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Special Price on VitalSox

Vitalsox® is a high-tech brand of socks and underwear made in Italy by Arcos S.p.A., a dynamic Italian producer of wear, underwear, socks and accessories for all kind of sports, work, leisure, fashion and healthcare. Vitalsox® socks are perfectly suited for sportsmen (for racing or recovery), for enthusiasts of court

Lightweight Running Ped $13.99

ultra light weight quarter msrp $13.99

and open air sports, and are ideal as everyday high-quality socks.

Made with the most advanced materials such as Silver DryStat™, and using Arcos’ patents on graduated compression, Vitalsox® products offer a unique sense of “feetness” (freshness, comfort and well being with an upmost sense of protection from external bacterial agents).

Vitalsox® offers also a unique series of high-comfort travel and everyday underwear made of Silver DryStat™ and manufactured with seamless technology, characterized by the unique property of washing and drying extremely fast.

Vitalsox® Running socks are specially designed to meet the physical demands of all runners from the weekend warrior to the tri-athlete. With form-fitting technology and superior moisture management Vitalsox shield your feet from the damaging effects of impact, sheer and blistering.

The engineered elasticized arch support and ankle brace, combine with a ventilation diamond pique knit, to ensure a wrinkle free, snug fit. The ultra thin toe seam construction, superior ventilation, wicking and drying capabilities, provide the protective interface between footwear and foot that prevents friction, blistering and heat produced by friction.

Sitable for the runner or triathlete who wants moisture management, comfort and support.

OTC (over the calf)

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improves oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Lactic acid production reduced
  • Proven cramp relief
  • Exclusive wicking and antibacterial fiber
  • Worldwide Patent
  • Tested and proved by World Class athletes

Vitalsox Recovery Sock msrp $34.99

Recovery Graduated Compression – suitable for athletic activities both during the race and afterwards, for recovery. It is also an ideal sock for all general sports as well as travel, work, and everyday use.             This sock uses a patented graduated compression design that enhances and stimulates circulation in the lower leg, giving cramp relief and delivering oxygen to the muscles. Made of exclusive Silver DryStat® fiber, it has superior wicking and is antibacterial. It can also be helpful to boosting athletic performance!


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