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Volunteer for Ford Ironman Louisville

Happy 2011!!!

In a little less than 6 months, the 2011 Ford Ironman Louisville will be here. This year’s event is on Sunday, August 28th. And this email is to let you know that the volunteer database will open THIS Saturday, March 5th.

If you plan on volunteering again, please sign up early to secure you volunteer spot(s).

If you were part of a group that worked last year, then I’ll be contacting your group leader soon about being a part of this year’s event. So you don’t have to worry about signing up until he/she contacts you about it.

If you know of someone else who may want to volunteer, please feel free to forward them the necessary information for them to signup.

As always, thank you for making the Ford Ironman Louisville the biggest & one of the best Iron-distance triathlons in the nation!!!

Here’s how to sign up on (beginning on Saturday)…
1. Go to www.ironmanlouisville.com2. Click on the “VOLUNTEER” button (top/center of page)
3. Check the boxes of the job(s) you would like to do and click “signup”
4. Fill out the form & agree to the waiver
5. You should be good to go

REMEMBER: What you sign up for is what you’ll get. DO NOT sign up for bunches of jobs thinking that someone will pick for you. It doesn’t work that way in Louisville. So only sign up for the jobs you know you want to help out with. If you aren’t sure, email me with any questions you have.

Thanks in advance for the difference you’ll make for thousands of athletes at this event!!!

Still Serving…

David Buckner
Director of Volunteers
Ford Ironman Louisville


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