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Why Hammer Nutrion isn’t on Amazon

BY LOREN MASON-GERE As consumers, most of us don’t think much about the origin or background of the products we buy. We go to the store (or pull out our phones), make our selections, and move on. We lead busy lives, after all, and there are more important things to do. But at Hammer Nutrition, … Continue reading

New Skratch Recovery Elixir!

“We made this recovery drink mix to help take care of our friends and family. It just so happens that many of them are athletes, who need a convenient and simple way to optimize their recovery after grueling workouts. So we set out to make a drink that is sound, that tastes delicious, and that … Continue reading

Saltstick is here! CRAMP LESS….run/ride/swim/workout more.

SaltStick Works: Why SaltStick? SaltStick is the ONLY electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost in sweat. This is why you need only 1 SaltStick Caps compared to 2-4 from our competition (View our comparison chart). SaltStick is battle-tested – Our electrolytes have been used by top pros at the Ironman World … Continue reading


Fruit Drops- Energy Chews Reimagined Fruit Drops From Skratch Labs  The Little Picture: The consumption of carbohydrate during exercise has been shown to be a critical part of maintaining and enhancing performance during intense and prolonged exercise (1, 2, 3, 4). At the same time, the overconsumption of carbohydrate during exercise has been associated with gastro-intestinal … Continue reading


Huma FAQ Q: Where did the name “Hüma ” come from? A: Hüma is based on the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Unfortunately, using “Tarahumara” as a name would have been far too long for our gel package, so we chopped it down to “Hüma “. Q: Is Hüma really 100% stomach-problem free? A: Yes. We … Continue reading

Indoor Cycling Classes with Curtis Tolson and Baptist Health Sports Medicine

I did this indoor bike clinic last year and learned a lot and got in good workouts. This is an opportunity to find your inner chain ring and rock it out.

[VIDEO] Ken Combs Running Store

Ken Combs Running Store 4137 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40207 Tel: (502) 895-3410 Store Hours Mon – Fri: 10 am – 7 pm | Sat: 10 am – 6 pm | Sun: 1 pm – 5 pm

Bonk Breaker: Official Bar of IRONMAN®

Created by endurance athletes for endurance athletes. Bonk Breaker is on the cutting-edge of nutrition and comes in eight delectable flavors. Perfect for athletes as well as anyone in search of a nutritious snack. Available exclusively for you from Ken Combs Running Store — come by or call us today! Ken Combs Running Store 4137 Shelbyville … Continue reading

FuelBelt Revenge® R2O Hydration Belt

Tested in the toughest climates by professional athletes, the Revenge® R2O Hydration Belt by FuelBelt is a break through in hydration belt design and function. One handed entry and exit has never been easier with its unique and cleverly designed molded holsters. With just one hand, the hydration bottles go in fast and come out faster. And the … Continue reading

Perpeteum: Fueling for Your Endurance

Endurance fuel for long distances ENJOY ULTRA SUCCESS Perpeteum from Hammer Nutrition delivers stable, long-term energy hour after hour, with no stomach distress of GI issues. Consistent, stable energy Easy to digest Caffé Latte contains caffeine Won best of MTBR award in 2005 and 2006 $47.99 Ken Combs Running Store 4137 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY … Continue reading

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