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Free Your Feet Through Barefoot Running

Free Your Feet

The line now is to find how much or how little you can get by with running shoes

Normally I’m a sockless runner, but as temperatures drop during fall, the desire to run bareback is less appealing.

If you think ‘less is best’ may still be worth it, take a good, long time — maybe as much as a year — to go all the way running barefoot or with Vibram Five Fingers.

I find that’s the minimum minimal good for supplementing my own running (for strengthening) but prefer the bulk of my running in a shoe with a little midsole, like the New Balance Minimus Trail or Saucony Kinvara (for a bit more shoe).

But even with the best minimal-running shoes, it still takes time to acclimate. Proceed with caution but by all means — proceed.


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