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Smartwool Tight That Will Warm Your Tush

smartwool tight

SO924-For the longest runs, you have the PhD® Run Wind tight. The wind will have to deal. Merino lining for efficient temp control and long-run wicking, and nylon facing to rebuff the gusts. 360° reflectivity.


Warmth for lack of a better word is relative. This tight in no way, shape or form is relatively “WARM.” This tight would make the Inuit satisfied.

I have never done a review before so here goes my virgin review. Like most other first time events in my life it will be over before it starts.

The morning was cold my friend….cold, dark, and deep…..so cold (how cold was it?) It was so cold while running in St. Matthews we saw teenagers with their pants pulled all the way up properly. This was my first morning wearing the Smartwool PHD Wind Tight. This morning was made for this tight. The air temp was 15 and it felt like -2 according to ‘bare fingered’ phone digits. We were smart enough to start the run with the wind to our backs so we could get nice and wet for the return trip to our cars, otherwise known as base camp. The tights were toasty yet not hot at any point. At no point did I sweat in them as I am still wearing them some 4 hours later after showering and sitting at my desk writing this at the running store I where I purchased them. (yes I got a discount).

I’ve owned tens of tens tights in my life maybe even a hundred and none have felt like these in the winter. The nylon front slaps the wind away like an IRONMAN on a tight budget and the merino wool lining is obviously good for warmth but but doesn’t overheat.  Anyone can get warm with rubber but overheating and sweating is dangerous in these temperatures. You will want to be seen in these tights because you are so comfy. You will be seen as they have 360 degree reflectivity. Also because they are a little pricey you need to live long enough to get a few runs in them to make it a decent value. This is a tight you will enjoy for 3-5 winters or more. Hopefully Smartwool will keep them in the line until CLIMATE CHANGE is a done deal.



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