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Retailer Spotlight by Kneed Footwear

http://kneedfootwear.com/retailer-spotlight.html MENU HOME KNEED2RUN INSOLES  KNEED2BE INSOLES WHY KNEED? VIDEO BUY LOCAL CONTACT RETAILER SPOTLIGHT Ken Combs Running Store About ​ If you are looking for experience and expertise in Louisville visit Ken Combs Running Store. Established in 1980 by Ken and Sylvia Combs.  In 1991  Larry took over the store, as his Mom, Sylvia … Continue reading

Working for Your Benefit with Superfeet

Affordable Orthotics for the General Public. Having your running shoes fit well is essential to stability and comfort when you run. But where can you find the key to the right fit? The answer: in the proven biomechanical principles of podiatric medicine. Superfeet are premium insoles with a shape and design that give you superior stability … Continue reading

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