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Ken Combs Running Store is a specialty-sports store in Louisville dedicated to runners and other fitness-minded people. We carry footwear by Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Saucony,Vibram Mizuno, New Balance, Ryka, Hoka One. Newton, Inov-8, Altra Skechers and others. Our apparel selection ranges from running to aerobics and even swimming and multisport. In these pages you will find information about our store as well as training and racing tips. Looking for running accessories?

Ken Combs Running Store was established in November of 1980 by Ken and Sylvia Combs. Ken had coached and taught school in the Louisville area since 1956. His tradition of racing, coaching and teaching spilled over into a retail operation that carries with it the same excellence. Ken and Sylvia did their part in setting up Louisville’s road running scene and helped make it into what it is today.

Ken was instrumental in establishing the Metro Parks contribution to Louisville running. Today, both Ken, Sylvia, the clubs and the Parks Department conduct some of the cities finest races.

Ken and Sylvia have since retired from day to day operations of the Store. Larry Holt, (Sylvia’s son) carries on the same service and commitment started by his predecessors. Larry also grew up and went to school in the Louisville area. At 45 he has already had 27 years in retail and 23 years managing and owning the “hands on” retail and running marriage. Running for 30 years has given him the background to be part of rich running tradition in Louisville as well as part of the Ken Combs Running Store success.

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Racing ahead: Larry Holt turns years of running into running three successful businesses


Staff Correspondent

The Voice-Tribune

This first full week of the New Year means (once again) that many of us will make a beeline toward experts who will help us fulfill our resolutions to get in shape.

To supplement Weight Watchers classes and other mind-over-too-much-matter approaches, post-holiday hopefuls may head for retailers such as Ken Combs Running Store, at 4137 Shelbyville Road, to pick out clothing and accessories that will help them walk, run, aerobicize or cross-train their way to better health.

Larry Holt has been running not only toward fitness, but also toward a satisfying career during the past 33 of his 50 years. Now owner of Ken Combs Running Store, he has jogged through Central American jungles as well as Louisville’s parks, and is now sprinting through the wilderness of “e-business.”

A perfect fit

As a youngster growing up in Bullitt County, Holt played all manner of sports.

“It was Little League this, Little League that,” he said. “You can do that when you’re a kid on the small side, like me. By the time I started going to Bullitt Central High, I was only 5-foot-8, 130 pounds. I couldn’t have stayed alive in football or gotten any playing time in basketball.”

With little direction from his school’s sports department, Holt searched for an activity that suited him. A runner since the age of 14, Holt realized that he could think about things as he ran because he didn’t have to interact with teammates or competitors.

“A lone-runner kind of sport just seemed to fit my personality,” he said, “so I ran track and did some road races on my own.”

Fleet feet far away

Although running ovals on a cinder track can become boring, Holt found a way to expand his horizons in more ways than one.

“In 1979, I had the chance to be a summer exchange student at a high school in Guatemala, through my Spanish class,” he said, “so I jumped at it.”

In addition to his studies in Central America, Holt found time to go running with new friends, including an ex-Olympian athlete who showed him some terrific places to run.

“We ran through villages on muddy roads, over mountains, and through tropical storms,” Holt said. “Looking back on it, it may not have been terribly safe. I had a friend to give me all the good advice I needed to hear, but a blond American kid, a gringo in the jungle, could disappear pretty easily.”

The pie man cometh

While Holt was globe-trotting, his mother, Sylvia, married a familiar visitor to their house. Although Ken Combs is well-known as a former Trinity High School teacher, a state champion track and cross-country coach, and the visionary behind the Derby Festival mini-Marathon and other road races, Larry Holt had slightly different perspective.

“I already knew Ken through running, but when he’d come to our house,” Holt said, “he’d usually bring a pie from Plehn’s Bakery.”

The year 1980 was a turning point for the entire family. Sylvia and Ken Combs opened Ken Combs Running Store on Breckinridge Lane, and Larry headed toward Bellarmine University to pursue a career in science – perhaps research, technology or even medicine.

During his four years at Bellarmine, Holt worked part time at the store. However, after graduation in 1984, he decided to move away for a while.

“I figured it would be a good way to grow up, and to look for a job,” he said. “But finding one with a basic degree in biology wasn’t the most fun thing in the world.”

Instead, Holt found plenty of opportunities in retail sales, working in the Deep South for the Athletic Attic chain of stores and then with a partner in a store of their own.

In 1991, Holt returned to Louisville, and found Ken Combs ready to make him an offer he couldn’t run away from.

Stepping ahead

Combs decided to retire, and offered his stepson the opportunity to buy the store, which had been thriving since its move to Shelbyville Road in 1982.

Twenty years later, Larry Holt is happily settled in Crescent Hill with his wife, Nancy, and their young daughter, Bailey Jane.

And instead of only one enterprise, he now has three. The Shelbyville Road store, whose nine employees offer a variety of brands of shoes, clothing and accessories to their customers, has been joined by Happy Toes , at 410  N. Hurstbourne Parkway.

“I’ve made some big changes over the past two decades, but the future looks good for us. As we get older, any of us can become afraid to make changes,” Holt said. “In retail, you just can’t be afraid.”

Still Pounding and some racing

Although Holt doesn’t run races much anymore, he runs each morning for at least an hour, often in Seneca Park or Cherokee Park. He’s still doing a triathlon here and there and improving his cycling and swimming game.  And whereas Ken Combs used to put on as many as 18 road races in a year for Kentuckiana runners, Holt is happy to assist others with finish line and volunteer duties. He’s a retailer and still working on that game too.

Holt Bio

Name: Larry Holt

Position: Owner, Ken Combs Running Store

Age: 50

Education: B.A. degree in biology, Bellarmine University

Home town: Bullitt County



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    so yes do it.


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  2. That’s great to hear. I am an runner with bad knees and I miss my runs, so the Eliptigo looks like a great alternative!

    Posted by daviesrecipes | August 16, 2011, 3:00 pm
  3. Would be great if there was a site to go to and see what products are available at the store!! Just sayin’

    Posted by Rod | December 16, 2011, 1:28 pm
  4. The Great American Beer Run! July 21, 2012 at Willow Park at Cherokee Triangle! This 3 mile run will take runners through the scenic loop at Cherokee Park with 4 craft beer stations along the way. Participants will be given 1, 4 oz glass of craft beer at each station (totaling 1 pint during the race). Afterwards, each runner will be given 1 pint of their favorite craft beer they tasted during the race. Enjoy a live band and food vendors before and after the race. Visit us on the web at http://americanbeerrun.com or visit us on Facebook at Louisville Beer Run!! Must be 21 to register and run.
    For any information, feel free to contact Richard Hardy at Richard@americanbeerrun.com or by phone, 502-214-0060.

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  5. I will try and post more of new product as it arrives. With the way the models change and our supply jumps around it would take our whole staff efforts to take pictures and write copy. We try and be a brick and mortar shop as our heritage has been and keep up with current techy means. We carry the major brands although we are eliminating NIKE because of their practices. If you are interested in a model and wonder if we have it please email me.Larryh@kencombsrunningstore.com . Thank you very much for your comment and interest.

    Posted by Ken Combs Running Store | January 9, 2013, 12:31 pm
  6. Larry, please give Ken and Sylvia my best. My dad managed the Citizens Fidelity Bank and PNC in St Matthews. He introduced me to Ken. Ken and we ran together periodically in the park. I remember when Ken was re-soling running shoes. Ken was very nice and gave me tips to be a better runner and improve my times. He organized my Gaslite Festival run. I still run every day.

    Posted by Bill Sparks | September 25, 2017, 6:22 pm

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