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Kid's Runs in Louisville Triple Crown

The Courier-Journal: The Louisville Triple Crown of Running has a kid component — the Kid’s Runs. These runs, designed specifically for kids, take place immediately following each of the three triple crown running events. Dates: March 9th – Anthem 5K Fitness Classic Fun Run (in front of Louisville Slugger Field) March 23rd – Rodes City … Continue reading

AP: Centenarian Runs Last Race

With a saffron turban and a flowing white beard, 101-year-old Fauja Singh finished a 10-kilometer (6.25 mile) race in Hong Kong. Nicknamed the Turbaned Torpedo, the Indian-born runner finished the race in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds. Singh says he will now hang up his sneakers. “I will remember this day. I will … Continue reading

Newton Running: Run Better

We were born to run. Literally. The human body is one of the most efficient running machines nature has ever produced, in large part as the result of years of evolution. Nature: Striding bipedalism is a key derived behaviour of hominids that possibly originated soon after the divergence of the chimpanzee and human lineages…. Judged … Continue reading

Kids Win With Used Running Shoes

Local students help their less fortunate peers through sports and education — They’re more than 8,000 miles away from the 450 million kids in Sub-Saharn Africa, who among them share one public children’s hospital, located in South Africa, all the way at the bottom of the continent. But that didn’t deter three, motivated Kentucky students from helping them not only to build a second … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Making Compression Socks

Swiftwick’s vision is to be the world leader in sock technology With a culture focused on making the best products through environmentally friendly means and social responsibility, the people working at Swiftwick keep a close eye not only on the sources of their materials, but also the integrity of their finished product. You can feel the results … Continue reading

USA Triathlon: Swim Tips for Everyone

Proper training can make swimming a favorite part of your fitness routine Humans are not aquatic based; we are mammals who are most comfortable in a vertical position, not horizontal. And for those who compete in triathlons, it can be even more intimidating in an open water environment (e.g., Ohio River) and a large crowd competing against you. But with proper training … Continue reading

NY Daily News: Running Up for Charity

Louisville’s 35-story AEGON Center skyscraper is the tallest building in Kentucky, less than half as tall as the Empire State Building New York Daily News: A pair of Daily News runners didn’t stand a chance against new vertical marathon master Mark Bourne in Wednesday’s Empire State Building Run-up. Bourne, 29, of Australia won the race up … Continue reading

Sugoi Versa Jacket Sale

You know daily extremes aren’t uncommon in Louisville-area weather Does it appear like it may be another one of those days, when you can’t decide whether you should wear a jacket or a vest? Now there’s no more need to worry, because the incredible people at SUGOI have worked hard to develop the remarkable Versa Jacket — the perfect outerwear for such a day. … Continue reading

NPR: Top 10 Tips for Biking in Snow

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for snow in the Louisville area that remains in effect through Sunday. NPR: Special to the BPP from Jill Homer in Juneau, Alaska People sometimes say, “Wow, riding a bike on snow — that’s great. But how does it work?” Snow-biking can be different from regular cycling, … Continue reading

WSJ: The Other (Cooler) Super Bowl

There’s another Super Bowl coming this weekend, not to New Orleans, but to Louisville, Ky., and in a strange way, it’s more significant, because on Feb. 2 and 3, Louisville is hosting the UCI Cyclocross Elite World Championships, the biggest moment for a small but fast-growing sport in this country…. I don’t know about you, … Continue reading

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