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Get with the group to get it done! Good training , good vendors and sponsors

  This comprehensive interactive training group meets every Saturday for all long training runs in preparation for the KDF mini and/or a full or half marathon in the fall.  This program is designed for those interested in the unique concept of team camaraderie. Join us for friendly competition in several different local and/or national races.  We … Continue reading

Be Ready for 2012 Cycling with the Training Studio

Unfortunately, it’s getting to be that time of year again. You know, when it starts getting dark early in the evening and stays dark later in the morning. As the season changes, so must our cycling activities. That means getting out the dreaded indoor trainer once again. The Training Studio can help with your winter … Continue reading

[MAR 5] Training Studio Performance Therapy

Stacy and Dale lecture on Trigger Point Therapy at the Training Studio

[MAR 5] Reduce Injury with Self Awareness

Self awareness is everything. Most people don’t understand that what you tolerate you accept, but it is a reality. Think about it. The more you sit in traffic, the more you get used to the traffic. Eventually you say, “this is normal for me, the traffic isn’t that bad, I barely notice it any longer.” … Continue reading

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