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Louisville’s Best Selection of Insoles/Over the counter Orthotic

When it comes to customizing and increasing your foot experience we here at Ken Combs Running Store have the best selection and expertise than any place in town. From these great insole companies.

  • Sole (Edge Marketing)
  • Spenco
  • Kneed
  • Superfeet
  • Powerstep

From now until Christmas 2017 bring in this ad for $5 off any of those brands. (excluding items under $20) .

Most of these orthosis/ insoles are $35 – $50 and in most cases work as well as custom $400 ones. Before you plop down the bucks for those talk to us and see how one of these do. From cushion to moderate support  to mac daddy of support and from slim, to 3/4, to thick we have the selection you are looking for. Come here first and avoid driving all over the city.


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