Tuesday Track Night at Waggener


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get r done

get r done

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PAST WORKOUTS at Waggener High

Weekly Workouts: 6:30 Tuesday Nights @ Waggener. (no charge) 


8/15/17 Nice night for a little speed. While this is geared toward a faster 5k, you can easily tweak it to a 13.1 …..Slowing down and adding a third more reps. Good ole 400’s tonight.  3x (4×400) recovery between the reps is 200 jog and between sets is 400 recovery. Be sure to be well warmed up by 6:30 and cool down 5 min (2 lap) jog.

8/8/17 Be warmed up and ready to go at 6:30 .

Start with a mile @ 10 k race pace/ 800 jog recovery, 2x half mile (2 laps). @ 5 k  race pace / 400 jog recovery , now the speed comes in , 4 x 400 at sub 5k race pace (consistency is the key)  but a whole 400 jog recovery. Stretch and cool down 5 min jog. Embrace the soft footfalls.

8/1/17 YAY we have the track back and softer than ever! We’ll start off a little soft too because probably haven’t been doing SPEED work in a while. Barry’s Coaching has us doing 2 sets of 8 x 200 . The effort should be at 5k pace and the recovery a slow regrouping jog. Regroup with people close to your speed. Recovery is 200 as well. In between sets drink and walk / jog a 600. Enjoy the new surface. Get a few strides and 5-10 minutes of jogging before the workout and the same 5-10 min plus stretching afterward.


400’s Church Way

Norbourne 800’s

1200’s Norbourne

Alternate Places while the track is being re-surfaced.

5/16/17 Barry’s Coaching tonight for an easy to remember work out at 5k race pace. 8 x 1 min on , 1 min off (slow jog recovery)  in two sets of 8. Take a 2 min jog in between sets…A good place to do these at 6:30 is the big loop at Norbourne (see map) . Try and regroup on the recoveries. Stretch and jog back to the school. Great night for a little P A I N .

5/9/17 Tonight just work on being spot on on your 1200’s. All that fast isn’t important as controlling the pace and keep it consistent (within 1-2 seconds).  Hit 4 x 1200 or 3 x 1200 if your new to intervals. Pace should be about 10k race pace. Jog before 10 minutes and afterward 5 minutes with stretching. Norbourne 1200’s pic above.

4/25/17 Tonight we will get into a good tune up for Saturday. Also a good workout for those not racing. We’ll jog over to Churchway and do the loop there but a little different that last week.

3 x (5 x 1 min on , 1 min recovery, walk or jog) Two minutes between each set. Build on these reps. Start at mini marathon pace and by the final min in the set you should be hitting 5k race pace. Two min recovery then hit another set of 5. Two minute recovery then final set of 1 min on , 1 min off.  Have a good race and don’t forget your stretching.  Next week will be off  for rest.

4/18/17 Park at Waggener and jog the short half mile to Church’s Way in the first map above. There is an “S “right when you get there near the drain grate. The 400 finish is at the sidewalk in front of the one home on the circle. Jog backwards to see where the “F” is. The recovery is short (less than a 100 meters) so don’t kill these 400’s. We’ll do 2 sets of 6 with an entire loop jog in between sets.  You should still be able to hit these in a 5k race effort pace. Most all of you should be able to do 12. If your new to intervals do two sets of 5 . ENJOY! Jog and stretch back at the lot.

04/11/17 Check the Norbourne 800’s above. Park at the school if you like and jog over to the interval start.  Be ready to go at the start at 6:30 please. The workout is a little longer and geared toward the mini (half marathon) but certainly can be adjusted for shorter and longer racing. Newbies stick to 6-7 x 800 (400 recovery) . Regular running nuts are going to knock out 8-9 of these. We max at 10. Pace should be about your 8-10 mile race pace. If it’s two easy at that pace then push that recovery. If you can regroup after half that would be for the greater group good.

8-9 x 800 (400 recovery)

6-7 x 800 same…..

Long workout so get started on time. Remember a little stretching when you get back to the school.

04/04/17 Park at Waggener and jog over to the start at Norbourne . Top of the key….S painted in Pink. 1200’s are one complete loop and about 75 yards down the middle right side of the inner circle Norbourne Blvd. Look for the .75 to finish. Jog on down after the finish about half way to Sherrin cross median and then jog back to Start. That is your recovery. If you didn’t race Saturday , knock out 4 of these. If you did race make it 3. Both groups should be able to his 10 k race pace. If you didn’t race , about 5 -7 seconds faster than your 10k race pace. If you have trouble calculating pace, use the Pace Calculator. Be sure to stretch afterwards and jog back to the car.

03/28/17 You’ll enjoy these 800’s. If you don’t want to jog over at 6:20 ish then park at the church on Breckenridge Lane. Please don’t park on the street as we have had the heat called on us for this. The start is at the apex of the turn. The plan is to get there (about a mile from Waggener) to start at 6:30. We’ll just do 6 x 800 (if you aren’t racing this weekend then shoot for 8 x 800. The recovery is a 400. We’ll be doing this or the Churchill Apartments for about 3 months while the Waggener Track is being resurfaced.

3/21/17   Tonight is the last night before we loose the track for some time as we are getting a new rubberized surface. If you can help , here is the link. Tonight we’ll  get into a little ladder. (upside down pyramid)Warmed up and ready to go at 6:30 /

400 at 10k race pace, 400 recovery, 800 @ 10k race pace, 400 recovery, 1200 @ 10 k race pace, 400 recovery, mile @ 10k race pace. (if you didn’t race last Saturday add one more 800 at the same pace. Cool down 5 min jog and STRETCH.

03/14/17 Well we get two more weeks on the track. Weather delay for track construction. So we will continue on with our half mile build to the Mini.

warm up well on these cool nights, at least 15 min of jogging with some stride outs 3-5 x 75 yards. Then we’ll hit 7 x 800 @ 10k race pace with a 400 recovery. Faster runners inside lane. Slower move a lane out and use staggers. Cool down 5 min jog and STRETCH.

03/07/17 Great night for some fun 200’s. Warm up and stretch well (after jogging 10-15 min) . 2 sets of 10 x 200 (200 recovery) , 600 between sets easy recovery jog. Hit theses at 5 k race pace. Be with 1-2 seconds of goal pace . Jog cool down 5-10 min. Last night at the track before construction begins to resurface with rubber. YAY!

02/28/17 Hopefully it will dry up a bit before tonight. Sharpen your 5k spead with 6 x 600 (200 recovery) Hit that 400 split right where you want your 5k race pace needs to be. After that we’ll pick it up just a bit , pacewise with 4 x200 (2oo recovery). Decrease speed interval by about 2-3 seconds. 5 min jog and stretch.  Have a good Anthem 5k if your doing it.

02/21/17 Tonight really concentrate on that stretch after jogging and after the main workout. Cara will lead some really good hip , achilles, quad  and calf stretches for SPEED running. A favorite workout are these 300’s tonight.

3 x (5 x 300) with 100 recovery between each rep and a 500 recovery between sets. Goal 5k pace is what your shooting for. Go easy easy on that recovery because she’s a short one. Jog 5 min and stretch afterwards. (static)

02/14/17   Time for another 800 build. Warm up and be ready to go at 6:30 (STRETCH after 10 min jog) Then we’ll hit 6 x 800 with a 400 recovery. @ 5 k race pace. Jog / walk the recovery….keep moving . 5 min jog cool down.(stretch)

2/7/2017  yea for warm , but let’s keep the rain away. It won’t hurt us. Delay for lightening.

Warm up 15 min and stretch. Then 10  x 400 w/ 400 recovery…..5k race pace. Hit these right on and keep the recovery lively because it’s a large recovery. Cool down 10 min jog.

01/24/17 A nice night for some pace running (10k goal race pace) Be warmed up and ready to go at 6:30. (jog 10-15 minutes and stretch)

4 X 1k at pace and only a 200 recovery so don’t get carried away. Be consistent or you can descend to a bit faster than 10 k pace. Followed by

4 x 200 at 5k race pace (descend as well if you like)

5 min jog and stretch.


01/17/17  Take advantage of the warm weather and get in a much needed track workout tonight at Waggener High School. Btw they will be rubberizing the track this spring.

Be warmed up by 6:30 , 10 min jog and stretch.

2 x 400 (5k race pace) 200 recovery- 800 10k race pace, 400 recovery, 1200 10k race pace , 400 recovery, 800, 10k race pace 400 recovery, 2 x 400 5k race pace 200 recovery. Wear a watch!

5 min jog and stretch. PLEASE STRETCH at least 5 min. Static deep stretches.

Several are grabbing a bite after so please join.

01/10/17  Tuesday Track Night Starts back up (new coaches) free


6:30 Waggener High School

Be Warmed up (10-15 jog and stretch) by 6:30

The famous Half Mile Build guarantee pr (for most). By the Derby Mini Time

2 x 400 (5 k race pace, goal) 400 recovery

4 x 800 (10 k race pace, goal) 400 recovery

Cool down 5-10 jog n stretch




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