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Why Running Shoes are a Good Investment

Boston Marathon Winner: Investing in Running Shoes to Save Money

Achieve Fitness with Injury-Free Running

Amby Burfoot – winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon during his senior year in college – explains how a good pair of running shoes saves you money: even if you change your shoes frequently, running is a cheap way for anybody to get and stay fit, according to Burfoot in an interview with MarketWatch on The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

As a strong advocate of healthy, safe, injury-free running, I’m going to advise that people should buy shoes that are in the $80 to $100 range, and consider it a very modest investment for what they’re getting back from their running.

Explaining why he describes running as “a very very cheap sport,” Burfoot says, “After you’ve bought your shoes, you can go without just about anything else.”

Right Way to Invest for Life

Burfoot also advises that you look at your investment in running shoes through the same depreciation lens used by a corporate CEO. “Amortizing your shoe cost is exactly the right way to look at it,” says Burfoot, “because the benefits of increased fitness are lifelong.”

And to pick the best pair of running shoes exclusively for you, Burfoot says, “Go to what we call a ‘specialty-running store,’ which has actual runners with real experience in the stores, and they’ll have dozens of pairs of shoes for you to try on and may even be able to give you a little bit of a running stride analysis to help you figure out the best pair of shoes.”

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