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Welcome to the 2015 Training Studio Run/Walk Group

Welcome to the 2015 Training Studio Run/Walk program.  You are receiving this message because you have either registered for the program, are a pace group leader or are a sponsor of the program.  Our first official group Run/Walk will take place January 3rd at our St. Matthews location (161 St. Matthews Avenue, Suite #11).  The course will be a nice, easy and flat 3 miles.  We plan to start running promptly at 7:30am, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early to take care of any last minute bathroom breaks.

Here are a few tips and tidbits to help you become familiar with our program.

  • Study Up: Our sponsors have put together what we believe to be the most comprehensive Online Running Manual available.  All of your running/walking questions can be answered in this manual.  Use the link above to start enjoying this valuable resource.
  • If you are not already actively running or walking outside, spend some time getting used to the weather temperatures and clothing requirements for this time of year.
  • Register early for the Louisville Triple Crown to save yourself some cash.  Spend some time planning out your racing schedule for 2015.  Check the race dates with your personal schedule for conflicts and commit early.  Links are provided below for several of the races we plan to attend as a group.  Don’t forget that the KDF mini marathon is no longer part of the triple crown and will require an additional registration.
  • The actual training schedules (listed below) begin Monday, January 5th.  My recommendation is to use the beginner schedule if you have never completed this distance.  Those seasoned veterans can choose between the intermediate and advanced schedules.  Don’t forget to spend some time reading the schedule explanations on the second page of each file.  This file should make everything self-explanatory.
  • We plan to post an entry into the 2015 Run/Walk blog every week with a map, special instructions and friendly reminders.  This will be our primary means of communication.   We will send weekly emails out on Monday of each week with a direct link to the blog.  Just in case you miss the emails, the live blog is located on the HOME page of our website in the bottom right corner.  You will also see a Facebook entry each week.  (One more reason to LIKE the Training Studio on FACEBOOK)
  • We expect this to once again be a very large group, so please be patient with us these first few weeks.  We will do our best to accommodate and help everyone we can, but sometimes the sheer number of participants can make it a little confusing.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself (dale@thetrainingstudio.com) or Stacey (stacey@thetrainingstudio.com) anytime for questions or concerns about the program.
  • Your #1 goal these first few weeks is to find a pace group that is right for you.  We plan to have everything from 8 minute milers to 13 minute milers covered.  Just remember that these weekend runs are not a race.  These are your scheduled long runs of the week, meaning that your pace should be 1-1:30 minutes slower than race pace.  If you cannot hold a conversation during these long runs, then you are running too fast.
  • One last thing, keep in mind that this group is a service we provide to help promote the fine sport of running.  Myself, Stacey, the sponsors and all of your pace group leaders are here to help make your running experience enjoyable.  We are happy to address and help with basic questions or concerns, but this is not a private coaching service.  If you would like specific, individualized coaching please contact Dale for more information.

Don’t forget to acknowledge those sponsors that have made this program possible.


Ken Combs Running Store

Cheddar Box

Alpha Energy Solutions

Racing Links:

Louisville Triple Crown Registration

Kentucky Derby Festival Mini & Full Marathon Registration

Mini Marathon Training schedules:     Beginner     Intermediate     Advanced

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