 5 will finish with 2 x 400 and lane 6 with 1 x 400. Keep in good form tonight. THINK ABOUT YOUR FORM…by looking at others and how they look.

mile / 2 half miles / 4 quarter miles

05/10/10 SAUCONY NIGHT…Our Shoe Guru from Saucony (Andrea) will be here with sample sizes of their new minimal shoes (Hattori, Kinvara 2 ) for you to run in and try on. Also get a free “FIND YOUR STRONG” tee shirt by Saucony as well. Don’t miss track this night.

as well as some tasty 400 repeats tonight. Since we should still be a little in the recovery mode we’ll just do 10 of these. If you didn’t race a mini or marathon 10 days ago , go ahead and knock out a dozen. The revovery is a complete 400 jog. The efforts can be done at 5k race pace. Keep the recovery swift since it’s so lengthy.

05/03/11 As I understand from our native american friends, if we do a light track workout tonight the rain will cease. Let’s try it. This workout is in mind for those who raced this last weekend. You can double it’s quantity and increase intensity if you did not race. BTW there were some great performances out there. Excellent work and preparation.

2 ( 5 x 200 ) , the effort part should be about race pace last weekend. (if you didn’t race then 5 k pace) . Take a 600 between the two sets. The recovery during the efforts is a 200 jog.

04/26/11 Tonight will be sort of ceremonial. Meaning, there’s not much additional we can do to prepare for a Saturday race. So we’ll just maintain our readiness and enjoy an ‘easier’ track day. Mental preparedness is equally important. Some 300’s tonight. All lanes will do two sets of five. Longer warmup period tonight (710) and get at least a mile jog when we’re done. Stretching and plyometrics are on order too.

2 x (5 x 300) w/ a 100 rest between efforts and a 500 rest between sets. Keep it even and NOT all out. About 5k race pace effort .

04/19/11 Well the money’s in the bank. Tonight we’ll do a little sharpening with nothing long and sustained just a more even effort put forth in the recovery. Lanes 1-4 will get in 4 miles of 200 on then 2oo off. (16 laps)..getting down in 10k, to 5 mile race effort during the fast portion. Keep the recoveries peppy though…10- 15 seconds slower than the quick. EVERYONE SHOULD COOL DOWN with a jog/stretch….at least an 800. Feel free to liberate the feet and jog infield barefoot.

Lanes 5-6 will do the same but for three miles or 12 laps. Same thing , 200 on 200 off.

04/12/11 Feetures Sock night…if you come sockless (or wearing Feetures) you get a Free pair of Feetures Technical Running Socks. If this isn’t enough to get you here for 10 x 800 then nothing will. Lane 5 will do 8 and lane 6 will do 6 , 800’s.

Let’s get started on time and really nail these 800’s. Perfect timing for a late April race.

04/05/11 Get a good warm up and then some stretching. We’ll do a little UPSIDE DOWN pyramid slowing down and getting less speedy and less recovery (comparatively) as we go UP the pyramid. This is similar to what we did a couple of weeks ago but in reverse. Lanes 1-4 will start with 4 x 400 , (400 recovery) 2 x 800 (400 recovery) 1 x mile (1 week recovery) .. 1 second per quarter faster than 5k race pace…or 4 – 5 faster over all than 5k race pace.

Lane 5 will only do two of the 400’s on the front end of the workout. The rest is the same.

Lane 6 will start off with 1 x 400 then finish just like the above.

3/29/11 Looks like the rain will hold off because we’re doing (drum roll) quarters!….a good two sets. Lanes 1-5 will do 2 x 6 and lanes 5 will do 2 x 5 , lane 6 will knock out 2 x 4. These are a little quicker than 5k pace …200 recovery between efforts and 400 between sets. Bon appetit..and don’t forget ..water , watch , and have fun.

03/22/11 A typical track day (a little breeze) and we get to take advantage of it. The first third of the workout is a mile on pace with what you were doing your 800’s in last week. This will be the slowest part. Next we’ll do 2 x 800 a little quicker pace…(a couple or three seconds per 800 faster than the mile pace). Then even a couple of seconds faster (pace wise) we’ll do 4 X 400. Lane 6 gets to do 1 x 400, lane 5 gets to do 2 X 400….EVERYONE GETS 400 recovery on everything except after the mile you get two lap recovery.

Summary 1 mile (10k race pace 2 x 800 (5k race pace) 800 recovery , 4 x 400 (faster than 5 k pace but with a 400 recovery) ….. Lane 5 (two fewer 400’s, Lane 6, 3 fewer 400’s. WARM DOWN STRETCH STRECH PLYOMETRICS …STRETCH….I’ll say it again STRETCH. Happy Spring , get behind me WINTER! 03/15/11 A little leprechaun told me that it would be better to get these 9 x 800’s out of the way than to wait. Make hay while the sun shines as it were. Lanes 1-4 will do two sets at 10k race pace 5X 800 (200 recovery) and 4 x 800 (200 recovery) Take a 400 between sets . Lanes 6 will do 3 and 3 as above and lane 5 will do 4 and 4. Get some water between the sets and be consistent on your efforts. (a watch will tell you your pace and you can check the 400 (half way) to be sure your on pace. Some good efforts out there last weekend. Lets take it forward. 5 x 800 then 4 x 400 for lanes 1-4 (200 recovery- 400 recovery) 2 x ( 4 x 800) lane 5 (200 recovery and 400 recovery) 2 x (3 x 800 ) lane 6 (200 recovery and 400 recovery) If you have trouble in lane 6 with completing, slow down and cut one off the end. 03/01/11 lets go ahead and knock the 8 x 800 out and bump the recovery to 200. Your probably going to have to slow down 2 or 3 seconds from the 7 x 800. Caution… Do not start these hard. About 10k race pace would be good to start. Lane 5 will do 7 and lane 6 will do 6. Bring some water…break after 5 , 4 and 3 take a 600 in the break. No breaks for 9 and 10. Cool down… Stretch more 02/22/11 cool night so warm up well. Lanes 1-4 will start out at 5k pace for 6 x 400, 400 recovery… Same pace now 6 x 300 with 100 recovery….then 6 x 200 faster pace with 200 recovery.. Lane 5 will do the same but with 2 x 200. Lane 6 will leave off the 200’s. Stretch and some drills before and after. IMPORTANT 02/15/11 it’s a gorgeous night for some nice and easy one mile reapeats and 1200 repeats. Lanes 1-4 will get in 3 x 1mile. Lanes 5-6 will get in 3×1200 {three lappers} recovery for all is one lap or 2-3 minutes of a slow jog. Try and hit 5k race pace or a coupleq clicks slower. Use a watch and check your hlaf mile split. We’ll have three lanes.1,3,5. Get some plyometric drills in either before or after and somqe stretching. 02/08/11 Yep it’s time to knock out that #7 in a series of 800’s. The outside two lanes will do 6 and 5 x 800. Recovery is 400. Try and hit your goal 5 k pace on these. Get back together on the recoveries. When we do these again (8 ) we’ll only get a 200 recovery.7 X 800 (400) recovery /5,6 outside lanes x 800 with a 400 recovery. 02/01/11 Warm up and STRETCH It will likely be raining. If it is we’ll 5 x 500 , and 4 x 600 <;;;— all run with the same 400 stagger so you can check 400 split. Just carry the finish on around to 500 and 600 points. Recovery is the balance of the 400. The 500’s a a bit faster than the the 600’s (through the 400) So the 500’s will be a bit quicker than 5k pace and the 600’s right on pace. CHECK SPLITS.. Lane five will do 2 of the 600’s and lane 6 will just do 1 of the 600’s. If by chance it isn’t raining and nice out, we could be doing 7 X 800 but it’s not likely.5 X 500 (300 recovery) straight into 4 X 600 (200 recovery) . Lanes 1-45 X 500 (300 recovery) straight into 2 X 600 (200 recovery) Lane 55 X 500 (300 recovery) straight into 1 x 600 Lane 6COOL DOWN….everyone get in at least 800 , EVERYONE , this is important as warming up… 01/25/11 Get a good warm up and warm down…(stretch after the warm up) Tonight de jor are three hundreds , 3 sets x 5 , recovery is only a hundred but a 500 recovery between sets. Keep the tempo up on the recovery too. So not too hard on the 300 (5k ) pace. Nice pace…3 x (5 x 300) , outside two lanes 3 x (3 x 300) strong>;01/18/10 Woo Woo it’s warm…hopefully not too wet. While we can lets go ahead and knock out 6 X 800 , before more snow. Outside two lanes will do 4 X 800 , everyone gets a 400 recovery. You should be able to maintain 5 k or 4 mile RACE pace. Don’t forget the warm up 1 mile at least before 7 and at least 800 (half mile) afterwards.That triple crown will be here before you know it!Know this famous runner? 01/11/10 well it looks like the track will be a mess. If its un runable and dangerous we’ll jog over to Churchhill and try there. If you get cabin fever come on out fur a cup of anaerobic. Roughly we ‘ll try and get in 6 or 7 miles and some speedwork somewhere. 01/04/10 Happy New year peeps! , let’s go ahead and get our benchmark for our 800 build (we’re going up to 10 and maybe 11 if we have time. These 800’s are just a tick quicker than 5 k pace. (maybe two) We’ll take a 400 recovery too. All of us can do 5 so we’ll start with that. All lanes. Remember your warm up and cool down. Also not seeing alot of strething after your warm up…It’s important. 5 X 800 , recovery is 400.(speed is a little quicker (one to two seconds) than 5 k race pace.

What is Track Tuesday?

Typically, we do two types of “speed” or “track” workouts. One would be pace oriented, meaning we will be in a 70 to 80% threshold type of run. This would be closest, or should be, to race approach. We pay close, close attention to our pace and we check splits sometimes every 200m. Variation should be no more than a couple or so seconds per effort. The other type of workout we do are 90 to 100% effort. These are faster than race pace almost a “I wish” pace. These require more recovery and really push the personal tachometer (i.e. heart rate). The key to which one we are doing is the amount of recovery. If your heart rate is getting back down to zone one, then that’s a complete recovery, thus the efforts should be faster than race pace. If your heart rate is only dropping to zone 2 or 3 (15% less than the effort), then that would be a pace workout. You can manipulate each workout to which of those you want just by increasing or decreasing the pace of the recovery.

What else to know about Track Tuesday:

  • Trying to figure out how fast to go? Check out our pace chart PDF/ EXCEL.
  • Track etiquette has faster folks on inside lanes and working outward — this way nobody gets run over.
  • Anyone of any ability can come to Track Tuesday! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve all been there.
  • When you first start speed sessions, we recommend doing half the repetitions for the first few weeks.
  • Please bring your own water!


btw , David is on the D.L. So no 5:30 tonight and our babysitters are on spring break. So no no one in the infield watching the rug rats./


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  1. Is this the venue to get help on running technique from someone at KCRS?

    Posted by Lynn Thomas | March 3, 2012, 9:06 am


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