Tuesday Track Night


WAGGENER HIGH SCHOOL (Hubbards Lane, St. Matthews) – Google Maps

get r done

get r done

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Weekly Workouts: 6:30 Tuesday Nights @ Waggener. (no charge) by Rich McCurdy (past workouts)

 March 24 Last Hillfest session for a while as we begin to sharpen for spring races. Tonight. Meet at Willow Park /Cherokee Triangle and we’ll knock out some hill repeats after a short jog warmup. Train your body to conquer those hills at  Papa Johns. Knee lift and arm drive over the top! 6:30 pm

What is Track Tuesday?

Typically, we do two types of “speed” or “track” workouts. One would be pace oriented, meaning we will be in a 70 to 80% threshold type of run. This would be closest, or should be, to race approach. We pay close, close attention to our pace and we check splits sometimes every 200m. Variation should be no more than a couple or so seconds per effort. The other type of workout we do are 90 to 100% effort. These are faster than race pace almost a “I wish” pace. These require more recovery and really push the personal tachometer (i.e. heart rate). The key to which one we are doing is the amount of recovery. If your heart rate is getting back down to zone one, then that’s a complete recovery, thus the efforts should be faster than race pace. If your heart rate is only dropping to zone 2 or 3 (15% less than the effort), then that would be a pace workout. You can manipulate each workout to which of those you want just by increasing or decreasing the pace of the recovery.

What else to know about Track Tuesday:

  • Trying to figure out how fast to go? Check out our pace chart PDF/ EXCEL.
  • Track etiquette has faster folks on inside lanes and working outward — this way nobody gets run over.
  • Anyone of any ability can come to Track Tuesday! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve all been there.
  • When you first start speed sessions, we recommend doing half the repetitions for the first few weeks.
  • Please bring your own water!

3/17/15 Happy Irish and Green and Patty’s Day back at Waggener Track. We’ll sharpin those Dreadmill legs tonight with a set slower than 5k race pace of 200’s and a set faster. (1-3 seconds on either end) Start off with a good 15 min jog warm up and stretch. Then the slower set 7 X 200 (200 recovery) take a 600 jog and then hit it again with 7 x 200 a click or two quicker than your 5k race pace. This should set you up for good 10k this weekend. @RhodesCityRun. Cool down 5 min jog.

3/10/15 Hillfest again tonight. Meet at Willow Park /Cherokee Triangle and we’ll knock out some hill repeats after a short jog warmup. Train your body to conquer those hills at Rhodes City Run and Papa Johns. Knee lift and arm drive over the top! 6:30 pm

3/3/15 The track looks good albeit a little wet. A little bit of a shorter workout but get a warm-up in of at least 15 minutes. After that and a bit of stretching we’ll hit 10 x 400 with a 400 recovery at or even a second or two faster than 5k race pace. This is an excellent tuner upper if your racing Anthem this weekend. 5 min jog cool down.

2/24/15 Sorry the track is still slick as you know what. Soooo we’ll hit up the hills again and work on that leg drive up and over the top.Everyone meet up at Cherokee Triangle / Willow Park @ 6:30 for an hour of hill raising fun. Rich will guide you to some “hill raising” fun.

2/17/15  Have access to a treadmill? 10 min jog warm up 6 x 15 second pick ups ( getting up to 5k race pace) ,

10x 2 min at same race pace followed by 1 min jog recovery ,slow. 10-15 min cool down jog. Fill the whole hour with cool down. Fingers crossed for clear roads by the weekend.

2/10/15 A good night for some hill repeats. Everyone meet up at Willow Park @ 6:30 for a short 2 mile jog to the hill. Remember to use arms to drive over the top. Start gently then get into it over the final 3 and OVER the top. Jog back shortest distance to the park.

2/3/15 Sorry it’s late getting up. I hope Rich is okay , he’s been awol since yesterday afternoon (txting awol). We assume he’ be at the track tonight for some 800’s at that CITY RUN pace. #runsmart.  Looks like a good night for these so try and hit them on pace and be consistent.  Warm up 10-15 min jog and stretch and be ready to peal off 7 x 800 with a 400 recovery at your race 10k pace. If that feels a little easy pick up the recovery some. We’re going after muscle memory for that 10k pace. 5 min cool down jog.  The recovery is a jog btw….no lolly gagging :D Also if you can regroup on the recovery it helps the group more for the efforts.

Rich is well…His workout is The Start of working up to 10 x 800’s

5×300. Recovery 100 jog/stop

6×800 jog 400 / stop /walk

4×200 jog 200/ stop walk

Recovery run 10-15 min

Stretch good

Next week starting hills Tyler park

So you have a choice

1/27/15 Let’s get off a slick track and hit those repeat hills again at  Tyler Park.  @6:30 be warmed up and meet Rich @ Tyler Park Tennis Courts. Wear reflectivity please and or blinky. Plan for about 45 minutes to an hour. Warm up well and stretch , 5/10 minute cool down. Remember on the hills to start the hill slow and increase effort OVER the top. Gradually let it out.

1/20/15 Awesome January day for a track workout. Get some jogging in before 6:30 at least 10 min and stretch.

warm up set (5k pace)4 x200 (200 jog/walk),  main set 10 x400 (400 recovery) 5x pace , 4 x200 (5k pace , cool down set) ….jog 5 min cool down.

1/13/15 Tonight we’ll knock out some hill repeats. @6:30 be warmed up and meet Rich @ Tyler Park Tennis Courts. Wear reflectivity please and or blinky. Plan for about 45 minutes to an hour.

01/06/15 We are starting our build up to 10 x 800 – ten min jog and stretch warm up (important important important)  Slow build 5 x 300 Recovery 100 walk/jog. Main set  6 x 800 at 5 mile race pace / cool down set of 4 x 200 (same pace or a tad quicker). 5 min jog cool down.

 80012/23/14 Holiday break until January 6th . Don’t forget the HANGOVER CLASSIC on the first. Fast 10 miler

12/16/14 Keep the momentum up with a winter (nearly) track workout before the bad weather sets in. Start with at least a mile or ten min. jog warm up. Then at 5k race pace

3x 200 with 200 recovery walk / jog

3 x 300 with 100 recovery

3 x 400 with 400 recovery

3 x 500 with 300 recovery

3 x 600 with 200 recovery

1 X 800 with 400 recovery

Cool down ten minute jog. Stretch

12/9/14 Perfect track workout weather. Get a good warm up in 10-15 minutes and stretching. 4 x 300(100 recovery) 8 x 400 (5 k pace set 400 recovery) 4 x 300 (100 recovery) Jog cool down 10 minutes

12/2/14 Workout :  w/up 10 min

2/200- 10 k pace 200 recovery

10/600m 10 k pace 200 recovery jog or walk/jog

2/200- 10k pace 200 recovery

5/100m strides

Cool down / 1-2 miles

Santa Sprint 5k Barrett Middle School this Saturday

11/25/14 Good luck to those racing a Turkey Day race. We have three good ones here in town for many years. So we’ll do a tune up tonight. 15- min jog warm-up. 15 x 250 (on 5 mile race pace) jog 150 recovery , 5 x 100 stride outs /build ups and a 10 jog cool down. GOBBLE GOBBLE

11/18/14 In the interest of safety and health we will not be having track tonight. If you can get out and do some 2 min , 2 min off x 10 that should maintain until better weather. Thanks Tom for the lights check

11/11/14 Happy Veterans Day – thank you for your service. NOW…get running. 10 min jog/stretch warm up , easy.  Ladder, efforts done at or a little under 5k race pace.

200 /200 recovery, 400/400 recovery (or 2 min walk) 500/300 jog recovery , 600/400 recovery (or 2 min )  back down the ladder 500 (300 rec) ,400 (400 recovery) ,200 (200 recovery)  / 5 x 100 stride outs 5 min jog cool down.

advanced are adding

400/400 rec, 500/300 recovery, 600/200 recovery, 800 /400 recovery

5 min cool down.

 11/4/14  Great night for some real PACE work. Calculate your 5 mile race pace for this one (use pace calculator above) and hit these on pace. (remember lots of 5 mile races coming up) 10 min jog and stretch -> 10 x 600 (one and half lap) and 200 slow jog recovery. Keep that recovery peppy because the efforts are a SLOW 5 mile race pace. :D End up with 5 X 200 stride outs and 5 min cool down jog.

10/28/14 get a relaxed 10 min warmup stretch and be ready to punch the lights out of 15×300 tonight. 300 recovery jog or u can back walk a 100. Lots of recovery so if you didn’t race last weekend or this coming you should be able to get theses under 5k race pace. Followed up with 10 x100 stride outs. Cool down 5 min jog.

good luck to those headed to Indy. Hopefully we will get track lights by tonight or next week. Rich will start collecting $25 checks or cash with your name on a piece of paper. Thank you. One time payment for the light season $25.

10/21/14 Yay we have the track back. A longer workout tonight so slow it down to 10k race pace. If your racing the Urban Bourbon then slow to just a little quicker than race pace. Warm up 10 min jog and stretch. Then we’ll knock out 6 X 500 (300 recovery full) Run these like extended 400’s. Your just taking the effort on around the turn. If your new to intervals stop it there. Otherwise , followed by 6 x 200 (strides like) and 200 recovery. Cool Down 5 min jog.

10/14/14 at least one more night of an occupied soccer field. Which is quite alright. Many of you haven’t done the NORBOURNE 800’s so tonight’s the night (as Rod Stewart said). 5 for entry level newbies and up to 8 for the bold ones. Remember the start is up at the apex of the circle at the Breckinridge Lane end. Your going to want to run these at about 5-mile to 10k race pace. The recovery is 400. Meet and park at Waggener , then jog over to the Start. Below is a diagram of the start and finish . There will be orange pylons.  ENJOY! The track is coming back soon.


10/7/14 A lot of things working against us tonight. Rob and Rich are out for tonight. Happy Birthday Rich. It’s supposed to be raining at track time and Waggener has a soccer, I’m sorry FOOTBALL match as well. Let’s regroup next week and be ready to roll.

9/30/14 Sorry gang the track is in use tonight by the school soccer. Not to worry , you have some options. We recommend the INDIAN RUN by Rich McCurdy. He’ll separate you in groups of speed and explain the Effort and Recovery way to do the Indian Run. If that doesn’t suit ya, there are the 400’s like we did last week. Soon to come are the lovely 800’s on Norbourne , so stay tuned.  Get a good ten min jog in before the run tonight.

9/23/14  10 min warm up by jogging over to Churchway. (park at school and jog over @ 6:30 ) Nice smooth but limited recovery workout tonight. (track is being used by Soccer) Orange S…start..(by the drain) smooth 400 at 10 k race pace to the orange F. (sidewalk in front of house). The recovery is just short of a 100 so walk / slow jog that to finish up the loop. Do 2 sets of 6 x 400 (4 X400 new to intervals) in between the two sets take a full 500 lap recovery and regroup. Regroup as often as you can to help everyone out. Front end slow down during recovery and back end keep it moving during recovery. Warm down by jogging back to school. It’s fun to get off the track occasionally looking at other things. Rob Wiley will be leading the workout and get you started. Thanks Rob.

Churchway 440_400

9/16/14 Cooler weather mean’s even more warm up….get in at least 10 jog then stretch 5 minutes. 5 x 800 with full recovery or easy jog 400 followed by 6 x 200 with two hundred recovery. Knock the 800’s out at 5k race pace…then the 200’s just a click or two faster pace. 10 min JOG…cool down. HIT THOSE NUMBERS (projected pace and time) . Use the PACE CALCULATOR if you need it!

9/9/14 Great night for an INDIAN RUN….4  miles of it (16 laps). Lengthen out your efforts not rapid passing but long sustained efforts tonight. Hydrate well!

9/2/14 10 min warm up jog easy and stretch. This is good leg turn over workout. Efforts are short and fast….Faster than 5 k race pace….200 effort/100 recovery….100 effort/100 recovery  x 10 then 5 min jog.  Followed by the same thing again. 5 min jog walk cool down. Newbies will do 5 and 5 ….


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  1. Is this the venue to get help on running technique from someone at KCRS?

    Posted by Lynn Thomas | March 3, 2012, 9:06 am


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