Tuesday Track Night at Waggener


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get r done

get r done

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PAST WORKOUTS at Waggener High

Weekly Workouts: 6:30 Tuesday Nights @ Waggener. (no charge) 


02/13/18 Nice evening for some speed. Ready to go at 6:30 and we’ll knock out 4 x 1200 (3/4’s a mile). Recovery will be the 4th lap. Concentrate on PACE tonight. What pace? go for a little quicker than 10k race pace (5k race pace if you can) Recover a slow jog for a quarter mile. Let’s say 5 k race pace is 8min/mile. That’s 2 min per 400 x 3 so 6 min for a 1200. Be consistent on these. Figure out your pace before starting so you KNOW what to shoot for. Jog 5 min when done and stretch 3 min. (or more if you have time Thanks Barry’s Coaching for lining this up . Remember we’re only going through the end of April so make the best of this work.

2/6/18 6:30 be warmed up and stretched out and ready to plow through some 400’s and 200’s. After a 10 min jog , do two laps of straight-away’s. On the straight-away you will do a gradual pick up of speed and leg turn over getting up to about 75% (not all out).

8 x 400(one lap) with a 200 (half lap) recovery. 5k Race pace….after the 8th same recovery and then 8 x 200 @ a click or three seconds faster than you did those 400’s, Recovery is the same a 200. Chill after with 5 min jog and 5 min stretch. (foam roll)

This window of Tuesday nights will continue through the end of April. Commit for this window and your mini, triple crown will be clobbered.

12/5/17 Good weather for a little pace work. 5k – 10k race pace. You pick. If your up for it , shoot for the 5 k race pace because the recovery is a whopping 400 (lap) recovery. Keep moving on the recovery, trying to maintain a good slow jog. The lights should be on and the air crisp and full of OXYGEN. Be warmed up by 6:30 (at least 10 min jogging) Cool down with another 5 min jog and 5 min stretching

11/28/17 Perfect night for some anaerobic circuit running. Warmed up by 6:30 and a little reverse pyramid.

3 x 200 (200 recovery) 5 k pace , 400 between sets, 3 x 400 (400 recovery) 5 k race pace , 400 between sets , 3 x 800 (400 recovery) slow this one down to 10k race pace. Cool down 5 min jog and stretch.

11/21/17 Be warmed up with at least 10 min of jogging as we get to do some real leg turnover tonight . @6:30 .

2 x (8 x 200) The first set is only at 5k race pace with a 200 recovery. The second set is 1-2 seconds faster on the 200’s. Take a 600 jog in between sets.  Recoveries are

a light jog getting your heart rate back down. If you have to walk to do so , that’s okay too. Jog 5 min and stretch 5 min. Perfect tune up for a Thursday race!

11/14/17 Barry’s coaching will lead us in some 400’s tonight with plenty recovery getting back to some speed work

Tuesday Night Track
Let’s get back to some leg turn over and a little anaerobic running. Tonight (6:30) at Waggener 10 x 400 @ 5k race pace (last 2 a bit quicker ) 400 recovery. Get a good warm up in of at least 10 min jogging. After the 400’s jog 5 min and stretch.

10/3/17 Going to take a little (TRACK ) break with many races coming up and so many tapering. We’ll resume on November 7th.

9/26/17 Warmed up and ready to go for some 400’s tonight. 3 sets of 4 with a 600 between sets. 200 recovery between efforts. 5 k Race pace.

3 x (4 x 400) 200 recovery between efforts , 600 between sets 5k race pace / walk/jog recovery.

Cool down and stretch. Inside lane should be open. Remember your stagger starts.

9/19/17 A little different workout tonight. We’ll do on off minutes. The first is at 5k race pace . If your running 8 min pace you should cover half a lap in a min. The recovery is another min jog/walk. Remember your watch , we’ll try and have some water in case you run out. Last night for soccer games so please keep to the outside of the track. Your going to do two sets of 10 efforts , 10 recovery. Take a two min jog between sets. Cool down/ Stretch 5 min.

9/12/17 It’s Tuesday again for some turn-over and  anaerobic work. (and pace work). Be ready to go at 6:30 warmed up.

4 x 800 (4 half miles) with a 400 recovery.  5k race pace.

4 x 400 (400 recovery) a couple seconds faster (per 400) than the 800’s. Lots of recovery here so be sure and get them 2-3 seconds faster than the 800’s.

Jog and stretch. Two more nights with the soccer match going on so use the outside lanes to stay out of their way. Thank you


9/5/17 6:30 and ready to go.

Two sets of 8×200 5 k race pace 200 recovery. Keep moving on the recovery. Jog if you are able. Common finish line. Cool down n jog 5 min. Hit those 200’s within 2 seconds . 

8/29/17 Again a home soccer match so do these 800’s (half miles) in the outside lanes. Warmed up and ready to go at 6:30
6 x 800 at 5k race pace, 400 recovery. Cool down 5 min jog. Don’t forget your stretching. Btw, the stagger for the outside lanes are double what the 400 stagger is. So step off the distance from the START FINISH to say Lane 7 or 8 and double that . For instance if it’s 24 strides to the 400 start in lane 7 then go another 24 strides for an 800 start. Finish same as always.

8/22/17    There is a home soccer match so please use the outside 2 lanes. This will also give you a little extra recovery.

Great weather for some good ole 300’s  , done at 5k race pace. (add an extra set if your more preparing for up to a half marathon)

Be ready to go at 6:30 (warmed up). 3 (5 x 300) w/100 recovery between reps and a 500 between sets. How to figure your pace?  21 min goal pace for 5 k is a little under 7 min per mile pace which is 1:45 per 400 / or :53 per 200 or :27 per 100 = :53 and :27 added to that is 60 seconds or 1:20 min for a 300.

Just get your pace down to the 200 m level , half that and add that back to the 200m pace. GO HERE FOR THAT 200m Pace if your having trouble.

5 min jog and stretch

8/15/17 Nice night for a little speed. While this is geared toward a faster 5k, you can easily tweak it to a 13.1 …..Slowing down and adding a third more reps. Good ole 400’s tonight.  3x (4×400) recovery between the reps is 200 jog and between sets is 400 recovery. Be sure to be well warmed up by 6:30 and cool down 5 min (2 lap) jog.

8/8/17 Be warmed up and ready to go at 6:30 .

Start with a mile @ 10 k race pace/ 800 jog recovery, 2x half mile (2 laps). @ 5 k  race pace / 400 jog recovery , now the speed comes in , 4 x 400 at sub 5k race pace (consistency is the key)  but a whole 400 jog recovery. Stretch and cool down 5 min jog. Embrace the soft footfalls.

8/1/17 YAY we have the track back and softer than ever! We’ll start off a little soft too because probably haven’t been doing SPEED work in a while. Barry’s Coaching has us doing 2 sets of 8 x 200 . The effort should be at 5k pace and the recovery a slow regrouping jog. Regroup with people close to your speed. Recovery is 200 as well. In between sets drink and walk / jog a 600. Enjoy the new surface. Get a few strides and 5-10 minutes of jogging before the workout and the same 5-10 min plus stretching afterward.


400’s Church Way

Norbourne 800’s

1200’s Norbourne

Alternate Places while the track is being re-surfaced.




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