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Fitness Republic: 5 Brick Workouts

Triathlon is a very famous form of sport which combines three separate disciplines; the training required for this sport is especially designed to prepare an individual for all events. Not only should an individual competing in the Triathlon be physically fit, one should also be fast. In order to improve your overall speed and to finish … Continue reading

Your Holiday Food Guide for Multisport Training

Multisport training doesn’t mean you have to give up the best recipes The holidays can be downright confusing for anybody trying to achieve fitness when it comes to nutrition information. On one side is the proverbial demon, telling you to let go of inhibition for the special season that only comes once a year. And on the other side is your proverbial angel, telling … Continue reading

A Training Plan That's Right for You

Training to achieve fitness is about more than completing the Ironman Louisville for one of Webster City’s finest. Tony Janssen, the Iowa police captain who completed the 2011 triathlon, trains not only with discipline but also with thanksgiving. “Thankfully, I’m not fighting or chasing people every day,” he says, explaining how coaching motivates him through proper training.

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