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ALTRA Torin 2.0 $124.99

Come try one one (pictured is the women’s) Benefits The Torin 2.0 builds upon the cushioned and form-improving benefits of its predecessor with a smoother ride and a more cushioned midsole. We’ve improved the plush, slip-on feel that runners love and upgraded the durability of the upper and outsole. The FootShape™ toe box allows your … Continue reading

Altra Running Shoes are now in Louisville!

Altra and the FOOTSHAPE™ TOE BOX Ken Combs Running Store now has the Provision 2 in men and women. You need to try these on. Traditional running shoes feature pointy toe boxes that squeeze the toes out of their natural position—increasing risk of bunions, hammertoes and plantar fasciitis. Altra’s FootShape™ toe box allows the toes … Continue reading

NIH: On Sound Footing

Your feet are pretty small, considering they have to support the entire height and weight of your body. But they can cause big problems. So pay some attention to your feet. Each step you take involves a remarkably intricate network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. That complexity—combined with all the weight they carry—accounts for … Continue reading

NB: MR00 Road Minimus Review

New Balance Minimus Road shoe  Zero Drop MR00 ($110) Now that it’s taken 4 or 5 years for me to transition into “lesser” shoes, I would say this one is my favorite. This model is more like the trail version of last year Minimus. That shoe too was a sweet ride but on the road … Continue reading

Running in Vibram FiveFingers

Free your feet to perform at their best. The benefits of running barefoot have long been supported by scientific research. And there is ample evidence that training without shoes allows you to run faster and farther with fewer injuries. No footwear comes closer to recreating this natural sensation than Vibram FiveFingers®. It allows you to … Continue reading

Free Your Feet Through Barefoot Running

The line now is to find how much or how little you can get by with running shoes

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