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The Voice-Tribune: Runner Fights Diabetes


Kevin Gose trains for his run across Kentucky to cure diabetes. (IMAGE/The Voice-Tribune)

The Voice-Tribune:

Kevin Gose, a high school English teacher and Cross Country coach for Bullitt Central High School, left his departing seniors with some words of wisdom a few weeks ago.

“If you have a belief, you should do something to demonstrate that belief if you truly believe it,” he said. “You’re seniors. It’s time to stop seeing the world as ‘I do what I want’ and as ‘I do what I want, but lets see what consequences come from that.’ Have some personal responsibility, and in that, you’ll create civic responsibility, because your life affects all these people around you. Even if it’s just your family, your choices affect them, directly or indirectly.”

Gose will take advantage of his summer vacation to teach by example as he makes his inaugural attempt to Run Across Kentucky … [Read more]


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