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Kentuckiana Runners United for Boston

Ken Combs Running Store
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Derek Ingersoll <derek.ingersoll@bluemile.com> wrote:

Orun-walk-livek it took some thinking through, but it all seems to have come together nicely. Thanks each and everyone of you for working on the fly, with open hearts and open minds to get this going.

Here are the details:

When: Monday 4/22/2013- 4pm-7pm with a GROUP RUN starting at 6pm.

Where: At the foot of the Big Four Bridge

So the plan is to be there from 4pm-7pm to get in front of as many folks as possible who may not fun run members, but just folks who are active and want to help. This gives us a window to promote the 6pm run/walk and allows us to be part of the large community. Once the run concludes at 7pm, Everyone is welcome at Flanagans from 7pm-10pm following. All proceeds from Flanagans that evening will also go towards the “One Fund” Boston relief effort.

Additional details:

-In the spirit of solidarity let’s promote this as a united group and share in the opportunities that we have to promote as a unite group. We are all responsible for making this happen and if we stand together and promote as a group we will bring even more people to the event. If we are doing interviews let’s do them as a group of Louisville runners not Louisville retailers. We will each have our store shirts on and it will be an awesome sight to see us all together and united. If any opportunities open up for press and promotion on BlueMile’s end between now and then, I will be sure to let you all know so you can have the chance to send a representative from you store.

-Donations:Let’s keep it simple. During the hours of 4pm-7pm folks can stop by and make monetary donations with all proceeds going to the “One Fund”. We can assign a rep from a couple of stores to handle the monies. Pacers and Racers has offered to run a laptop that will be connected to onefundboston.org for credit card donations, in addition we will be taking checks and cash donations. DOES ANYONE HAVE A WIRELESS INTERNET CARD. If so, I have a laptop we an use and we can work on getting power there. We can also make cards with website information to the “One Fund” so folks can donate at home or at a later time. Does someone want to print up flyers that people can take with them to donate at a later time?

-In the spirit of the event and not business promo, each store can have their pop up tent and one sign.

-A few of you had asked there not be, and I agree that we shouldn’t sell anything at the event.

-If we could all promote this as a group event and get word out to as many people as we know. Social Media (, Customer email list, media outlets, etc, etc. I am gonna contact some folks at Humana, but let’s contact as many of the surrounding downtown business as we can.

Let me know if you have questions or if I missed anything. If you all have anything at all to add or questions let’s keep the communication open and focused towards the event. Pleasure working with each and every one of you. Monday will be great.


One thought on “Kentuckiana Runners United for Boston

  1. This has been cancelled except for the Flannagan’s part at 7 pm. No permit for The Water Front.

    Posted by Ken Combs Running Store | April 21, 2013, 12:30 pm
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